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On Friday night, Dynasty returned for its second season after last season’s finale where we’re left wondering who made it out of the fire, which we find out right away: Culhane, Steven, and Alexis made it out. However, Cristal did not, which Blake and Sam aren’t taking all that well. Especially Blake, who’s apparently been gone for a while after the fire but comes back with a huge beard. But he does shave it all off Carrington Atlantic’s 23rd-anniversary party because it’s Dynasty, so of course, there had to be a party.

After the big fire at the Carrington mansion, the news is still following the family, despite the fact that the only person responding to them is, of course, Alexis, who overstays her welcome at the hospital by 2 weeks. By now, Hank is missing after the fire and the police are still looking for him but he calls Alexis as she’s (finally) leaving the hospital and we find out that Kirby didn’t set the house on fire but Hank did; when Alexis told him to “handle” things with Cristal, she meant keeping her quiet, but he took it the wrong way and now he wants $1 million in 2 days, which is money that Alexis obviously doesn’t have. But it was hilarious finding out that Hank isn’t all that smart.

kirby anders

But Alexis is apparently the only person who knows that Hank was the one that set the fire. Anders, however, isn’t entirely convinced that the culprit isn’t his daughter, Kirby, who’s also still in town. But with Anders suspicions, Kirby can’t stay with him at the Carrington’s place so she ends up staying with Jeff Colby, which honestly turned out to be a pretty surprising twist. What that’ll lead to is suspicious but I hope something big comes out of it.

With Sam and Steven, Sam misses Cristal more than ever, which is why Steven doesn’t tell him about Melissa and how she’s pregnant with his child. Sam’s grief only turns to anger (as does Blake’s) when a woman knocks on their door claiming that she’s the real Cristal Flores and that Sam’s aunt stole her identity. In reality, Cristal got her forged identity from a dying woman (whose name we find out later is actually Cristal Jennings) but Blake, still knee-deep in his grief, gives her $1 thousand to go away. Unfortunately, a paparazzi ensues a frenzy outside the mansion where Sam is trying to fend them off. Blake showing up only makes matters worse, especially when one very persistent paparazzo constantly goading them about how Cristal was a gold digger and other mean things so Blake punches the guy in the face.

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Meanwhile, Fallon’s trying to make a deal with Liam’s family to sell Carrington Atlantic but she finds out that Liam’s uncle, Max, thinks that they’re still married. Even though Fallon rejected him and now she’s in what seems to be a very stable relationship with Culhane. They’re even planning to go to New York together to essentially live happily ever after. Which I love because the drama that used to be between them shouldn’t have been there beforehand in my opinion. But even though Culhane’s cool with Fallon pretending to be Liam’s wife for what he thought would only be the weekend, Blake decides to sell Carrington Atlantic to none other than Liam’s uncle.

But it gets awkward after Max makes Liam kiss Fallon in front of him. And not just for Culhane. Fallon starts to doubt herself when she has a weird dream of showering with Culhane AND Liam. But despite that, Fallon still has to work with Liam and his family because Blake sells Carrington Atlantic to them. But as far as I can tell, Liam’s family still thinks they’re married. But Fallon’s doubt goes away (or at the very least minimizes) when…Culhane proposes to Fallon! And of course, she says yes.

At this party, Fallon including Liam and his uncle, a Russian guy, Nikolai Dimitrov, who Blake apparently hates for some reason, and surprisingly, Jeff Colby, who Fallon texts beforehand. But despite the fact that Fallon texts Jeff, I doubt their relationship is completely fixed, or if it ever will be. But Blake’s grief and anger reach a boiling point after Fallon tells him all about how she’s conflicted with the whole Liam situation (plus her consideration of selling the company to Nikolai) and how she’s finally happy with Culhane.

So Blake lashes out. In front of everyone at the party no less; he tells everyone that Steven got Melissa pregnant (he doesn’t say her name but it’s pretty obvious because Melissa’s definitely starting to show), that Fallon’s in love (but I don’t think he says that it’s with Culhane, especially since Blake wants to sell CA to Liam’s family), and that both of his kids are spoiled. But he does reveal that he’s done with CA and basically says that he’s retiring. But with Sam and Steven, Sam decides that maybe this baby would be the best thing for them, so he welcomes the unexpected challenge with open arms, which was honestly just a really sweet moment.

In addition to that, Alexis keeps trying to get money from Blake and kind of just blows her off at first. But what he doesn’t know is that she’s only doing that because Hank’s been threatening her for money that he feels he owes her. At the end of the episode, Alexis tries to steal money from Blake’s vault and he catches her. They get into a heated argument where Blake accuses her of only ever being in love with his money and they end up hooking up, which is where the episode ends.

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Honestly, it wasn’t that shocking finding out that Cristal died in the fire, especially after Nathalie Kelley announced that she wouldn’t be back for the second season. It also wasn’t all that surprising that Blake and Alexis hooked up, especially with Cristal gone now and with the show hinting at Alexis and Blake’s relationship.

As for everything else in the episode, I love that Fallon and Culhane are back together, and in the sense that they’re in a mature adult relationship and that Fallon’s choosing love over her competitiveness. But despite the fact that they’re obviously happy together now, the show’s made it pretty clear that there’s more drama to come between them, especially with Liam still in the picture. What did you think about the season two premiere of Dynasty? Let me know in the comments!

Dynasty airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on the CW.

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