Equanimeous St. Brown Draft Profile

Equanimeous st. brown draft profile


  • Size
  • Length
  • Can play outside or from the slot
  • Willing to work over the middle
  • Very few focus drops during his career
  • Able to eliminate pursuit angles and hit big runs after catch on crossing routes
  • Much faster than he looks
  • Early push into routes with quickness to decelerate and open and uncover on comebacks

Analysis: Equanimeous St. Brown’s combination of size and speed will be coveted by offenses looking for a prospect who can create throwing windows down the field with his ability to separate as the route progresses. He is willing worker over the middle of the field and possesses great speed that does not show up on his game film. Below we talk about his lack of route running ability—one route he has seemed to perfect is the comeback. His early push into that route then quickly decelerates allows him to shake off defending corners. Can play anywhere on the field. When he is focused on the game, he can light the world on fire and rarely struggles hauling in the ball–that does not happen all the time however. His size and speed will get him overdrafted by an NFL team who thinks they can untap his potential.


  • Not a competitor
  • Struggles with physical cornerbacks
  • Dominated by MJ Stewart
  • Routes and stems are rounded
  • Hand strength is below average
  • Doesn’t create as much downfield separation as he could with better route leverage
  • Has catches that turn into drops due to lack of hand strength through contact
  • Needs to play with more consistent urgency

Analysis: Equanimeous St. Brown’s competitive nature needs to improve as does his play strength to elude early pressure from physical cornerbacks. Put on his tape against North Carolina and watch him get manhandled by a prospect we are very high on, MJ Stewart. He has never been a volume target and has just three 100-yard games in his career. At this stage, St. Brown is more of a threat than a weapon and his ceiling may be an average starter or WR3. His hand strength is lacking and will struggle to make any catches that are contested—on tape,there were a countless number of ‘catches’ that turned out to be either pass breakups or drops due to his non-existent hand strength. Despite his speed, St. Brown does not create the separation you would normally see from someone with his speed. Route running needs work, more rounded corners than sharp cuts to break away from the defender. At times, it looks like St. Brown is going through the motions and doesn’t care that he’s on the football field. Need to see more will to win and urgency out of him.

Size: 6’5 214lbs

Draft Grade: 4th Round

NFL Comparison: Geronimo Allison

Draft Projection: Round 3-4

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