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We have all heard of, or experienced, daily fantasy contests by now. The hot topic of debate with these types of contests is whether it is a game of chance or skill. But what if you could narrow your competition field and truly put your knowledge to work? A contest that rewards your sports knowledge with cash, great sports fan prizes, achievements, and bragging rights among your friends. And by the way, you can do it all in under two minutes. That new fan experience is here, and its name is FanClash Trivia.

With FanClash Trivia, you simply create an account, deposit funds, pick a sport, choose whether you want to play head-to-head or in a group, select a contest dollar amount, then begin the fun. You can literally visit the site for the first time and be playing your first contest for cash and prizes in five minutes. The layout and functionality of the site is extremely user-friendly whether being accessed from your home PC or your mobile phone.

Fan Clash 3

Players can invite friends to play via Facebook and Twitter. You can then play your friends in head-to-head contests, or in group contests. While you are playing for actual money and prizes, there are also a list of unique achievements to keep things fun and competitive. The achievements are similar to those you might be familiar with in video game consoles. Some are instant achievements, others are acquired over time. As you can see from the picture below, it didn’t take me long to acquire my first achievement. This one is called “skunked” and it is awarded to whomever comes in last place in a multiplayer contest. The following picture shows a few of the achievements that are awarded for various things. This is a fun way to challenge yourself and test your knowledge in all sports, and of course claim bragging rights as sports brain supreme over your friends.

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Fan Clash 7

I quickly learned there is a strategy involved even when you are clueless to what the answer is. You will want to first of all read the question accurately and quickly. Then you will want to click the correct answer immediately because you are awarded points for selecting the correct answer quickly. All players may choose the correct answer, but the one who answered first will get more points than the person who answered correctly second, and so on. However, guessing incorrectly results in negative points. So here is where the strategy comes into play, you do not want to answer all questions rapidly if your taking an uneducated guess. What you want to do is take advantage of the fifth option which is the “pass” option. This way you are not gaining any points, but you are also not deducted any points either. My next achievement came in a badge of shame called “bush league”, for passing twice in one game. But the following picture will illustrate that sometimes you have to do, what you have to do to win.

Fan Clash 5

Fan Clash 6

You will also notice just how close my contest was with my opponent. My small margin of victory was most likely due to me passing on a question that my opponent guessed on, and answered incorrectly. When you are in the heat of the battle, you don’t have time to point watch. So you have to stay focused and do your best. Once I found out just how close my victory was, I wanted to play more. Knowing I was that close to losing, but got enough right answers, and passed on enough questions to sneak out the win.

One question that may come to mind when thinking of online trivia is…how do you keep it fair? How do I know the other players aren’t just Googling the answers? FanClash Trivia takes care of that issue by rewarding more points to the player who selects the correct answer fastest. Secondly, the game is meant to be rapid. There are only ten seconds per question so you would never be able to use online tools such as Google to aid you.

FanClash Trivia also boasts a strong cache of unique questions. The database is updated weekly with new questions. The FanClash Trivia software also tracks which questions each user has been asked so that repeat questions would rarely, if ever, occur.

FanClash Trivia is also putting a lot of emphasis on their site being secure and trustworthy as well. They provide state of the art, back-end security and fraud protection so you know your information is safe.

In addition to playing a contest for money, FanClash Trivia also includes special events where everything from sports memorabilia to game tickets are on the line. They also have special events where you have a chance to play against former pro athletes and celebrities. When I spoke with FanClash Trivia CMO and co-founder Josh Weinstein, he was very excited about current and future partnerships with celebrities, pro franchises, and sports properties in general. One example of celebrity interaction with fans is an upcoming event on Tuesday, December 22nd, where fans will have the chance to play head-to-head with sports reporter Melanie Collins for prizes. This is sure to be a lot of fun, but beware, this lovely lady knows her stuff as you will see in the following video…

As you can see, FanClash Trivia is fun, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. The look on the guys faces as Melanie crushes them is priceless. Another special event coming up on Monday, December 14th, is a Buffalo Bills Trivia event. This event has a $1 entry fee and features Buffalo Bills trivia sponsored by Buffalo Bills Digest. The player with the highest score in a single game will win autographed Bills memorabilia and their photo on the cover of Bills Digest.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to put your sports knowledge to work, and win cash at the same time, I highly recommend FanClash Trivia. The site has only been live since the fall and according to CMO and co-founder Josh Weinstein, FanClash is beginning to gain traction as more and more avid sports fans learn about the website. Evidence of that is in the celebrity and pro sport franchise partnerships already secured.

FanClash Trivia’s next big feature event is coming up on Tuesday, December 8th. The contest will feature questions from Week 13 in the NFL. The fan with the highest single game score will win a framed Peyton Manning passing records collage. Visit FanClash Trivia today to enter this contest.

You can join the next big craze by going to and creating your account. You can also find out more about FanClash Trivia by checking out their Twitter account @FanClashTrivia. Be one of the first of your friends to be talking about FanClash Trivia…where sports knowledge pays off.

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