The epic battle between fans and the film review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes, has reached massive proportions. After the latest reviews were released regarding Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, fans stormed online and created a petition to shut down the controversial site. Suicide Squad marks the third straight DC Comics film to be panned by critics. The film currently sits at 28% and earlier this year Batman v Superman took a thrashing from critics which resulted in a shocking 27% on the Tomatometer. Man of Steel which came out in 2013 has the highest rating with 55% but its still considered Rotten. Fans have long believed that critics are paid off by Disney/Marvel due to the Fresh rating that every Marvel movie has gotten thus far during the Marvel Cinematic Universe run.  While I do not think critics are paid off, I do think that they review movies with a biased approach. The same flaws critics saw in Batman v Superman they gave a pass to in Captain America: Civil War. In fact the critics even like to use DC movies as bases for their Fresh ratings for Marvel films-often citing that Marvel movies are less dour and more fun than their DC counterparts.

Some examples- Max Weiss (Baltimore Magazine) “It’s this light-heartedness that keeps Captain America: Civil War from succumbing to the kind of pretentiousness that marred Batman V. Superman.” FRESH

James Verniere(Boston Herald) “Not as bad as Batman v. Superman. But way too long and dumb. Who believes they are out to kill one another?”  FRESH

Suicide Squad fell victim to the lets bash DC while praising Marvel review as listed below.

Stephen Whitty(Newark Star Ledger) “Sorry, as far as movies about superhero super groups go? The Guardians, and the Avengers, still have these jokers beat.”

So you can see why fans are so upset with the critics. Its hard to find a Marvel review that uses a DC movie to belittle and strengthen a critics case against a Marvel film. Fans thought maybe the hate for DC was more directed at Zack Snyder and his style of work but after seeing the beating that Suicide Squad has taken the gloves are off.  Fans stormed Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr to showcase their displeasure with the site. Fans created the petition which has gotten over 17,000 signatures so far. This will in no way get the site shutdown, it does bring attention to site and how it works. Many fans like Metacritic over Rotten Tomatoes because the scoring is cut and dry. Rotten Tomatoes a critic can post his review and choose Fresh or Rotten. So if the critic says his score is 2.5/4 then he chooses Rotten and critic B scores his 2.5/4 but Fresh then you have fans up in arms because both critics score the movie the same but one selects Fresh and the other Rotten. There have even been reviews that read as very positive but the critic gave it a Rotten rating.  These types of reviews happened during Man of Steel and it was so bad that even Rotten Tomatoes themselves said the movie didn’t deserve the score it got.  Metacritic uses a different method to calculate, they use the 0-100 scale for rating. There is no fresh or rotten. When fans see the reviews they will see Positive, Negative or Mixed.

Many of the issues fans have with Rotten Tomatoes as well is that its ratings factor heavily into people seeing the movie or not. They never read the reviews they just see Fresh and think lets go see this or Rotten and lets skip this.  This causes great movies to be passed over and terrible ones to be seen. Ghostbusters sits at a Fresh 73% but its Box Office is abysmal ($162m). This was a prime example of critics loving a movie that the General Audience hated (Fan Score 58%).

Other movies where fans and critics do not see eye to eye :

Jason Bourne – RT 56%, Fans 65%

Blended – RT 14%, Fans 64%

Batman v Superman – RT 27%, Fans 65%

Man on Fire – RT 39%, Fans 89%

I am not one to buy into the whole critics are paid off notion but I do feel that there are way more bloggers with agendas that will not bat an eye to trash a film or even praise one that doesn’t deserve it. It seems that critics love to start controversy to get clicks for their sites. Especially with Comic Book films you see way to much biased opinions. I think this is what gets fans up in arms plus how harshly some of these critics have been towards certain brands. Fans see one film getting praise for the same thing another film gets thrashed for then you start to think maybe there is more to this. Maybe there is politics to it, which studio provides better accommodation or perks.

The fans who seen Suicide Squad have come out to defend the film and many think the critics are way off and that their reviews are too harsh. Fans support these films and with DC films it almost become a Fans vs Critics scenario each time a movie is released.  Fans can accept negative reviews but when its a constant thing and its almost like an attack on DC itself then you get angry fans wanting critics to die and sites shutdown. That is not going to solve anything and only makes the fans look worse. Ultimately the fans and general audience need to go see the film for themselves and make up their own minds. Do not let a FRESH or ROTTEN score keep you from enjoying your time the movies or supporting the films you love. Critics hate Michael Bay and his Transformers films, as a fan I love them and could care less what the critics say. Sometimes I feel that critics think a movie should be made for them. So when they don’t like it and review it as harsh as they do, they forget that the film was made for the fans.

When it comes to comic book movies critics seem to think it has to be the Marvel way or the highway. That every movie should be fun and light. DC has their own approach to how they want their films to be and its not set well with critics. Fans on the other hand enjoy both flavors but we are getting tired of having to defend DC films at every turn.  I do not want to beat up on the critics cause sometimes they are right and the movie is just bad. Fans do not want to hear that though and immediately jump to the they are paid off conclusion. All I know is that if you love something get out there and support it. The actors and actresses don’t make movies for critics. They make movies for the fans.

The next DC film to be released will be Wonder Woman, lets hope that it can stop the bleeding.

What is your opinion on the war between fans and critics? Are critics to harsh? Are the fans allegations off base? As always stay tuned to MFST for all your DC/Marvel news.
 MyracleEntertainmentMoviesbatman v superman,DC,rotten tomatoes,Suicide Squad  The epic battle between fans and the film review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes, has reached massive proportions. After the latest reviews were released regarding Warner Bros. Suicide Squad, fans stormed online and created a petition to shut down the controversial site. Suicide Squad marks the third straight DC Comics film...