Photo courtesy: SportsGrumble
Photo courtesy: SportsGrumble
Here at we have two fantasyfootball experts (Dan Schalk and James Crook) that will take questions from MFST’s readers and answer them in a weekly segment, Fantasy Football Mailbag. Very original, we know. Check out last week’s Mailbag here.
1. Where do you rank Ladarius Green heading into draft’s since the Antonio Gates 4-game suspension?
-Chris, Raleigh, NC
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Dan Schalk: Many predicted a breakout 2014 season for Green, but that never came to fruition. Green will likely be over-drafted in fantasy leagues with the Antonio Gates four-game suspension. If you draft or keep Green on your roster you want to have a semblance of hope he can hold onto the starting job past week four. If he can’t, he’s not worth anything more than a late-round draft pick, but if he shows ability it could be hard for the Chargers to turn back to an aging veteran in Gates to start at TE. Green is a Top 15 TE who can play his way into the top ten with opportunity.
James Crook:  I was a big believer of Ladarius Green last year, before the Antonio Gates renaissance put the hype train on emergency brakes.  With Gates dominating targets and touches, especially in the redzone, Green was relegated to a blocking role with limited opportunities to flash his significant talent.  While he did make a few spectacular catches, he was unplayable the entire year because of Gates presence. With Gates out the first four games due to a PED suspension, Green should see significant value for the first 4 weeks. Afterwards, however, I doubt that he makes a big impact once Gates returns to the fold as at the very least they will split touches. I still love his talent, and maybe the Chargers utilize him more even when Gates returns. This year though I doubt, barring injury to Gates, that Green cracks the top 10 fantasy TE list.
2. Name one sleeper QB I can wait til the later rounds to draft, but still start every week.
-Tory, Seattle, WA
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 Dan Schalk: Colin Kapernick. Kaepernick’s fantasy value has taken a hit since he replaced Alex Smith and became a household name en route to a Super Bowl appearance. He should start the season outside the top ten, maybe even lower towards the teens, but he has the talent to be your starting fantasy football QB. His dual-threat ability, along with a new offensive system can give Colin a rebirth to his football career. In most leagues Kaepernick will be had in later rounds, but is worth a start most weeks of the season.
James Crook: Matthew Stafford is my pick simply because he has put up “video game” numbers (can we just retire that phrase and accept that offenses score a lot of points now?) and can return to those stats with a healthy team around him. Here is one fascinating stat that confirms some of my own thoughts while watching the Lions last year: Since 2012, no QB has had more passes dropped than one Matthew Stafford (143). With that in mind, and the fact he has Megatron coming back healthy with Golden Tate opposite him, and a stable of RB’s that can catch the ball, I think Stafford will have a huge bounce back year in 2015.
3. Who is one overrated RB that will be drafted within the first 3 rounds?
Tony, Rochester, NY
Dan Schalk: DeMarco Murray will be selected in round one of most drafts, but he is on my “undraftable” list and will not be considered in any of my leagues. Murray, who I owned in multiple leagues last year en route to a couple of championships, is like the plague in my mind. A running back who has over 400+ touches the season before never has a season remotely close to their breakout campaign again. Never. Murray never played a full season before last year, and has been labeled injury-prone throughout his career. Take away the Hall-of-Fame caliber offensive line the Cowboys employ and replace them with an Evan Mathis-less Eagles line that looks shaky at best. If you draft Murray, you must draft Ryan Mathews as well, the former Charger will have a better 2015 season than the ex-Cowboys Murray.
James Crook: LeSean McCoy, for the simple reason that he is leaving the best designed run offense in the NFL and joining an offense led by Matt Cassel. Simply put, I think Shady’s struggles last year were real, and even though I still believe in the talent, I don’t think he will find nearly the gobs of space he often found himself in the last 2 seasons. While the Bills will run the ball as much as they possibly can, I don’t think McCoy will benefit from it too much because there simply won’t be much space to find. While he will get the lion’s share of touches and shouldn’t be taken off the field near the goal line, I think his effectiveness and his efficiency will both suffer greatly this season, leading to a disappointing year for fantasy owners.
4. Recently, MFST had an article debating Julio Jones vs. Dez Bryant….who will have the better fantasy season?
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Dan Schalk: I will preface my answer with a small fact, my cat’s name is Dez Bryant. With that being said, Dez Bryant will have the better season and the reason is simple. Touchdowns. Bryant is a TD machine, catching 56 in his five-year career, 50 in the last four seasons, while Julio only has 26 in his four-year career and has reached double-digits only once, back in 2012. Receiving touchdowns will impact a fantasy team more than receptions or yards (although Dez and Julio have similar numbers in those categories as well) making Bryant a much more valuable option.
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James Crook: This is really tough, cause i love Dez’ talent and ability to change games by himself, while also respecting the fact that Julio has as much natural talent as anyone in the NFL. If healthy, I think Jones will have the better season simply because he will cost less than Dez will while putting up similar numbers. That is kind of a cop-out, but I truly believe that when healthy both are top 5 WR’s, a group that on any given day can be ranked differently due to a variety of reasons. With the concerns surrounding Dez and his contract situation, as well as the relative bargain Jones is going for, I think Julio will be the guy that makes both fantasy owners and Falcons fans happiest.
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