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On Tuesday night, new series, FBI premiered on CBS depicting the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The show is created by Dick Wolf, best know for being the executive producer of Law & Order. In reality, the show really revolves around Special Agent Bell (played by Missy Peregrym) and Special Agent Omar Adom Zidan or OA for short (played by Zeeko Zaki)

The first episode starts with kids meeting up on the street somewhere in the Bronx; a boy, his younger brother, and a girl that he presumably likes. Then a bomb goes off in the apartment building right behind them, which is apparently where the boys live. Moments later Maggie and OA arrive and apparently, the boy’s brother went inside the building while the other two kids were talking. Their mom shows up and is understandably desperate to go inside to save her younger son. Bell tells her that they can’t go back in there and instead tells agents that already went inside to get out of there, anticipating that there’s a second bomb in there. I still don’t know how she knew there was a second bomb in there but either way, it’s impressive.

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The second bomb goes off shortly after and the seven-year-old son that was still inside presumably dies as the building levels. It’s left to the bureau to figure out the rest. They end up chasing leads on different gang members that eventually leads them to a basketball coach that they questioned earlier on in the episode, who built the bombs that are triggered by an old cell phone, and a white supremacist with some type of political power named Robert Lawrence. Apparently, Lawrence was the one responsible for all of those bombs and used them to legitimize his racist claims that minorities are violent and dangerous while using gang members as messengers and killing them (or more likely having them killed for him) after they finished the job.

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Halfway through this episode, they all already know that he’s guilty and responsible but they don’t have any solid evidence for it other than a statement from the basketball coach. But then they search the coach’s mother’s diner and discover via an empty grenade box that there’s another bomb somewhere that’s about to go off. They later find out that it’s at this summit that’s full of minority leaders. Luckily for them, they already have their analyst, Kristen, there who was planning on speaking at the summit. She’s then able to disarm the bomb.

Probably the best part of this entire episode is the fact that Lawrence’s cockiness leads to his downfall; when Maggie and OA go to arrest him for conspiracy to commit murder, Lawrence tells them that he’s going to call his lawyer and instead calls the phone that triggers the bomb. Unfortunately for him though, Kristen had already disarmed the bomb and she answers the phone to his dismay. He finally shuts up and gets arrested.

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Overall, it was a pretty good pilot episode. It’s very similar to what you’d expect from a procedural show but it does address real-world issues in politics and misconceptions that we as a society still struggle with today, at least in the first episode. But what sets FBI apart from other crime-solving shows, whether it be local, national, or international, is that it isn’t making the minorities the criminal in the end, which is an image and story that’s been heavily perpetuated in the past, whether it be gangs or terrorist groups. And yes, this episode did look at gang members that existed within minority groups but it’s ridiculous to not at least acknowledge that they exist.

The delusion that minorities are dangerous was somewhat ridiculed in this episode with Lawrence’s character because of how arrogant he is and how blatant he is about his opinions (which made it obvious that he was guilty) but it’s unfortunately still an issue that exists today both in the real-world and in TV and film. So, I hope that the show continues to combat that stereotype that’s been so maintained in past shows and that we continue to learn more about these characters.

What did you think of the series premiere of FBI? Let me know in the comments!

FBI airs on Tuesdays at 9/8 c on CBS.

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