MFST is your home for everything NFL Draft and as we scout every NFL Draft prospect, we will bring you into the film room with us. From January to April, we watch hours of tape and publish scouting reports and draft profiles on every prospect–instead of waiting for those reports to hit the site, you can see how we craft those scouting reports now.

First up is Josh Rosen. The former UCLA quarterback is first on many experts Draft rankings, but not ours. Rosen comes in as our 4th rated QB in our Pre-Senior Bowl rankings.

Rosen has all the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, one reason why he is so high on many draft boards–but watching his tape, he has flaws in his game that may, or may not be able to be worked out.

Here is his tape against Washington this season. The Huskies boasted one of the best defenses in the Pac-12 and have plenty of NFL Draft prospects on that side of the ball, specifically Vita Vea, who is in our Top 3 DT’s.

In this game, Rosen was knocked out of the game in the third quarter due to a hand injury on his non-throwing hand and a concussion. Before he exited, he completed 12-of-21 passes for 93 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions.


  • The Huskies defensive line is dominating the Bruins at the point of attack. Rosen is having trouble eluding pressure. (0:15 mark)
  • Arm strength is obvious
  • After being sacked two times already, it looks like Rosen is pressing a bit. Getting happy feet in the pocket (0:30 mark)
  • Batted balls aren’t mentioned enough with Rosen. Two passes batted down at the line of scrimmage with three minutes remaining in the first quarter. (1:40 mark)
  • Continues to show impressive arm strength when given a clean pocket (2:00 mark)
  • Solid accuracy on slant patterns. Puts it where the receiver wants it in-stride (2:06 mark)
  • TD pass fit into tight window, formation allowed defense to be spread out—better play-calling than execution (2:20 mark)
  • You can tell the pressure is getting to Rosen: looking to run or scramble out of the pocket before pressure gets there. Scrambled and threw a pass when he was 2-3 yards past the line of scrimmage. Lacks awareness. (3:15 mark)
  • Fails to throw the ball away: given 5+ seconds of no pressure in the pocket, continues to hold the ball, pressure gets to him, takes a bad sack instead of throwing the ball away. Misses wide open man running a 5-yard cross (3:43 mark)
  • Holds the ball too long when receivers are covered (4:01 mark)
  • Throws off of back leg in the face of pressure, incomplete pass (4:19 mark)
  • Rosen and the play-calling are playing it safe against this aggressive Huskies defense. He is not attempting any passes beyond 5-10 yards
  • Inaccurate pass, bad footwork (4:42 mark)
  • Finally a deep pass attempted. Solid throw, good zip on the ball and accurate enough for the receiver to catch it. Of course, it was dropped–NOT on Rosen (4:57 mark)


If I were an NFL GM and I watched just this tape on Rosen, I would be hard-pressed to take him in Round 1. His arm strength is unquestioned, but the Washington front dominated the UCLA offensive line, pressuring Rosen non-stop until he was removed from the game due to those injuries stated above.

Batted balls were consistent and Rosen’s happy feet got the best of him in this game. You could tell Rosen was feeling the pressure before it even arrived–he was scrambling outside of the pocket before it broke down and if you focus just on his footwork he was dancing around before he could find a spot to throw to. He didn’t have many inaccurate passes, but did miss a few of his receivers.

This was one of Rosen’s worst games as a Bruin, but this shows just what his floor is capable of. If he goes to a team without a solid offensive line, Rosen does not have the ability to escape pressure with ease and it could affect his development as a pro.

Outside of Rosen, this tape says it all for Washington DT Vita Vea who completely dominated from start to finish. You can see why Vea will be a first round pick in April’s draft after this performance.

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