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Three contestants are left in the Food Network Star competition…So they think. Tonight they are in for a shock. The eliminated contestants have been competing in Star Salvation, where one previous loser will re-enter the competition and still have a chance to win the title of next Food Network Star. Cory Bahr cooked and performed his way back into the competition, and is a true threat to win.

The now four final contestants will battle each other for the chance to make the final three and create their own pilot.

For this ultra-competitive challenge, all of the eliminated contestants returned and the finalists had to choose at random (from a bag) one of the eliminated contestants to help them as their sous chef.

They are tasked with making a dish that represents who they are as a person and afterwards they have a one minute presentation tying in a personal story while explaining their dish.

Matt picks Addie at random–and if you remember, Addie was not a fan of Matthew’s while she was still in the competition. Jason is paired with Suzanne—he struggled last time they were on a team together. Rusty and Nancy are paired together and finally Corey and Cao, who had the best cohesion out of all of the pairs..

Cory and Cao make roasted branzino with herb vinaigrette, something Cory made dozens of time this past summer with his grandfather after his grandmother passed away.

Rusty and Nancy made crawfish boudin balls with andouille grits and chow-chow. During the time limit they were given, it’s surprising Nancy was even a contestant on the show–she looked lost throughout.

Jason has 45 minutes to make a maple nut tart with whiskey chocolate mousse, something that usually takes him one hour and fifteen minutes to make. He worries Suzanne will get in the way—rightfully so, have you seen her cook? Suzanne was the main reason Jason’s dish wasn’t even better than what it was—after Jason tasked her with burning the alcohol out of his bourbon sauce, she was enamored by the large flame and frightfully removed it off of the heat too soon.

Matt and Addie made blackened swordfish with a tomatillo salsa, that was filled with flavorful ingredients, but too many were included as Matthew soon finds out.

Eddie Jackson season 11’s Food Network Star winner guest judges. Matt fails to identify with his dish and has too many ingredients to suit Bobby.

Jason does well but the bourbon is too strong thanks to Suzanne. Cory’s happy with his presentation, but forgets to tell the audience what kind of fish was in his dish. Rusty tears up remembering his dad, and stutters his way through the final twenty seconds of his presentation. The judges tell him the flavors are there but the crawfish balls are too dense.

Jason and Cory are safe and considered the front-runners in the competition. Matt and Rusty are not and in the end Matt is sent home. He is upset that both times he’s competed he got so close but lost, showing raw emotion with visible tears in his exit interview.

Jason, Cory and Rusty move on. Each go to the original farmers market in Los Angeles, California. Guy Fieri will direct each contestant for a shot at their own pilot cooking episode.

Rusty is at Magee’s market were the specialty is French dip. He calls the restaurant the wrong name and keeps floundering. Finally Zac Brown country musician tries to calm Rusty down so he can film. Rusty was the personal chef to the Zac Brown band on the road during touring season.

Cory is at Loteria Grill a Mexican restaurant in the farmers market. Guy tells him he sounds too polished so he calls a friend to get Cory to act more natural.

Lastly Jason is at Monsieur Marcel, a French home-cooking style restaurant. At first he does well, but Guy tells him it sounds too rehearsed.

We don’t find out how the pilots were until next week when the Finale airs. One of the three contestants will walk away the winner of Food Network Star.

Let us know what you thought about this episode and who you hope walks away with the crown in the comments below…

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