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Recently, the second season of the Netflix original show, Friends From College, came out. If you haven’t already seen the show, it’s about a group of friends who went to college together. Sounds simple enough, but the relationships between them got pretty complicated last season. Basically, Ethan (played by Keegan-Michael Key) and Lisa (Cobie Smulders) are married or at least were, as were Jon (Greg Germann) and Sam, but Ethan and Sam had an affair that had spanned since college. In addition to that, Lisa cheated on Ethan with Nick (Nat Faxon) and all of that came out at the end of the first season at a party.

Before we get into all the inevitably messy relationship drama, a year’s passed since the end of the show’s first season and Felix ventures into becoming a co-writer with Ethan (who’s an author who decided to start writing YA books last season) opposed to just being a publishing agent. but later discovers that he can’t write. In addition to that, Marianne (Jae Suh Park) loses her on-and-off-again long-distance boyfriend Tag, who died because his parachute didn’t open after jumping off a building.

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That aside, Jon and Sam are working on their marriage while Lisa has just been avoiding everyone since, including Ethan. Lisa comes back for Max and Felix’s engagement party with her new boyfriend, Charlie. After she stays with Charlie for a while and even considers having a baby with him, they inevitably break up because Lisa isn’t ready to get married again just yet, which makes sense because she literally just got divorced at that point. After that, Lisa and Nick realize that maybe it’s time for them to get together because they’re obviously attracted to each other because of their affair from last season and Nick admits that he loves her. However, Lisa cheated on Charlie with Ethan before her and Charlie break up (and before she gets together with Nick) while getting their old stuff out of Felix’s storage unit, which doesn’t seem to affect anything at first, but we later find out that Lisa’s pregnant.

Ethan, at first, is still getting used to being single again. Later he and Sam realize that they can be together now that their marriages both fell apart, except this time around, it wouldn’t be an affair. Sam also agrees to finally be in a real relationship with Ethan after her husband, Jon, sends a disturbing message to everyone in Sam’s contact list. Everyone else in the friend group isn’t too thrilled that they’re together, understandably so because of how much drama their affair caused for their friendship, but it doesn’t stop them from being together. That is until Ethan finds out that Lisa’s pregnant (with his baby, in case that wasn’t already clear) and goes to her doctor’s appointment, even after she told him not to (but of course, she was relieved to see him come anyway).

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Unfortunately for Sam, Ethan goes to the doctor appointment right when he and Sam are leaving to go on their trip to France. She comes home to find Jon with hired painters painting Sam’s house, which was previously destroyed because the friend group, sans Lisa, accidentally set off fireworks inside on Sam and Ethan’s joint fourth of July party. Even though Jon was very outright angry at Sam for her affair, he wants for them to actually work on their marriage by the end of the season and with Ethan ditching her, she seems like she’s starting to consider Jon’s offer.

Overall, I’m glad that Lisa distanced herself from the friend group after all the drama from last season because getting cheated on by one of her closest friends and having her other best friend, Marianne, know about it the entire time. I’m glad that Lisa is pregnant because we saw how much she wanted to have a baby last season (and some of this season with Charlie), but it’s obviously much more complicated now because she’s pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby. I also feel bad for Nick because I honestly love him and Lisa together and he seems like he’s willing to go the distance with Lisa.

As for Sam and Jon potentially getting back together, I think that’ll only result in the group starting to revert back to where they were at the beginning of the series, except everyone knows all the drama involved but maybe they just want to try to move on from it to try to get back to their previous normalcy, even if it was just a false sense of security.

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