Growing up in a sports family it was my job to get everybody up to speed on the history of football. The history of football cannot be written without mentioning the San Francisco 49ers. This franchise is a staple of the NFL . Bill Walsh, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, and many more, the list could go on and on. But those day’s are long gone in a post-Walsh era that consists of George Siefert, Steve Mariucci, Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, Jim Tomsula, Jim Harbaugh, Jim Tomsula again, and last but not least new head coach Chip Kelly. The win loss records for each coach are below.

Seifert 98-30

Mariucci 57-39

Erickson 9-23

Nolan 18-37

Singletary 18-22

Harbaugh 44-19

Tomsula 6-11 (1-0 on interim basis in 2010)

So you get the point, since the Walsh/Seifert days the Niners have been an inconsistent shell with coaches in and out the door. Not to mention one of the worst draft choices of all-time (sorry 49er’s fans this will hurt) drafting quarterback Geo Carmazzi instead of that guy that lived in your own backyard but played college ball at Michigan, quarterback Tom Brady. But despite all of the failures in drafting and hiring the right coach there have been shades of greatness, especially during Jim Harbaugh’s tenure that featured a Super Bowl appearance that could have been a Super Bowl victory based on one play. But with Harbaugh’s ‘my way or the highway’ personality the owners grew tired as did the players and that was that.

San Francisco
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You could honestly say that if the 49ers had won that championship, Harbaugh would still be there. Since the departure of Harbaugh it has not been smooth sailing for the 49ers with guys like Patrick Willis retiring and Colin Kaepernick’s regression as a starting quarterback, but I am here to tell you it will only get worse. If you are wondering if this is the part where I take aim at Chip Kelly the answer is yes. Now I fully understand that Jim Tomsula was not the answer and was never meant to be the answer at least I hope not, and while the Niners needed a face of the franchise to build their program around, I have a tough time figuring out why they would hire Chip Kelly of all people. A man who single-handedly destroyed the foundation of a franchise. Where do I start… McCoy for Alonso? Foles for Bradford? Letting Maclin walk? Paying Byron Maxwell top corner money? Using the excuse that McCoy was traded due to a high cap number then paying DeMarco Murray the money Dallas would not? These are all General Manager type decisions and we all know that was the underlying mistake of the Eagles giving Kelly full power, but what about on the field?

The before-mentioned DeMarco Murray ran for over 1,800 yards in what would be his final season with the Cowboys. Winning the rushing title and providing Tony Romo with the security blanket that he needed, helping him to his most successful season of his career. Before the season started we all thought with the offensive genius that is Chip Kelly, Murray would do maybe not as well as he did in Dallas but would do well and have a productive season of around 1,200 yards and 8-10 touchdowns. WRONG. The majority of the reason why Murray ran for 1,800 was because of the stout offensive line that Dallas has, but Murray’s ability to run north and south in any case is his bread and butter and using him on counter plays running to the sideline was a catastrophe. But week after week, Chip continued to do that or just outright bench Murray in favor of Ryan Mathews. To put this in a literal and statistic perspective, Murray’s last regular season game after a series of games in which he ran under 40 yards, Murray finished with 12 carries for 69 yards. Not great but not at the deplorable level of getting less than 40 yards a game.

While the majority of people doubt Chip Kelly’s ability to scout talent in a General Manager role, because of this, I doubt this coaching ability. If you continue to put players in a non-successful position on the field that is simply the definition of bad coaching. Along the way Chip hasn’t exactly made friends in the NFL among players like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. Two guys that were intricate parts of Philly’s success. McCoy the all-time leading rusher for the Philadelphia Eagles and DeSean Jackson a guy that helped win big games for them.

For a prestigious franchise like the San Francisco 49ers frankly I was SHOCKED that they would hire a guy like Chip Kelly and not a guy like Tom Coughlin a two-time Superbowl winner that makes players earn his respect rather than disrespecting his players. He is also a guy that knows what it is like to coach in a big market for a staple franchise. He makes his players work hard and right now the 49ers have the look of a team that is heading into the 2016 season with low morale. Another cause for concern is the accusations of racism with Chip Kelly, they come from several players. If it was one player, you never know if it is just beef between the coach and player, but from multiple players that is a problem whether the accusations are true or not, the fact that there was that much hostility in a team setting, it starts from the top to provide unity within a team and he did nothing but divide. In the culture of today’s NFL and with the ruin that the Eagles have had to climb themselves out of— salary cap and roster wise, I could honestly say that for every year Chip Kelly is the head coach of the 49ers the franchise will set themselves back three years. His penchant for drafting or signing Oregon players, although I do like DeForest Buckner, shows a lack of commitment to scouting or a lack of vision for his team. You can cut it a lot of different ways— how about the epic trade back into the first round that netted them a projected third round guard from Stanford? A move that stunned both Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper. Joshua Garnett could be a Pro Bowler but on the surface the trade makes virtually no sense at all especially giving up what they did. A 2nd, 4th, and a 6th round pick to draft a guard.

In the case of the team that Chip left in oblivion, luckily for Philadelphia they were able to notch themselves a top pick (2nd overall from the Browns) to start over with a clean slate in quarterback Carson Wentz. For the sake of what the fans have went through I hope it works out but will it? Only time will tell. DeMarco Murray is a Titan and I expect him to re-energize his career and be a key figure in helping the Titans get back to respectability. But back to those 49ers I expect nothing but turmoil, confusion, and losing for a team that is one of the most prestigious in the National Football League. CK7 might show some flashes of his old-self in Chip’s offense but they will be few and far between and I expect him to be playing for another team next season in a situation much like RG3’s current situation in Cleveland; a second chance low risk, high reward contract. 49ers fans who believe the 2016 season will be a gold mine, I’m sorry but it will be closer to a land mine. Let the turmoil begin. ThomasNFC WestNFLRecent PostsSan Francisco 49ersNFL,san fran,san francisco,San Francisco 49ersGrowing up in a sports family it was my job to get everybody up to speed on the history of football. The history of football cannot be written without mentioning the San Francisco 49ers. This franchise is a staple of the NFL . Bill Walsh, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana,...