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Earlier this month, Netflix released all thirteen episodes of the second season of Fuller House and this time around, Kimmy’s pregnant with Stephanie’s baby, DJ and Steve’s new relationship, and the teenagers are, as they always have been, dealing with teenage problems.

Fuller House, has always been a people pleaser show, more than other popular reboots like the Gilmore Girls or Will and Grace revival. Since its premiere, the show’s brought back almost any cast member they could from the original show like Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky), and many more. The only cast members the showrunners haven’t been able to get on the show are, of course, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen but Danny appears in multiple consecutive episodes and they constantly use old catch phrases from the original show like, “Oh my Lanta” (or different versions of that) and “Have mercy”. That aside, Fuller House has always had multiple moments of cheers and applause coming from the show’s live audience, and it’s been even more noticeable in the show’s fourth season

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Kimmy’s pregnancy seemed to have escalated quickly; in the first episode, Kimmy is already pretty far along but doesn’t actually give birth till the last episode of the season. As Kimmy’s senses and pregnancy hormones heighten, Stephanie and Jimmy prepare themselves for parenthood. Stephanie starts working as an entertainer for kids parties to make money for her future child, Jimmy turns down the chance to take photos in Nepal, and they host a Lamaze class at the house. DJ also hosts a gender reveal party at the house but things don’t quite go as well as they’d planned so, the baby’s gender inadvertently becomes a surprise at the end of the season. It’ll be nice to see Stephanie and Jimmy as new parents to a newborn baby girl next season and I’m sure having a baby in the house will bring on many changes for everyone else in the house.

Meanwhile, the kids have a few problems of their own. Max decides to run for fourth grade class president which only causes an array of problems; Max’s girlfriend, Rose, also CJ’s daughter, has already been planning on running, so they break up, and it’s messy. Max creates a smear campaign against Rose while DJ tries to repair things with CJ, since she ruined her wedding last season, but after the adults get involved with the kids’ drama, everything gets resolved. DJ making up with CJ was important because DJ’s with Steve now and really ruined things for CJ, even if it wasn’t intentional, and I’m glad that DJ fixes things between them and between DJ and Matt, who’s now dating Gia, DJ’s old frenemy.

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Jackson finally figures out his “thing”, which just so happens to be football. DJ’s feels pretty conflicted about it because on the one hand, Jackson has a talent and finds new friends. On the other hand, football just equates to concussions and frat boys to her, and she’s not completely wrong, at least not in this case. Jackson and Ramona go to their first high school party where Jackson gets drunk. Fernando tries to help him cover it up and almost succeeds, but Jackson ruins it for himself because he mistakenly thinks that Fernando already told on him. In addition to that, Jackson finally gets Rocki to be his girlfriend, but screws it up when he makes fun of her in front of his football friends. They break up, but we can see that Rocki clearly still cares about him because she stays with all of them, notably Jackson, when Kimmy’s having the baby.

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