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With only one day.. or two if your like me from the UK, until the first episode of Game of Thrones season 6 to be aired. I have trolled the internet for any leaked information and news about whether or not a certain character will be making his return. Sadly, he was believed to have died at the end of season 4. I know what you’re thinking, this woman has her seasons mixed up, Jon Snow died in Season 5. Well, I’m not going to talk about Jon, as I feel he has had his fair share of media coverage surrounding his death and whether or not he is coming back too. Instead, I’m going to enlighten you on whether or not Sandor “The Hound” Clegane will be back and why I think it is a very strong possibility.

As you know, he ‘died’ after a scuffle with Brienne of Tarth who tried to teach him how to fly, but as we all know, dogs can’t fly and poor Sandor lay broken and bruised at the bottom of the rocks. This scene greatly differed in the books, Brienne was nowhere in sight of Sandor, he and Arya had taken shelter at the inn at the crossroads and ended up fighting some of Gregors men (Gregor being Sandors older brother). Sandor at this point was injured due to inebriation and hunger. The end result stays the same however, and Arya does leave him to succumb to his wounds.

In both the books and TV show alike we know that unless someone dies a death like Oberyns then there is a small chance of revival or even survival. So, why do I think Sandor is alive? Let me elaborate. George R R Martin wrote a chapter in A Feast for Crows, the chapter followed Brienne of Tarth and her journey to the Quiet Isle. On arrival Brienne is taken to see the Elder Brother and happens to mention to the brother that is guiding her that she is headed for the Saltpans to kill the Hound. As they’re passing, Brienne spots a huge war-horse in the stables and is told of how the horse has mauled two of the brothers. As I read this particular part I instantly thought of Stranger, the huge black horse who belonged to Sandor Clegane, he too was a stubborn and angry beast. If Stranger is indeed in the care of the Brothers I would also like to think Sandor Clegane could be too.

Now, a lot of people think these are all circumstantial points but when Brienne spots a huge cloaked novice grave-digger on the hill, the man appears lame but his face is covered. Could it be that his face is covered as the scars will definitely give him away as the still living Sandor? After Brienne meets with the Elder Brother he asks to speak to her in private this is when he asks what she seeks in the Saltpans, Brienne only mentions a high-born girl yet the Elder instantly knows it to be Sansa. The Hound would have probably spoken about the little bird and of her sister Arya. The Elder lets on that it is the wrong Stark that she seeks and that the Hound in fact ran off with Arya, he also tells her that Sandor Clegane has died. Brienne doesn’t truly believe this and questions him further. When asked if he is truly dead the Elder will only say “he is at rest”. Giving me a sense of hope that Sandor Clegane has found some sort of rest there at the Quiet Isle, but this is GRRM we are talking about, does anyone really find rest?

Still not convinced? Okay, let’s try the fact that the gravedigger bends down to pet a dog which I for one and I know others do too, see this as a hint left by GRRM, since the Clegane house banner has three black dogs upon a yellow background.

This one isn’t straight from the book but instead from the Actor Ian McShane who was questioned on his character that is coming into GoT, he said that this new character was a warrior who became a peacenik and has a peaceful tribe and that he’ll be responsible for bringing back a character we thought we would never see again. This crosses straight over to the books where the Elder Brother tells Brienne that he once was a knight who fought for Prince Rhaegar at the trident. As you can expect, he took a few wounds in the battle and ended up falling into the river, he awoke upon the Quiet Isle.

All in all, the fan girl in me thinks GRRM.. made it pretty obvious that Sandor survived his ordeal and is living a quiet life as a novice gravedigger, whether or not they use him later on for say something like Cleganebowl then we may just have to get hyped for that.



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