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This week’s Game of Thrones episode was pretty jam-packed and there’s no denying that A LOT happened but how it all happened kind of came across as a little unsatisfying as almost everything that happened in this episode was setup for what is still to come. Spoilers for Game of Thrones from this point on.

So let’s start of with what I assumed the episode would be about, the White Walkers and how they’re getting ready to march on the wall, the episode was titled Eastwatch and the White Walkers were getting ready to march on Eastwatch, sounds exciting right? Unfortunately that was all just kind of the backdrop for everything else that happened in the episode, and the scene that actually had the White Walker army in it may possibly have been the shortest scene in the entire episode, it was a little disappointing. Fortunately next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be a full length continuation of this story.

Continuing with the North plotline, I felt like the Sansa-Arya dynamic in this episode was the weakest part of this episode and it was kind of boring, it summed up extremely well how much Sansa and Arya have changed as people now though. The Littlefinger aspect of this storyline also felt a little out-of-place and offbeat with the rest of the episode, I liked how Arya is being smart enough to keep an eye on Littlefinger though when apparently every other character on this show sees fit to just let him waltz around and make sneaky arrangements with whoever he wants. It was interesting to see how Littlefinger knew that Arya was after him though, I assume this will lead to Littlefinger doing something in the near future that will not bode well for the Starks considering he now has both Bran and Arya finding out things that they shouldn’t know.

We had a big development on the secret heritage of Jon Snow this week as we pretty much got confirmation that the bastard King in the North is not a bastard at all. Gilly’s conversation about an annulment means that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were in fact married, I guess we’re going to have to start getting used to calling him Jon Targaryen, I loved how hidden that little secret was, so well hidden that it took me till the next day to actually realise what it meant, we also had a little nod to this at the start of the episode as Drogon let Jon touch him which up until this point he’s only let a Targaryen do that.

game of thrones eastwatch episode

On the subject of Drogon, that was an impressive opening featuring our favorite dragon in the fallout of last week’s episode, it’s no surprise that both Jamie and Bronn survived but the same can’t be said for the Tarly’s who are now pretty much out of the game, besides Sam that is. I expected Randyll Tarly to die but seeing Dickon go was kind of a surprise considering they only just recast the character at the start of the season so naturally I assumed that he’d have a bigger role to play than he actually did. It was pretty brutal seeing Drogon burn them alive but being that they were two of the main players of the war (and the only ones Daenerys caught), it would have been a bit hard to believe that they could’ve gotten out of this scenario alive with out bending the knee.

This episode was full of reunions as well, Tyrion and Jamie, Jorah and Daenerys, Gendry and Davos. The most memorable one was definitely Gendry but it was also the one that didn’t feel as natural or as nice a payoff. I understand that the show obviously has to travel at a much faster pace than every other season but just think about it, we haven’t seen this character since season 3 and we meet him in King’s Landing about halfway through the episode, by the end of the episode he’s heading North of the wall with many other main characters and he also shares screen time with almost all the other current main characters in those 20-30 minutes, it didn’t feel like a payoff that was worth waiting for, it felt incredibly out of beat with the rest of the episode and I think that if they wanted Gendry to be the one travelling north with them at the end of the episode then they definitely should’ve reintroduced the character at maybe the end or middle of season 6. We did get a pretty fun semi-Baratheon and Stark bromance though so that was fun.

As rushed as it felt, it was still really fun to see so many storylines come together in those final scenes, we had characters from almost every current storyline come together in order to travel north and get themselves a White Walker and it looks like next weeks’ episode is going to be a thrilling hour, there is a downside though, with that many big characters marching towards danger at the same time then we’re definitely going to have some big losses.

Overall I have to admit that this has been my least favorite episode of the season so far, but it wasn’t bad it was just kind of mediocre compared to the other four episodes, but at the end of the day ‘meh’ Game of Thrones is still better than most other TV shows so it was still a very entertaining hour.


7.5/10  Game of Thrones doubled the pace of the plotlines this week which may not be such a good thing.


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