Fans of Westeros rejoice! We are officially three weeks away from the Season 6 Premiere of Game of Thrones and I, for one, am freaking out a little bit. I anticipate that Thrones will be covered rather highly by multiple websites in the weeks to come and I wanted to get in on the fun. In anticipation of the premiere of Season 6, I will be putting together a three-part primer for the show, in which I will be highlighting the characters and groups who play in the Game of Thrones. Parts 1 and 2 will be for more of the ancillary characters in the show, those who play roles in the main stories, but may not be considered core characters. Part 3 will be devoted to the more crucial and popular characters of the show, those who we have been following from the beginning. Without further ado, class is now in session.


Brienne of Tarth

Where we left her: Seriously Brienne, you had one job: wait for the candle to be lit and swoop in to save Sansa. Well Brienne, here is your severance package. When a man nicknamed Reek can perform your job better than you can, you may want to consider a different career path. That being said, Brienne is easily one of the most likable characters in the show, appreciated by fans as a strong female who can hold her own with the guys. Last we saw of her she was slicing (maybe) through a recently defeated and dejected Stannis Baratheon. Knowing that she had missed her opportunity to find Sansa, Brienne went off to look for the daughter of Catelyn Stark.

Where we will see her go: I’m of the belief that Brienne will find Sansa rather early on in the season (perhaps in the first episode or two) and will be by her side throughout the season. In the most recent trailer, we saw Sansa safe and sound looking rather fierce, and I’d like to think that its Brienne who finds her. The interesting thing will be to see how the two of them interact with each other. I imagine that Brienne will try to be overprotective of the young Stark, who will likely try to be more independent and do things on her own. Regardless, I anticipate Brienne will fulfill her vow to the matriarch of the Stark family.

The Wildlings

Where we left them: Before fans of the show and books start to rant, the group of Wildlings/Free Folk I am focusing on are those led by Tormund. I know that term generalizes the entire group of humans who live north of The Wall, but its Tormund’s group that we have been following the closest so I will focus on them. The last time we saw these guys they were being let through The Wall by Jon Snow, a decision that he would later regret. The biggest moment of season five for Tormund and his crew came during the Battle of Hardhome in one of the biggest action sequences ever done on television. This makes this group one of the only in the world who know of the White Walkers, and what they are capable of doing.

Where we will see them go: I see two paths forward for Tormund and the Wildlings. The first has them finding out about the assassination of Jon Snow and returning to the wall to ruin The Night’s Watch (I would love to see Tormund destroy Thorne). The other has them continuing South and running directly into the Boltons at Winterfell. This could lead to an awesome battle between both sides that could rival what we saw in Hardhome. Both paths could happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both involved the return on a certain Stark.

The Boltons

Where we left them: The only Boltons who matter in our story are Ramsay (pictured above) and his father Roose. In the history of the show, there may not be a more hated family. Even the Lannisters have some redeemable members of the family but the Boltons, oh hell no. Roose was instrumental in the perpetration of The Red Wedding, the most shocking scene in the history of the show (even if you’re not a fan of the show, just Youtube search “Red Wedding Reactions” to get an idea of what I’m talking about). The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree either, as Ramsay has been deplorable in every sense of the word. The last we saw of the Boltons, however, they were enjoying a rather dominant victory over Stannis Baratheon, successfully defending Winterfell in the process. That being said, Sansa Stark escaped from Ramsay’s grasp and is now running free through the North.

Where we will see them go: Early on, I imagine that Ramsay will lead a group into the wilderness to search for Sansa, but I don’t think he’ll find her. The majority of this season will basically involve the Boltons discussing impending threats to Winterfell, something that will eventually lead to a massive confrontation at some point. In the official trailer, there was an image of Bolton shields readying for an impending attack (from the Wildlings, perhaps?), and a Thrones producer recently said that the biggest battle in the history of the show will take place this season. My take: the Boltons will be pushed out of Winterfell, either dead of alive, as the Wildlings move in. Personally, I hope that a certain dark-haired man with Stark blood will drive his sword through Roose.

The Night’s Watch

Where we left them: What a total one-eighty turn these guys have made last season. A group that was once led by the most loved character in the show that included members like Sam are easily one of the most hated going into Season six. You don’t even need to be a fan of the show to know what happened at the end of last season. In short, The Night’s Watch, upset at their Lord Commander Jon Snow’s decision to let through The Wildlings (arch-enemies of The Watch), mutinied against Snow. Tricking him with the memory of his lost uncle, members of The Watch stabbed Snow repeatedly and left him for dead, repeating that they were doing this “for The Watch.” Well, screw The Watch!

Where we will see them go: Utter destruction! Mr. Snow, tear down this wall! Sorry for that, the loss of Snow still stings. In all seriousness, I think The Night’s watch is in serious trouble moving forward. They have enemies surrounding them everywhere, with The Wildings now to the South and The White Walkers to the North. Plus, it seems like Davos and a group of Night’s Watch members are attempting to protect Snow’s body in the trailer. Keep your eye on things to fall apart for The Watch this season.

Samwell Tarly

Where we left him: If Sam was a political candidate, he would probably have a 100% approval rating from fans. This fan favorite has been on quite a personal journey with his character throughout the series, culminating in a few major developments last season. His relationship with Gilly finally reached…umm…an important point (it is HBO, keep in mind). Plus, Sam finally came into his own and decided to leave The Watch with Gilly and her child in tow.

Where we will see him go: As of the season five finale, Sam had no idea about the death of his best friend, Jon Snow. I imagine he finds out about this early on and, realizing that he can’t do anything in response by himself, will turn to his family. The Tarlys are credited with roles this season, so I imagine we will see Sam confront his family about mid way through the season in an attempt to gain their support against The Night’s Watch and possibly the Boltons.

Davos Seaworth

Where we left him: Davos has long been the only redeemable character of Stannis’ group, and now he finds himself without the man that he called King. Left at The Wall with Jon Snow, Davos wasn’t around to see Stannis’ army beaten as badly as it was, nor was he able to save Shireen (Stannis’ daughter) from being sacrificed by Melisandre. Now, Davos has very little left to fight for, or so we think. The trailer highlighted The Onion Knight prominently, even giving him the end-cap scene. In that scene, Davos is seen protecting the body of Jon Snow, readying himself for an impending battle.

Where we will see him go: We will get a lot of Davos off the jump this season, as he will be hovering around the body of Jon Snow at Castle Black. We will get to why this is important later, but it seems like Davos is finding himself a new King to back. I’m not sure how long Davos is for this world beyond these first few episode, but expect him to clash with The Night’s Watch immediately.


Where we left her: The once confident Red Priestess found herself without direction at the end of the previous season. Melisandre fully believed that Stannis Baratheon was the chosen hero Azor A’hai (Google the name if you want more detail), but realized that she backed the wrong horse when Stannis’ army was defeated. Melisandre had to do some pretty deplorable things to try to fulfill this prophecy and to prove that Stannis was the guy, and all of it crumbled down around her. Returning dejected to Castle Black after the destruction she witnessed, Melisandre now needs to figure out who to support moving forward.

Where we will see her go: Short answer: not very far, as she is already where she needs to be as far as the story goes. With some possible convincing from Davos, Melisandre will realize that she needs to turn her attention to the recently murdered Jon Snow, someone she already has taken a liking to. As a follower of The Lord of Light, Melisandre is someone who may have the ability to perform resurrection. In fact, we have seen this already from Thoros of Myr and Berric Dondarrion, the show has proven that this power actually exists. I’m fully on board with the “Jon Snow is coming back” bandwagon, and Melisandre will be key for this. I’m not 100% convinced that she will be around forever, but I imagine that she will serve a very important early purpose.

The White Walkers

Where we left them: It goes without saying that the white walkers, led by the Night’s King pictured above, made the biggest impact upon their initial debut in the history of the show. In the episode “Hardhome,” an army of white walkers led an ambush against a major wildling settlement. During this battle, the white walkers decimated the humans while also showing that they can grow their ranks from the dead. After an intense stare-down between Jon Snow and the Night’s King, the white walkers proved that they are the biggest threats to the safety of Westeros.

Where we will see them go: It wouldn’t surprise me if we hardly see any of the white walkers this season, possibly saving their re-emergence as a cliffhanger ending in the season finale. The trailer has shown that Bran will encounter the Night’s King in some way but fans of the book know that this could very well just be some kind of vision or flashback on Bran’s part. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ending sequence of the season is a white walker attack on The Wall, and the decimation of the Night’s Watch once and for all.

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