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Friends, we find ourselves one week closer to the long-anticipated Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones. In two weeks time, we will all be gathered around our televisions to see where the story of Westeros picks back up, and see if our predictions come to fruition. Last week, I spent some time discussing where we left off with some of the side characters of the show, and where we may see them go in Season 6. This week, we do more of the same, with some more of the ancillary characters in Thrones. So class, the bell has rung and its time to put away your phones. Get out your notebooks and #2 pencils because class is in session once again.


Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

Where we left him: Holy creepy-uncle syndrome Littlefinger; it’s probably a good thing that you’re far far away from Sansa at this point. Much like previous seasons, last season saw Littlefinger up to his devious ways once again, working in the background of the story to try to make moves for himself. At the end of the season, we saw Littlefinger apparently divulging some serious information to Olenna Tyrell about Cersei in King’s Landing. While this was big, Littlefinger spent most of his screen time moving in closer with Sansa. Apparently seeing her as some sort of replacement for Catlyn Stark (whom he was in love with), Littlefinger has made it pretty clear that he wants Sansa, and will attempt to keep her safe if possible. Bit of advice Petyr: if you want a girl to like you, don’t marry her off to a raging psychopath.

Where we will see him go: After his bit of information led to a serious loss for Cersei, it’ll be interesting to see if she realizes that Littlefinger was behind it all. I doubt it, which will allow Petyr to continue working in the shadows. However, I imagine he will find out about the multiple attacks that will occur on Winterfell, which may lead him North again in search for Sansa. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if these two meet up again, and how Sansa will react to the man who put her in harm’s way.

Rickon / Osha

Where we left them: In the immortal words of the band Staind, “It’s been a while!” since we’ve seen these guys last. In fact, it hasn’t been since Season 3 since they have been on-screen. That being said, they are credited in the pilot, so I imagine we will see what they have been up to over the past two seasons. When we last saw them, they were splitting away from Bran’s group to keep Rickon safe in an attempt to reach a group that was loyal to House Stark. The whole of Westerns believes Rickon to be dead but, if Osha has anything to do with it, this will not be the case.

Where we will see them go: As such ancillary characters who we haven’t seen in very long, its hard to speculate on what role they will play moving forward. In my opinion, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Rickon reunited with his sister Sansa as some point. That reunion would make fans extremely happy and would be enough for Rickon’s character this season.

The Sand Snakes

Where we left them: After what was kind of a disappointing debut for characters who were very popular amongst fans of the show, the Sand Snakes (along with Ellaria Sand) had a major victory to end the season. After poisoning Marcella, Jaime and Cerise’s daughter, the Sand Snakes looked on happily at the departing ship headed for King’s Landing. This was a major power move on their part, one that will set them up for a major conflict with the Lannisters moving forward.

Where we will see them go: I don’t know how much we can expect from them as a whole this season, but I would expect to see them make their way to King’s Landing. Based on the books, these ladies have some serious fight in them, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them make an instant impact on the Lannisters in a major way.

Tommen Baratheon (Lannister)

Where we left him: Baratheon in name only, Tommen has been the King of Westeros since the death of his brother Joffrey in Season 4. Since that time, Tommen has proven himself to be one of the most genuinely kind members of his wretched family, being a decent King even if he is just a figurehead for his mother to make moves. That being said, the biggest plot point for Tommen in Season 5 has been the balance between his relationship with his mother and his wife, Margaery Tyrell. Margaery has definitely wiggled her way into Tommen’s heart, but her recent arrest has left Tommen in a state of depression.

Where we will see him go: The recent humiliation of his mother will certainly force Tommen out of his room and into the forefront. It’s likely that Cersei will motivate him to retaliate against The Sparrows, and I imagine that this is something he will do early on. However, I believe that Tommen’s attention will turn to his captive wife, and he will attempt to release her in whatever way that he can.

The Tyrells

Where we left them: Through many seasons of the show, House Tyrell has been one of the few houses to keep the targets off of their backs yet continue to be involved in the major power plays of the realm. However, that changed pretty drastically last season, as the Tyrells plans began to fall apart. With both Margaery and Loras imprisoned by the Sparrows, Olenna, the matriarch of House Tyrell, is now forced to make her intentions more clear. Spilling the beans about Cersei’s incestuous relationships to the Sparrows was a good place to start, but now she has to turn her intention towards freeing her family and reestablishing House Tyrell as a serious player in the realm.

Where we will see them go: Unlike previous seasons, the Tyrells are going to make themselves much more prominent in King’s Landing; not by mere presence, but by strength. Olenna has often threatened withholding the grain supply to King’s Landing if her family isn’t freed, and I imagine that she will follow through with that threat coming up. This will likely lead to some serious drama in King’s Landing and, hopefully, will force the Tyrells to show their military might. While I believe that Margaery will find her way out of prison (probably because of Tommen), Loras won’t be as lucky.

The Sparrows

Where we left them: One of the newer players on the scene, the Sparrows have only been prominent since last season. However, they made an immediate impact, tapping into the frustration of the poor in King’s Landing and generating enough support to make some serious moves. Led by the High Sparrow and motivated by religious ideologies, the goal of the Sparrows appears to be one of cleansing. By cleansing, I mean the cleansing of the corruption and sin that has plagued royalty and those in power in King’s Landing for hundreds of years. Well, they accomplished this with great success, imprisoning the Tyrells and publicly humiliating Cersei in a profound way to end the season.

Where we will see them go: Now in a serious position of power, I imagine that the Sparrows will have a difficult time maintaining it. Featured prominently in the trailer, it appears as if the Sparrow have the full attention of many of the powerful houses in Westeros, the Tyrells and the Lannisters being the specific ones. In the trailers, the High Sparrow has been preaching about the power of the many (meaning the crazy amount of poor in King’s Landing), but I have a hard time seeing unarmed peasants putting up much of a fight against the armies of the Tyrells and Lannisters. I don’t expect the Sparrows to be all that important following this season.

Jorah Mormont / Daario Naharis 

Where we left them: I paired these two together because it’s very likely that we will see them together throughout the bulk of this season. As a pair, the two of them joined forces in an attempt to track down Daenerys, who escaped an attack at the end of the season and flew away on her dragon. Individually, however, both guys have some serious stuff going on. Daario has continued to be one of Dany’s closest confidantes and lover, and clearly has his own motivation to find Dany (though I feel like he might be hiding something). Jorah, on the other hand, has been dealing with his own mortality, as he contracted Greyscale (an almost incurable disease) that will either lead to his death or turn him into a monster. He’s also been battling his emotions for Dany, and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Where we will see them go: Its pretty clear that, immediately, Jorah and Daario will continue their search for Dany, who was picked up by a group of Dothraki at the end of the last season. After finding a piece of jewelry from Dany (as shown in the trailer), I don’t imagine that it will take them that long to locate her. Once they find her, however, it’ll be interesting to see what they do. Jorah’s intentions remain pretty clear to me, but I’m not entirely sure about Daario’s. My prediction is that we will have some sort of surprise reveal from Daario this season, where he shows that he hasn’t been entirely genuine to this point.


Where we left him: One of my personal favorite characters, Varys remained in Meereen with Tyrion at the end of the last season. The relationship between him and Tyrion has been one of the most enjoyable things about the show in recent seasons, as he is entirely responsible for keeping Tyrion alive and (mostly) out of harms way. Since his introduction, its been unclear what the intentions of Varys are, but he’s mostly seemed to be on the side of good (if you remember, he encouraged Ned Stark to behave certain ways to keep him alive in Season 1, so he seems like a genuine guy). When push comes to shove, Varys has mostly done the right thing and, as he says, he’s only interested in the well-being of The Realm. Now in control of Meereen with Tyrion, the two unlikely allies will have to find a way to keep the peace.

Where we will see him go: Short answer: wherever Tyrion goes. It seems clear that Varys is on Tyrion’s side at this point, as the two will have to attempt to keep Meereen afloat with the absence of Dany. They will meet some roadblocks, for sure, but I imagine that they will be able to keep things in line in the Slaver’s Bay city. What will be interesting to see is what other tricks Varys might up his very baggy sleeves. He always seems to have some grander plans in the shadows just waiting to be unveiled, and I’m curious to see what those might be.

The Greyjoys

Where we left them: Ruling from the Iron Islands, we haven’t seen much of the Greyjoys aside from Theon for quite a while. The last we saw of them, Yara was attempting a (successful) breakout of her brother Theon from the clutches of the Boltons. After seeing Theon in his miserable state, Yara decided to leave him where he was, declaring her brother dead. This, of course, was all following the removal of the Ironborn from the North, where they had previously claimed Winterfell. Featured prominently in the trailer (particularly a new Greyjoy), its likely the Greyjoys will be fed up with bidding their time, and will attempt to make their presence felt. As for Theon, he finally rebelled against his captor Ramsay Bolton after months of torment, freeing Sansa Stark from his grasp. Now, the two of them are running through the North in an attempt to find safety.

Where we will see them go: As far as Theon is concerned, he will likely remain separated from his family as he will be by Sansa’s side through most of the season. His primary plot line will be his attempt to regain who he was before his capture and torture at the hands of Ramsay. As for the rest of the Ironborn, it is likely that they will attempt a forceful recapture of the North once again, led by Yara. However, fans of the books know what is coming from a certain character who was featured multiple times in the trailer. This is Euron Greyjoy, brother to Theon and Yara and, if the show is true to the books, has been off being a pirate throughout the course of our story. I don’t want to give too much away, as this is one of the few things left in this upcoming season that can be spoiled from the books, but let’s just say that Euron might figure prominently in Dany’s storyline, specifically in relation to her dragons.

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