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“This is Jon Snow, he’s King in the North”

Now THAT was one eventful episode! I didn’t get a chance to review last week’s episode, but it was great. This one, however, was on a whole different playing field than the first two of the season. It was during this episode that I really started to feel like, “Wow, we’re really coming up to the finish line now”. Spoilers for Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” from this point on.

The roster of characters is getting ever smaller. We had a few more casualties this week and we also had arguably the biggest characters in the show finally meeting after having not shared a single scene yet in the entire show. That’s right, the scene we’ve been waiting for; Ice and Fire finally met during the beginning of this episode.

Coming off that, let’s discuss the amazing opening scenes of “The Queen’s Justice”. I must commend the acting of both Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke in these scenes, as they were both on their “A” game. We also probably got Emilia’s best acting on the show. Daenerys, however, was more like her brother, Viserys, than the Queenly Mother of Dragons that she was in Essos. It’s showing however that she’s adapting to the people and cultures of Westeros.

As amazing a military force as Daenerys is if this episode showed us anything it’s that Cersei is still always one step ahead. I also have to give a quick mention to how much I loved the scene in which Jon and Davos drop to the floor immediately after hearing/ seeing a dragon. I completely forgot that none of these characters have ever seen a dragon before and how up until this episode, probably didn’t entirely believe they existed.

I found myself more on Jon’s side of the conversation than on Daenerys’. I mean why should he bend the knee to a Targaryen and a Lannister (even if he is the good one)? He would have a much better stance if he stayed King of the North until he finds out what Daenerys is truly like anyway. On the other hand, I still did see where Daenerys is coming from. Jon is telling her that an army of the dead is going to kill everyone. On top of that, she also thinks they’re not the sanest of people for saying that Jon took a knife to the heart. game of thrones the queens justice

Daenerys does agree to give Jon the Dragon Glass though, which pushes us even closer to the huge White Walker battle that we all know is coming. I loved Tyrion’s scenes with Jon as well as these two characters last saw each other at the very start of the series. They are both very different characters now. They’ve both been through some unbelievable things and it truly has been a long road.

This episode also gave me more reasons to hate Euron and I honestly thought that it was impossible to do that. Euron brings Ellaria, her daughter, and Yara to King’s Landing and gives the two Dornish to Cersei as a gift. This results in a pretty disgusting scene in which Euron starts taunting Jamie about how he’s marrying Cersei and other disgusting things. I really hope that Jamie ends up switching over to Daenerys’ side and kills Euron, but there’s absolutely no way that’ll ever happen, especially with how the episode ended.

Cersei once again proved how ruthless and unforgiving as she exacted her revenge on Ellaria by targeting and killing her last daughter. It was a brutal scene to watch as Ellaria and her daughter tried to reach each other as they know she’s dying. It was also so hard seeing Cersei kill her in the exact same manner that her own daughter was killed, using the same poison and everything. It’s so infuriating seeing Cersei get away with everything. I mean how many characters that we’ve liked as she been directly responsible for killing now? She’s definitely going to die by the end of the show because it’d just be wrong to have the show end with her on the Iron Throne.

We had another heartfelt (kinda) reunion in this episode as both Bran and Sansa met again. I was genuinely surprised that it was Bran because I had completely forgotten about him and assumed he would still be at the Wall until Jon and the others head there later. I was also surprised because I thought it’d be Arya who shows up considering she’s already on her way back to Winterfell. I really don’t like Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven now because he just seems incredibly weird and off. I guess it makes sense considering all the things he’s been through and seen, but he wasn’t this creepy at the end of last season, which I’d imagine would have only been about a month ago in-universe time. I also must mention how great it was to see Sansa leading Winterfell and if Jon (better not) dies then I would be completely happy with her being the new Warden of the North.

Over at the Citadel, we got a surprisingly emotional goodbye scene between Sam and Jorah. These two characters only met the last episode, but I was already sad to see them part ways. I’m hoping that they meet each other again at some point before the show ends. I was happy to see that Sam was pretty much congratulated by the Master for saving Jorah’s life (as he should be). I was a little worried that he would end up getting kicked out of the Citadel for breaking their rules. In their defense though, they made a pretty good point. If Sam ended up getting infected by Grey Scale he could’ve wandered around the Citadel and affected everybody with it and end up completely destroying it. Glad that didn’t happen though.

Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” was already an immensely entertaining episode and I was really pleased with everything I’d seen, but then it was just dialed to eleven for the final fifteen minutes and it was glorious. I assumed the scenes of the Unsullied attacking somewhere in the trailer were going to be the huge battle for King’s Landing at the end of the season. But nope, it turned out to be a montage of sorts of the capture of Casterly Rock. I loved Tyrion’s voice over about how Tywin basically gave the Unsullied the ability to take the city. He thought that Tyrion was only good enough for doing the lowest work and because of this the Lannister’s ended up losing their city that they loved so much. “As a good friend once said, give me ten good men and I’ll impregnate the b***h”.

But of course, it was all part of Cersei’s plan. What happened in the remaining ten minutes was the fall of House Tyrell and what was one of the most engaging and intense conversations ever seen on this show. Jamie led the Lannister’s to take High Garden instead of using them to protect Casterly Rock. It was an amazing strategy. I loved the shot of the entire Lannister army marching towards Olenna and the following shots of Jamie marching through the captured city while the “Rains of Castamere” plays in the background. It was amazing and reminded me why I love this show so of thrones the queens justice

I loved the final scene of Jamie and Olenna talking. I knew it had to end with Olenna dying somehow but I didn’t know how. It was nice seeing that Jamie talked to her nearly as a friend and it was so fitting that her final words were the confirmation that she was, in fact, the one who poisoned Joffrey. It was all but definite back in season four but we got the official confirmation here and it was glorious. And we grow closer and closer to the finish line.


THE VERDICT on Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice”

9.6/10   An amazingly packed episode that didn’t waste one second, it truly feels like we’re coming to the end.


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