game of thrones the spoils of war

So that just happened, we knew it was coming, we knew it had to be this season, but I didn’t expect it to be that beautiful and that horrifying at the same time. I had such high hopes for Game of Thrones penultimate season, they were so high that I didn’t think the show could reach them but they are proving every single episode why this show deserves to be the amazing spectacle that it is. Spoilers for Game of Thrones from this point on.

So i’m just going to start right off the bat with that amazing scene that in my opinion exceeds the ‘Hardhome’ battle scene and rivals that of ‘Battle of the Bastards’. When we see those Dothraki Warriors coming down on the Lannister army it hit me that this was actually happening in the show, I started to realise that every single person in the Lannister side of the army had heard the terrifying rumors and tales of how devastating they are in battle. Robert Baratheon said back in season one that (paraphrasing here) “Only a fool would meet the Dothraki on an open field” and that was exactly how the battle went, with the Lannister’s meeting the Dothraki on an open field, Robert Baratheon would be spinning in his grave.

That wasn’t even the highlight or scariest part of the battle however, that came moments later as Daenerys joined the battle while riding Drogon, it was glorious. I then started to realise that everyone in the Lannister army up until this point probably still didn’t truly believe that Dragons still even existed, they most likely thought that the Mother of Dragons was only a rumor or at the very most, a huge exaggeration of what she actually was. Seeing Drogon burn half the army alive while the other half was brutally murdered by Dothraki Beserkers was insane, that’s without even mentioning how real this carnage looked.

This battle also worked so well because we didn’t know who to root for, in both ‘Hardhome’ and ‘Battle of the Bastards’ we rooted for Jon and wanted his side to win, in this battle I wanted Jamie and Bronn to win but also Daenerys to win. A scene that got to me the most however was after Bronn fell off his horse, for the first time in the entire series he looked genuinely scared, he considered grabbing his gold after it fell but instead decided to run, the scene of him surrounded by fire and not knowing where to run to was kind of hard to watch, it was also very Battle of the Bastards-esque in how it was shot. Of course Bronn survived however and made his way to the ‘Scorpion’. Seeing the ‘Scorpion’ hurt Drogon was a worrying moment as I did believe for a second that the Dragon might not make it through the battle. If we’re only on episode four and getting battles like this then I can’t even fathom what still remains in the rest of the season.

game of thrones the spoils of war

While the battle was the big takeaway from the episode, there was still plenty of other big developments happening, such as Arya finally returning to Winterfell. So it feels pretty weird to have three Starks in Winterfell, and normally having something happy like this happen means that we’re going to have something bad happen in the near future. This episode really showcased how much Arya’s a different person than she was when she left Winterfell all those years ago, she’s someone who will do whatever it takes to survive now. I liked Sansa and Arya’s reunion in the catacombs but it felt a bit too cold for two sisters who haven’t seen eachother in years, I guess you have to take into account how different of people they are now, and that Arya and Sansa were never that close to begin with. I also have to mention how fun Arya’s fight with Brienne was, I knew that she could obviously handle herself now but I had no idea that she was at that caliber.

We saw another thing this week that we don’t see very often, and that was a Littlefinger that looked vulnerable. I loved his talk with Bran mainly just because of the “Chaos is a ladder” line, for those who don’t know what exactly the line represented, back in season 3 Littlefinger and Varys were having a conversation in King’s Landing about how many people have tried climbing to the Iron Throne and failed, in which he uses the line “Chaos is a ladder”, this all showcases how Bran really has seen everything and that he knows about what Littlefinger has done (I wonder if Bran knows that Littlefinger betrayed Ned).

game of thrones the spoils of war

We also had a very short reunion between Jon and Theon and it went exactly how we expected it to, with Jon threatening Theon but not killing him because of Sansa. This episode had me thinking about how exactly Theon’s story will end, I honestly can’t see him dying considering he hasn’t so far, he’s a character that thinking about him, he probably should have died seasons ago but with him still being alive I think he may be one of the few who make it to the end.

It’s pretty saddening to think about how we only have three episodes left this season but if they’re in the same league that the first four have been then I have no doubt that they’ll be worth it, it’ll make the wait for season eight even worse however.


10/10   Game of Thrones gave us a masterpiece episode that rivals the best the show has ever put out.


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