GFW Impact Destination- X 8/17/2017 Highlights

gfw impact destination


Here are your highlights and results for Destination X from August 17, 2017.

Alberto El Patron was stripped of the GFW World Championship.

alberto el patron

GFW Knockouts Champion Match

gail kim impact

Sienna (Champion) vs. Gail Kim

Sienna retained her titled after a match from the Hall of Famer Gail Kim. Kim was on fire and so close to claiming the title from Sienna. This was Kim’s comeback since she is attempting to retire from the ring soon and wants to leave as Knockouts Champion. Gail Kim is known as the first knockout champion for GFW. Kim continued the match with her tornado DDT but was dropped on the steel steps of the octagon ring by Sienna. Sienna would win by pin fall with her finisher the AK 47 and the help of Taryn Terrell.

Announcement of 20 man gauntlet match

Cornette announced a 20 man gauntlet match to determine the next Champion. He would also make it very clear that Alberto was stripped of the title and did not surrender the title.

lax impact wrestling

LAX would come out to confront Cornette. LAX would express how upset over the fact that Low Ki would lose his title shot on Destination X.  Cornette would state that Low Ki would have the best spot in the gauntlet match. He would participate in the match as number 20, allowing him the best chance out of all the contenders.

Super X Cup

dezmond xavier taiji ishimori

Dezmond Xavier vs. Taiji Ishimori

Dezmond would win the Super X Cup. Xavier would win the Super X Cup with a back handspring kick. He was then presented with the tournament trophy.


X Division Champion Ladder Match

Sonjay Dutt vs Trevor Lee

 sonjay dutt

Dutt would win the X Division Championship from Lee.  Dutt connected with a sliding dropkick landing a ladder on Lee’s face. Lee would gain his advantage by using a table. Caleb Konley would interrupt the match by power bombing Dutt through the table.

Petey Williams made his presence known to Impact. Delivering a Canadian Destroyer to Konley. This would allow Dutt to have the advantage by jumping from the ropes to the ladder shoving Lee off and grabbing the title.


Tag Match

OVE (Jake & Dave Crist) vs Jason Cade & Zachary Wentz

ove impact

OVE would defeat Cade & Wentz. OVE made their Debut to Impact on Destination X.

What can I say about OVE?

Super Kicks nothing but Super Kicks.  If you love super kicks, you would love this match. OVE controlled the whole match. Grabbing their win on their debut to Impact.


Shot vs Shot

sydal lashley

Matt Sydal vs Bobby Lashley

Shot vs Shot allows the winner to get a title shot of their choice.

While the size difference of the two competitors is apparent. Do not let this size difference distract you from the fact that this would not be the first time that Sydal has ever stepped foot in a ring with a larger competitor.

Lashley would attempt to take over the match by using his power and size as an advantage. A list of kicks would help cut down the power of Lashley in the ring.  Lashley would become frustrated with the will of his competitor and would introduce a chair to the match. Sydal would eliminate the option for Lashley by landing a spinning heel kick to the chair.

Sydal goes for his finisher the shooting star press. Lashley had his knees up causing Sydal’s shooting star press to be ineffective. Lashley misses with his spear causing Sydal to roll him up, allowing Sydal to win.

American Top Team upset over the lost would then grab the referee.

 johnny mundo

Johnny Impact flashes on the screen as a demo for Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground coming to Impact.



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