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Tim Tebow
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In professional sports we often have so many stories to converse upon. Unfortunately, some of the most purely journalistic stories do not have a happy ending. For every Tom Brady there is a Tim Tebow. While Tebow’s NFL career  is at a standstill Tim has found a way to find a bigger purpose in his life. It isn’t too often when we see a professional player of any sport use their fame for the betterment of helping others. Since his career came to a halt during the Eagles 75-man roster cuts before the 2015 season began, Tim Tebow has put his NFL career in the rear view mirror to help other people around the world through his foundation. From his development of the CURE hospital in the Philippines, to creating an opportunity for those with special needs to enjoy their very own high school prom. Tebow can also add “TV Show Host” to his name as he is currently hosting “Home Free” a show that puts contestants through various challenges to provide and build a home for their very own hero. You get the point Tim Tebow is a great guy. I admire the fact that Tim has always found the positive in realistically any situation no matter how far away he might be from getting another chance in the National Football League.

Tim Tebow doesn’t care, his purpose he feels weighs far beyond that. The real question is while we wonder whether or not Johnny Manziel,Greg Hardy, or Ray Rice should get a second chance…why not wonder more about Tim Tebow getting a real chance rather than a minute long audition? Four teams in a span of 5 years sounds like a chance but can we all collectively agree that Tim Tebow should at the very least have a roster spot on a National Football League team. If not, let’s do this head-to-head— who would you rather have Thad Lewis or Tim Tebow? Wow. That really puts things in perspective doesn’t it. Thad Lewis has a roster spot and Tim Tebow does not. Mind blowing. I understand Tim might not be the most “prototypical” quarterback the NFL has ever seen, but who really is in the 2016 NFL? Prototypical is just a fancy term NFL scouts use when talking about a quarterback that fits the mold rather than shattering it. Tebow shattered the mold. During his time with the Denver Broncos then offensive coordinator Mike McCoy had to revolve the entire offense around the unconventional QB. What happened? They made the playoffs.

After starting the season 1-4 under Uncle Rico/Kyle Orton the Broncos changed the quarterback depth chart. Moving Tebow to QB-1 and Orton to QB-2. Tebow compiled an 8-5 record (including the playoffs with a six game win streak from weeks 9-14) since replacing Orton, including six fourth quarter/overtime comeback victories. An argument can be said that Denver’s defense kept Tebow in a lot of those games but when the chips were down Tebow featured the most important piece of his game that often plagues every first round “bust” QB. Leadership. We all know what followed afterwords. #18 was a free agent. John Elway couldn’t pass that up so out Tebow went, specifically to the New York City. A trade that featured a bag of Lay’s wavy potato chips heading to Denver in exchange for Tim Tebow. Obviously I am exaggerating a little bit but seriously. You trade your QB that just won your squad a playoff game vs the defending AFC Champion’s  for a 7th round draft choice. That’s an insult. A slap in the face. A Mike Tyson uppercut to the chin.

Tebow moved forward, onto the Big Apple “Broadway Tim”. Tebow entered the Jets facility as the main attraction of the off-season, coming in to a momentous press conference. I thought just based on the budget of the presser alone Tebow would be the guaranteed starter as Mark Sanchez was already hearing footsteps from one Matt Simms and one Greg McElroy. One of the key reasons why Rex wanted Tim as much as he did was because a few months prior Tebow ran all over the “Ryan Defense”. As much as I like the bravado of Rex Ryan and his brash style of coaching, when I look back at the Ryan-Era with the Jets I often wonder why trade for Tim Tebow if you were not going to use him? Most importantly, why choose Mark Sanchez in any capacity over Tim Tebow? While Tebow was riding the pine Mark Sanchez couldn’t get out of his own way throwing interceptions, taking sacks, and of course butt fumbling.

One concept that really baffles me is how could both Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly not find a use for Tim Tebow especially in goal-line situations. Tebow could very well be used inside the two-yard mark to get that two point conversion rather than relying on your kicker to make a 40-yard extra point attempt. For whatever reason that didn’t work out too well for some of the kickers in the NFL. How can guys like Jeff Tuel have multiple shots as a third string quarterback in this league and Tim Tebow can’t even make it to a final roster? Let’s look at the stats during his time as an NFL starter. In 2011, Tebow compiled 2,389 total yards 660 of which were rushing with 19 total touchdowns to 6 interceptions in 11 starts. Not too shabby if I say so myself. I have seen worse in the last five years at the starting quarterback position.

I am not making the case for Tebow as a starter I am making a case for him to be on a ROSTER. Big difference. At this point the in the NFL we have seen several guys virtually throw their careers away– as I mentioned Johnny Manziel, Ray Rice, and Greg Hardy. Whether the NFL likes it or not this gives the NFL a bad image of carrying players that just care about themselves rather than “protecting the shield” and providing a positive influence within a fan base and a community. Tebow checks all those boxes. But does it really matter if Tebow gets another shot, I am sure Tim felt at this point in his career he would be a franchise QB, but rather than mope and become the subject of a sympathetic 30 for 30 Tim has become more of an icon off the field than he was on it. Tim Tebow giving back. But once he is done should the NFL bring him back? If this was an election I would emphatically vote yes every single time.

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