A few days ago I finished the first season of Gotham. You have probably seen more of it than I did (as I’ve only seen one season) but I’ve been reading spoilers for the past few weeks and therefore I already know a lot of things that are going to happen in the coming seasons…

If you live in America you’ll be able to see a new episode from season 3 every Monday.
Today may be Halloween, but it’s also Gotham Day – so I thought that’d be appropriate for a little review…

As you probably know, Gotham is the home of Batman. The show itself takes place when Batman doesn’t even exist and Bruce Wayne (who will be Batman later) is still a child.

He witnesses his parents being murdered by someone and after their death the show basically starts. A lot of different things happen with and to a lot of different people.

Main character of the show isn’t Bruce Wayne though – it’s actually James “Jim” Gordon, who is investigating the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. He is a police officer at the GCPD and looks into a lot of different cases, together with his partner Harvey Bullock. But obviously that’s not all that happens. There are a lot of DC characters you probably already know – Catwoman, The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy and maybe even the Joker … (Who even is Jerome??)

Point is – I think Gotham is different from other DC shows.
That has different reasons. One of them is definitely that the main character of the show isn’t a superhero. Jim Gordon is a good man, but he certainly isn’t an actual superhero like Superman or The Flash, with special abilities.

The show itself is so much darker than the other DC shows (Flash, Supergirl, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow); there’s definitely more blood and murder in it. And that isn’t even a bad thing. While in The Flash for example there are villains that only return every now and then, or don’t return at all, Gotham has some awesome villains that are part of the show and return every single episode.
(I think we can all agree that Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin is one of our faves. He returns every episode and you can really watch him changing throughout the episodes.)

I do like The Flash, but in my opinion Gotham is much better than the show about the Speedster. That’s because it’s far more exciting and Gotham’s characters have, in my opinion, a better storyline than the ones from The Flash.

I wouldn’t even compare Gotham to Supergirl (which definitely isn’t a bad show) – but I don’t really enjoy it. Supergirl is really boring to me and The Flash can be too sometimes, but Gotham really seems to know how to freak everyone out.

Apart from the fact that the stories are always really good and interesting, I think a huge part of Gotham’s success is that the characters are just REALLY GOOD. I really like how Ed Nygma’s character turns more and more into The Riddler for example, and that you’d (if you don’t know the comics and don’t know who Edward Nygma is OR if you didn’t read spoilers, like myself) never expect Ed to go insane.

The character development in this show is actually really amazing. The people of Gotham change all the time and it’s nice to see how many different individuals there are.

Of course we all know that THE most important part of basically any show are the villains.
And Gotham is doing pretty well with these villains. Everyone loves The Penguin, who is one of the main villains of the show. I don’t think that everyone loves the comic version of The Penguin as much as the Gotham version, so the TV writers are doing really well. And the people who cast the actors too, obviously. (I mean, everyone’s a little ‘bit in love with Robin Lord Taylor.)

I also know that at the moment there are some ship-wars going on on Twitter and Tumblr  (even Facebook) and I hope that everyone respects the opinions of other people, because I’ve seen some people online who don’t. (Just stay calm and don’t hate on anyone.)

So, my opinion on the show – it’s awesome.

Watch the latest episode of Gotham tonight at 7/8c!

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