Harold Landry Draft Profile

Harold Landry draft profile


  • Extremely long arms
  • Long strides
  • Loose hips, edge bender
  • Athletic
  • Plus pursuit speed
  • Can play standing up or hand in the dirt
  • Lateral movement

Analysis: Harold Landry is a fluid athlete for his size and possesses more than ideal length in his arms for the position. Flies out of the gates with no false steps. Long-strider who takes early leads on races to the edge. Uses loose hips and upper body turn to create an angular, leaning target that is hard to punch squarely. He has flexibility to drop way under a tackle’s hands and can corner with a tight turn and plus burst to the quarterback. On tape, he is willing to attack the throwing arm and not just the quarterback when he rushes the passer. Creates strip sacks and batted balls with his long, active arms. Uses athletic ability to ramp up a secondary rush and scoop up scrambling quarterbacks. Rangy with plus pursuit speed against the run. Has experience standing and dropping into space. Plays with good change of direction and quick lateral movement to track down bootlegs.


  • Upper body strength
  • Raw at the position
  • Needs to use hands more
  • Inconsistent effort level
  • Would rather chase than have play come directly at him

Analysis: Harold Landry is still raw at the position and could use some time with his position coach to get the most out of his potential. He is still learning to string moves together. Primary rush counter is a basic, inside move. Hasn’t learned to tie edge burst with hand work to help soften the edge. Long tackles can be a deterrent. Upper body strength is below average. Hasn’t shown consistent ability to convert his edge speed into power. Rides on blocks for too long. Lacking consistent grit at point of attack. Would rather chase and tackle than have running play come downhill at him. Needs to wrap up more consistently when tackling. Landry’s effort level this year didn’t seem to match his 2016 tape even before he suffered an ankle injury.

What the scouts say: “He’s just like (Vic) Beasley coming out with the way he comes off the snap. You remember how Beasley struggled early because he had to learn to be a pass rusher and not just a sprinter? I think Landry might be the same early on. When he puts it together, he’ll do what Beasley did.” — NFC team pro personnel director

Size: 6’3 250lbs

Draft Rank: No.3 EDGE

NFL Comparison: Dante Fowler Jr.

Draft Projection: Round 1

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