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The Cleveland Browns have been lacking so much over the last few decades, and in particular the last couple of seasons where they have gone 1-31. Something they may need more than anything is fire, passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Brad Paisley does not solve those issues.

The third episode of Hard Knocks this season led with a special celebrity guest appearance, who also got in a quick pep talk. That celebrity was country music star, Brad Paisley. Let the record state I am not a country music fan in the least bit, so If I act as if this was not a big deal, that’s part of the reason. I’m sure Brad Paisley is a nice guy, and definitely talented, but he does not inspire me in the least little bit.

So we start with that ho-hum appearance that left me thinking, those poor HBO Hard Knocks producers. Covering the Browns so far this season has just not been exciting. I appreciate ANY and ALL behind the scenes, uncensored looks I can get into any team’s training camp, or season, but this particular team just has a sense mediocre stagnation to me. Despite the fact that I really like Hue Jackson, and it doesn’t get more colorful than defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, or offensive coordinator Todd Haley. But the collective group of individuals is not entertaining.

Even the skirmish between Jarvis Landry and Terrance Mitchell in practice was ho-hum and weak. It’s not a knock on the HBO producers, they are working with what they are given, but even that was uninspiring.

And I’m sorry TYrod, you can’t do what you want with the English language. No where in your name does it suggest the pronunciation should be Ta-rod. His momma named him Ty, I’mma call him Ty. His own father disagrees with how it should be pronounced, saying it is in fact Ty-rod. He is almost 30-years-old, why is this just now coming to the surface? Anyway, this just goes to prove what I’m saying that the Browns camp is pretty boring if this is one of the main stories of the week.

The we saw the Dez Bryant tour stop by Cleveland in what seemed to be an odd moment set up by the producers. It also seemed as if Dez was running for office the way he was shaking hands and kissing the babies. But in all fairness, it was one of the more interesting things the producers have had to work with over the first three episodes. The latest Dez Bryant/Cleveland Browns contract negotiations are out there so I won’t spend time rehashing old news. We’ll see what happens with Dez.

Then we spend a good portion of the episode watching highlights of the Browns second preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. I feel that winning energy the Browns had after a preseason week 1 victory over the Giants, slipping already. The Browns couldn’t overcome penalties in this one and fell to the Bills, 19-17. Two of the issues I see being problems for the Browns this year surfaced in the second preseason game. The defense will not be that good, and the offensive line will have to buy whomever the quarterback is, time. The Browns did in-deed add shiny new weapons this year, but that hardly translates to wins, especially for a team that didn’t have a foundation of winning in the first place.

Also, yet another episode went by and we haven’t heard a peep from the running backs, on camera that is. What is the deal with that? These guys must be the quietest bunch in the history of position meetings. Your telling me Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, and rookie Nick Chubb have given the producers nothing to work with? They’re having to show clips of the 4th string quarterback at a butterfly exhibit?? This is more my frustration from a film maker/media producer standpoint than anything. These guys just seem boring!

I know this review seems to be all negative Nancy, but I’m being overly critical for the sake of the Browns fans, and anyone else jumping on the Browns bandwagon this year. I myself will root for the Browns. However, I know everyone has heard the saying, “crawl before you walk”. Well that is where the Browns are this year. They are not going to go from winning one game in the last two years to suddenly emerging as a playoff caliber team by adding a few offensive weapons. I have seen enough already in these three episodes of Hard Knocks to tell you guys that the fire is not burning hot enough.

But hey, Josh Gordon is back! And one thing you can say about Josh Gordon is, he’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, off-the-field, and on.


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