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Last night on How to Get Away with Murder, we finally learned who died at Connor and Oliver’s wedding. Here’s a recap of the fall, midseason finale “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die”. Spoilers ahead.

The episode kicked off with Laurel arguing with Bonnie and Frank about telling everyone who Gabriel is and his motives. They tried to convince her that it was better to keep quiet about Gabriel to keep everyone safe. Elsewhere, friends and family gathered at the K4 house to toast Connor and Oliver’s forthcoming marriage. Things were tense with Connor’s dad, Jefferson and his partner, Ted present and his parents attempt at telling jokes.

Image result for how to get away with murder season 5 episode 8While Asher and Pam seemed to get closer, their exes were on their minds. Throughout the episode, Jefferson tried to talk to his son and husband-to-be, but Oliver avoided him and Connor shut him down. Elsewhere, Bonnie was called over to Annalise’s to help with her and Nate’s plan to take down Birkhead. She was less than pleased to work with Nate and told him that his father’s case led Annalise to drink again.

The next morning, Michaela got Oliver to hack the prison warden’s phone to help Nate. Nate told her it was a stupid, risky thing to do and kicked her out. Later, he took the information to a friend at the DA’s office. Afterward, he got an invite from Annalise who had been persuaded by Connor to come to the wedding after she tried to back out. AK apparently doesn’t do weddings and revealed that she and Sam got married in at the courthouse without telling her mother.

Before she left for the wedding, Ron tried to warn Bonnie away from Annalise and refused to be in a love triangle with her. At the church, Michaela gave Connor a pep talk when he was nervous. In the hall, Asher revealed that he knew she and Gabriel made out, but before she could respond, Oliver’s mom rushed to get them all in their places. As Connor overcame his nerves and walked down the aisle with his mother, he caught sight of AK in the crowd. Bonnie turned up to the ceremony a little late and alone. In the midst of Connor’s vows, Annalise became overwhelmed and hid in the bathroom, where she drank from a flask.

How to Get Away with MurderWhile Frank snuck into Gabriel’s apartment and found his birth certificate, the young man found Annalise on her own in the chapel. When she stumbled into him, he helped her pick up her belongings, offered his help, and told her not to wait to get help as his mother did. Inside, Michaela interrupted Nate and Bonnie’s concern about Annalise drinking and now dancing. She questioned Nate about the call to the warden which made Bonnie curious. Nate told them not to discuss it before leaving to take a call.

Nate’s contact revealed the identity of who called the warden while Jefferson danced with Oliver and told him to protect Connor from himself. A call from Oliver’s dad interrupted their tense moment. Elsewhere, Bonnie put the pieces together in her mind, leading her to believe that Ron was the one to call the warden and get Nate’s dad killed. We also saw a flashback of their earlier discussion about Annalise and how Bonnie uninvited him to the wedding. While Bonnie was in the parking lot telling Ron to leave and accusing him of working with Birkhead to kill Nate Sr., Frank delivered news to Annalise.

Instead of leaving, Ron tried to go inside and talk to Bonnie but was stopped by Nate. The two ended up in the woods where Nate showed Ron a picture that captured him on the payphone where the call to the warden came from. Ron tried to explain that his cell phone wasn’t working and he was trying to call and check in on Nate Sr. while waiting for his carry out. Angry and wanting to make Ron feel the pain his father felt, Nate began to punch him. Inside, Asher told Bonnie he had seen Nate and Ron in the parking lot talking, causing her to run off with Christopher. She found a bloodied Ron on the ground and Nate leaning against a tree. Nate kept repeating that Ron killed his pops and that he was the one who called the warden. After he showed her a picture, Bonnie tearfully suffocated her estranged boyfriend.

In the parking lot, Connor found his mother and Asher together. Before he could confront them, he was called inside where Oliver sang John Legend’s “All of Me”. Annalise returned home to her apartment and collapsed in tears. When she heard a noise, she jumped up and yelled that she had a gun. Gabriel stepped out of the shadows and it’s revealed that he grabbed Annalise’s keys when she dropped her bag. In the final moments of last night’s How to Get Away with Murder, it’s revealed that Gabriel is Sam’s child from his first marriage. We see a glimpse of the birth certificate before Gabriel is replaced by Sam standing in Annalise’s apartment.

Thoughts on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

Last night’s episode really picked up when we got to the reception. After seeing the flashforwards, watching Nate and Oliver leave the tent were moments of anticipation that had me on the edge of my seat. One thing I really loved was Oliver and Connor’s vows. For a show with a lot of drama and dialogued surrounding death, the justice system, and secrets, the writers gave us such pure and heartwarming lines between the couple. I loved Oliver showing off his singing skills and Connor’s reaction.

As for one of the moments we were all waiting for, I didn’t really even factor Ron being the one to die. Like most fans, I feared for either Nate or Oliver being the one to die. Watching Nate snap felt like something that was a long time coming. We’ve never seen him do more than yell at someone and with all he’s been through it wasn’t surprising that he couldn’t take anymore. Question is, was Ron the one who made the call. His denial and confusion seemed pretty convincing. My bet? Bonnie did something. The other big moment, the reveal of Gabriel’s identity as Sam’s son was satisfying. All I can say is that he better leave Annalise alone!

I’m giving “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die” a 10 out of 10.


Were you surprised at who died? Do you think Ron was the one who called the warden?


How to Get Away with Murder returns in 2019.


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