How To Get Away With MurderPreviously on How to Get Away With Murder, Jorge got custody of Laurel’s son after Isaac’s examination is struck from the record as the FBI reopens the case on his daughter’s suicide. Mentions of drug use ahead.

In episode 12, Isaac panicked and got a hold of heroin and relapsed. The next day, Frank warns Bonnie not to tell Laurel about her mother because he doesn’t want her to know. Elsewhere, the Keating Four plus Oliver gather to work on the class action lawsuit. While Laurel wants more information from Annalise on visiting her son, Annalise is more concerned with Isaac who didn’t return her phone call. She waits outside of his house until he arrives.

The man confesses to relapsing and Annalise tells him that she will help him and will even go to AA meetings with him. While he isn’t happy to learn that Bonnie is Annalise’s inside person with the DA, he accepts her offer of help. The pair goes to a meeting and gets breakfast afterward. They share their stories of how they were introduced to what later became their addictions. We also learn how Isaac and Jacqueline met.

Image result for how to get away with murder season 4 ask him about stellaEveryone is busy with Laurel demanding that Frank avoids pissing off her father, Bonnie trying to flirt her way onto Isaac’s case, and Annalise and Nate visiting  Nate Senior to get more of his story.

Annalise isn’t pleased with Connor or Michaela’s statements and decides to improvise in court.  Before she can even complete her first sentence, the other attorney announces that the state Supreme Court will be taking over the case.

Suspecting the DA is the cause of the Supreme Court’s involvement, Annalise and the others prepare the brief that the seven judges will read. There will be no testimonies or a jury. When Connor and Michaela clash over how to handle the said brief, Laurel interrupts when she learns she’ll be able to see her baby the next day.

Frank wants to go with her and takes the blame for her early delivery. Later, Bonnie visits Annalise and reveals that the drugs found in Stella’s system were called K-pex. This is the same drug that Isaac mentioned to Annalise over breakfast. She confronts him for lying about being sober for 23 years and we finally hear his story. Stella OD’d on his stash and he didn’t want Jacqueline to blame him.

His solution: flush the remaining drugs and send a text to make it seem like Stella was alive longer and had committed suicide.

How to Get Away With MurderAt St. Edith’s, Laurel names her son Christopher in honor of Wes’ real name, Christoph. Sandrine mentions that she called Jorge every day that week to get Laurel a chance to see the baby. Her comment leaves Frank unsure because he thought Sandrine and Jorge were working together.

The next day, Bonnie’s flirting attempt backfires. The ADA realizes she’s working for Annalise and takes it to Denver and suggests pressing charges against Isaac. Bonnie has a mini freak out before marching into Denver’s office. She tells him that she will leak all of their conversations to the press if anything happens to her. Denver drops the case against Isaac but Annalise loses the class action lawsuit.

When Annalise goes to tell Isaac the news, he is happy and the pair almost kisses until she realizes he is high. They get into a heated argument and Isaac blames her for his relapse. She tells him that he was messed up before they met. When he starts to get a little physical, she moves to leave but not before calling Jacqueline and leaving a message about Isaac relapsing. She also advises the woman to ask him about Stella.

As episode 12 ends, a frightened and gun-totting Bonnie asks Frank to move back in. After that call, Frank confronts Sandrine about meeting Wes. While Laurel, Asher, Connor, and Oliver celebrate Connor reenrolling and an upcoming Coliver wedding, Michaela goes to Annalise and tells her that she knows someone that can get their case to the Supreme Court; Olivia Pope. Hello, #TGIT crossover!

Thoughts on last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder

Well, that was a ride! Annalise and Isaac went from therapist and client to this weird friendship, to giving off barely-there romantic vibes. They’re both right, they’re bad for each other. After having to live through Sam talking down to her and shoving her around later in their marriage, I would think Annalise would have left the second she realized Isaac was high. If not then, maybe the moment he raised his voice.

I’m worried for Bonnie, but also disappointed with how she tried to influence the other ADA. She flirted with a guy we’ve never seen her talk to and was really on the nose about being involved in the case. The way they set it up made her failure predictable, which How to Get Away With Murder rarely is. On another note, I’m several seasons behind on Scandal but excited for next month’s crossover.

I’m giving “Ask Him About Stella” a 9/10.

HTGAWM returns March 1st for its Scandal crossover.


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