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Last night’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder was a roller coaster of tension and unraveling as more facts about Nate Sr.’s case were discovered and Annalise and Emmett began his misconduct case. Here’s a recap and my take on “Be the Martyr”.

The episode kicked off with Nate being questioned by the FBI before jumping back 24 hours. Bonnie let Annalise and Nate listen to Ron’s conversation with Warden Sykes but Nate refused to believe Ron was innocent. He went on a hunt for answers while Annalise wanted to be sure Bonnie was mentally and emotionally okay. Nate’s tracked down one of the juror’s who told him that they were given evidence that showed Nate Sr.’s DNA on the gun. Since that evidence wasn’t known to the rest of the court, Nate believed it was fake and told Annalise.

How to Get Away with Murder Nate LaheyAt C&G, Emmet and Annalise weren’t pleased when Emmett’s ex, Nora and her lawyer wanted them to stick to a script during their trial. Later, Annalise warned him not to put everyone’s needs first and he wondered if she ever took her own advice. She left their meeting to meet Nate. He showed her a copy of the DNA test in question, which he got from his friend. Annalise tried to explain that lawyers could present evidence to a jury in private, but Nate didn’t want to listen. He told her to be on his side or to leave, causing her to roll out.

Elsewhere Bonnie was feeling guilty, thinking Ron was innocent and facing a pissed off Laurel who worried about Christopher being traumatized from whatever he witnessed. That night, she tearfully sat revving her car in her garage. Before she could lose consciousness from the fumes, Frank pulled her out.  Later when Nate called, Frank told him to stop digging for Bonnie’s sake.

While Annalise wasn’t sure Emmett could trust Nora, his ex sided with him in the end and turned things back around on the rep from C&G. Despite their mini victory, Emmett didn’t reunite with Nora, hinting that you had to close some doors to go after new opportunities. Is he feeling Annalise?

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With that case settled, Tegan realized something was up after asking Annalise about Lahey’s wrongful death suit. Annalise told her to hold off and that Nate wasn’t done fighting for a criminal case, while Michaela, Connor, and Oliver told her that Nate didn’t want her to file because he didn’t feel like fighting and didn’t trust the system. She called the students out on it and was pissed at Michaela for trying to lie to her again as Gabriel looked on. In her office, Tegan read an article about Ron’s disappearance before calling the FBI agent who handled her immunity for Antares. She left a message telling the woman to call her back.

Later, the FBI told Nate that he was right about the DNA evidence being fake and that someone was in custody that could help them paint a clearer picture of Ron’s possible involvement. That night, Michaela told Laurel that Christopher would be okay because she was in the room when her birth mother was killed. Elsewhere Bonnie and Frank cuddled for comfort while Gabriel was arrested and called Annalise to act as his lawyer.

My Take on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

This show keeps getting even more twisty and I love it! Just as the writers try to get you to think Nate was wrong and just frustrating, evidence actually supported his claim. Now, it’s still unclear if Ron was really involved but we do know he was up to something and Gabriel is in the know. Whatever they found on him must be interesting if they arrested him. I’m looking forward to seeing how How To Get Away with Murder writers explain Gabriel’s involvement and where they go with whatever is developing with Emmett and Annalise and Michaela and Tegan.

I’m giving “Be the Martyr” a 10 out of 10.



How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.




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