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On the latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder, people realize Ron was missing, leading to an investigation, while the K4 react to Gabriel’s background and all the mess they’re involved in. Here’s a recap and the MFST take on season 5, episode 10, “Don’t Go Dark On Me”.

While Connor and Asher tried to keep tabs Gabriel and ignore what happened at the wedding, Michaela decided to undertake proceedings for a wrongful death lawsuit for Nate Sr. despite Nate Jr.’s desire for her to mind her business. She also warns Oliver not to go dark on her when he isn’t very optimistic about their chances and wishes for Gabriel to conveniently vanish. Across town, Frank had a hard time agreeing to let Nate deal with the consequences of Ron’s death on his own. Nate also refused to share where he hid Ron’s body. When Frank wanted to get Annalise in on the situation, he was surprised to discover that Eve was in town.

Later, Nate he revealed that he found an engagement ring in Ron’s pocket. A little shaken, Bonnie told him that Asher saw Nate talking to Ron before he killed him. As they called Asher to get him to come over, Gabriel arrived at the K4 house asking them about his father’s death. Michaela was less than pleased to see him believing his romantic interest was all manipulation. When he asked if Wes really committed the murder alone, Laurel broke down in tears not wanting to recount realizing that “Wes was hiding all the darkest parts of himself”. If it was an act, it was a good one because Gabriel left shortly after, following a threatening approach from Connor.

Image result for htgawm don't go dark on meThat evening Frank asked Oliver and the K4 to let him and Annalise handle Gabriel. Back at Annalise’s, she and Eve try to skirt around their past and the fact that Eve’s current bae is pregnant. Later, Nate and Bonnie showed Asher the picture of Ron supposedly calling in the hit on Nate Sr. and told him that he didn’t see Nate with Ron. Asher ties it all together as they beg him to help Nate the way the former officer helped him with all his drama.

On Monday, he showed up for work and acted surprised when he found out he was missing. It didn’t long for the FBI to show up (since the previous D.A. was killed not too long ago) and question Bonnie while sweeping Ron’s office for evidence. Elsewhere, Emmett showed up at Annalise’s house after she didn’t answer his calls. He was surprised to meet Eve before telling Annalise that he was being summoned for his conduct case. Back at C&G, he asked Tegan about Eve, curious about what she and Annalise were up to.

Despite being told to lay low, Nate went out and beat up Officer Wagner, the man who shot his father. His actions were really to cover up his already bruised knuckles. When the FBI questioned him, he pointed out that it couldn’t be a coincidence that Miller went missing after looking into his father’s death. Later, Asher learned from Ron’s secretary, Peggy that Ron’s phone had a crappy battery. He went to Bonnie and pitched the idea that Ron was possibly on the pay phone that day because his cellphone died, not because he was setting up Nate Sr. Bonnie pushed his comment aside, not wanting to feel worse.

Instead of going to Annalise with her civil suit write-up, Michaela took it Tegan and told her it would be a good way to get the board on her side. Tegan told her she would think about it before the conversation turned to Eve and bisexuality. Michaela revealed that her ex-fiance was bisexual, which Tegan found interesting. At the D.A.’s office, Bonnie had a mini-breakdown after looking at post-it notes that Ron left her. Composing herself, she put on a show, quietly telling her co-worker, Seth, that she and Ron were together before asking to get access to the phone call between Ron and Warden Sykes since Seth had a wire-tap on Sykes for another case.

Back at Annalise’s house, Frank revealed that Vivian had been clean for years but her boyfriend overdosed on oxycontin. Eve persuaded Annalise to use the information to scare Gabriel into keeping quiet. While she didn’t think it was a good idea, Annalise flipped it a little and told Gabriel that she wasn’t threatening him, but wanting to protect his mother. The K4 watched because Oliver had hacked into Frank’s cameras.

Image result for htgawm don't go dark on meAt C&G, Tegan proposed Michaela’s wrongful death case and told Emmett what she learned about Eve and Annalise’s relationship. They both playfully accused each other of being interested in Annalise outside of work. While Eve packed up and rolled out, Gabriel had a voicemail from the FBI telling him to give them a call concerning a voicemail he left Ron, revealing that Ron is the one Gabriel’s been talking to.

When news of Miller’s disappearance broke, Asher lied, telling the others he had no idea while Nate went to tell Annalise what happened. Michaela didn’t buy Asher’s story and he revealed the truth. Nate told Annalise that he was framing it as Governor Birkhead taking out Miller after they schemed to take out his father. In her office, Bonnie listened to the conversation between Ron and Warden Sykes, revealing that he seemingly didn’t set Nate Sr. up.

My Take on How to Get Away with Murder 5×10

Last week’s episode told me what I essentially already knew besides that Gabriel and Miller are connected and Eve was involved in keeping Gabriel a secret from Annalise. I had a feeling that Ron was innocent after they revealed the engagement ring. As for the rest of the plot, of course, Asher can’t keep a secret. That moment wasn’t surprising. Now I’m curious to see if Nate’s plan will work or will the team finally lose a player to actual prison time and not fake confessions and death? I think Tegan, Emmett, and Annalise are an interesting trio and I hope they have more scenes together soon..

I’m giving “Don’t Go Dark On Me” a 9 out of 10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.


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