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Last Thursday, Annalise and company returned with all the drama and murder on the winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder. A quick recap of the midseason finale: Connor and Oliver got married, Asher and Connor’s mom hooked up, Nate beat Ron until he was near death and Bonnie tearfully finished the job, both believing he was a part of Nate Sr.’s death, and Gabriel broke into Annalise apartment, revealing that he was Sam’s son. Now onto “He Betrayed Us Both” which gave us the present and the past.

 how to get away with murder season 5 episode 9Bonnie struggled to scrub the blood from her body after the wedding before Frank busted in, dropping the “Gabriel is Sam’s son” thing. He wanted Bonnie to go over and talk to Annalise but she had too much to deal with and revealed Ron’s death. Elsewhere, Connor and Oliver’s wedding night was interrupted by a ton of phone calls until they finally answered. Laurel called everyone home to drop the “Gabriel bomb”. While everyone was mad that she didn’t tell them, Michaela was more concerned that Gabriel hadn’t been answering his phone and she saw blood on Bonnie’s leg.

In Annalise’s apartment, she calmed down a tad and poured herself and Gabriel a drink. She told him that if Sam was a good person they wouldn’t have met as they had. In a flashback to 20o5, she returned home after losing her baby and asked Sam if they could adopt Christoph aka Wes. That night, Sam looked up Vivian Maddox’s contact information and left a message asking to meet his son.

While the K4 and Oliver suspected Bonnie and Frank did something to Gabriel, the young man himself demanded to know how his father died. In another flashback, we saw Annalise give Bonnie a package for Child Services in Ohio, while Frank tearfully asked Sam to let him tell Annalise what really happened because of his guilt. He refused, telling Frank to take it to his grave so he could suffer like he and Annalise were. Later, Sam discovered Annalise’s plans and told her that the adoption wouldn’t happen if she wanted to stay married to him. She told him that she would do it with or without him.

In the present, Annalise played Wes’ voicemail where he confessed to killing Sam. She told Gabriel that Sam betrayed them both, but Gabriel was hesitant to believe her narrative. In the past, Sam left and said he was staying with his sister when he really went to see Vivian and Gabriel. Vivian’s mother refused to let him in and slammed the door in his face only for him to run into a young Gabriel in the hallway. In Middleton, Annalise got a call from someone at Child Services.

How to Get Away with MurderDealing with their feelings, Bonnie and Frank found comfort in sex with each other. Later, Bonnie found Annalise almost OD’d on her medication. After they returned from the hospital, Annalise revealed that the adoption wasn’t happening. That night, Frank confronted Sam with an email he sent to Vivian expressing his feelings and desire to fix things. Accepting that he needed to be better, he went upstairs to comfort Annalise. He later deleted the email.

In the present, Oliver was worried about how he’s changed. Downstairs, Michaela and Asher platonically shared the couch because Michaela didn’t want to be alone. Later, Laurel found blood on the bottom of Christopher’s blanket and Nate went to Bonnie’s house to take the blame for Ron’s death. Elsewhere, Gabriel remembered meeting Sam briefly as a kid before he called someone and left a message saying “I screwed up. They found out who I am.”

Back at Annalise’s apartment, Eve arrived and showed her the email Sam sent to Vivian in 2005. We also learned that she was the one who gave the email to Frank years ago and who he’d been talking to about Gabriel since last season.

Final take on the midseason premiere of How to Get Away with Murder

Man, Viola Davis can act. Tonight’s episode just solidified that even more. I’m glad HTGAWM writers give their actors a chance to show true range. Not one character is static. The scene where Annalise mourned after almost overdosing was beautiful and poignant. I can’t help but find humor in the K4 thinking that Bonnie and Frank killed Gabriel while the true murder has yet to be uncovered. I’m interested to see what role Eve plays in her return and when Ron’s death is discovered.

I’m giving “He Betrayed Us Both” a 10 out of 10.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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