This week, Laurel and her father, face off in court to see who will get custody of her son. Last night’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder started off with Annalise trying to balance the discovery that Nate’s father is in jail and Laurel’s mother, Sandrine, is coming to town to help her daughter. Annalise is not a fan of the idea.

How to Get Away With MurderWhile the others try to help Laurel pick out an outfit for court, Annalise promises Nate that she’ll dedicate time to looking over his father’s case.  Outside of the courtroom, Jorge says he’s willing to let the baby go home with Laurel if she gives him what he wants.

She lets him know that she doesn’t have the drive. He responses by telling her that he’s not responsible for Wes’ death. Annalise has to pull Laurel away to get her to go inside.

On the stand, Laurel starts off with an emotional testimony when her father’s lawyer, Mr. Dean (Jack Coleman), tries to discredit her previous drug tests. Dean brings up her drug use and eating disorder as a teenager, Wes’ mental state and confession prior to his death, questions her about how many people she was sleeping with when she got pregnant and implies that she was considering getting an abortion because she didn’t want the baby to end up like Wes. Neither the judge or Annalise like the line of questions and call him off more than once.

That night, Annalise and Nate go see his father who he hasn’t seen since he was 15. Nate Sr. goes on a tirade about how Nate isn’t his son because he’s a pig and refuses to sign onto the lawsuit. The guards have to drag the yelling man out of the room. Elsewhere, Asher can’t keep his mind off of everything when Michaela wants some sexy time and Connor advises Oliver to watch his steps with helping Simon.

On top of everything, everyone is nervous about Denver possibly spying on them after Bonnie reveals that someone is shadowing her computer at work. The next day, Annalise and Sandrine share sharp words outside of the courthouse while Michaela presses Frank about any new information he has from Bonnie. On the stand, Annalise questions Sandrine about her role in Laurel’s life. The questions are harsh but it does get the woman to reveal that she knows her daughter will be a good mother because she cared for her with her mental health struggles even as a child.

While Nate wants to give up on his father, Annalise wants to make him her face case and pleads with Nate to get the man to sign onto the lawsuit. Jorge’s lawyer has no questions for Sandrine, but drills Dr. Roa, announcing that the case of his daughter’s suicide is being reopened and that he is under investigation. Having to strike Roa’s evaluation, the judge grants Jorge extended custody of the baby.

How to Get Away With MurderNate is able to get his father to sign on and he and Annalise share a kiss before she pulls away telling him that they shouldn’t. He agrees and leaves. After he is gone, she goes to see Isaac who doesn’t open the door.

Inside, he’s slumped in a chair, possibly having relapsed. Elsewhere, Michaela arrives home and finds the guys dancing and drinking as they celebrate finding a face case. She kills the mood when she reveals that Laurel lost her hearing.

In the final moments of this week’s How to Get Away With Murder, Frank and Bonnie meet up. She reveals that Wes only called Dominick once, but he did enter an address into this phone the night before his death. Using street cameras nearby, she produces a photo of Wes meeting with Sandrine.

Final thoughts on last night’s How to Get Away With Murder

These last few episodes have been emotionally heavy and episode eleven didn’t pull any punches. From the testimonies to the scene with Nate’s father, Karla Souza, Lolita Davidovich, and Glynn Turman brought their A-game. As usual, I was on the edge of my seat at times as the web of lies and secrets continues to unfold with the addition of Laurel’s mom to the story and her possible role in Wes’ death. The discussion on mental health is very much needed, but I’m not 100% behind how Annalise questioned Sandrine or plans to use it for her class action case. The topic is important and needs to represented on TV and in the media, but it must be handled carefully.

I’m giving last night’s episode 10/10.

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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