How To Get Away With Murder returned last night after its winter break and its usual mid-season finale cliffhanger. Things pick up almost at the same point they ended in episode eight. Let’s recap!

Dominick lingers in the stairwell near Laurel’s apartment and overhears Connor leaving Michaela a message about Laurel having her baby. The man leaves to make a call. Elsewhere, Annaelise arrives at St. Edith’s with Laurel. When they’re blocked from seeing her or the baby, Frank says that he’s the baby’s father. Connor goes to get Nate’s help with Asher at Annalise’s request and is surprised to find Bonnie there.

How To Get Away With MurderLaurel and the baby’s conditions are stable when Human Services agents arrive and start questioning Annalise and Frank about Laurel’s behavior prior to giving birth.

It turns out that Frank isn’t the baby’s father, her file has exaggerated lies about drug use and her mental history, and her father has been given emergency custody of the baby. To make matters worse, Laurel’s been placed on a psych hold.

At C&G, the shooting is painted as a suicide and Michaela and Oliver tell the truth about Asher picking up the gun so their stories align with his. Nate goes to see Asher, who told the partial truth because he’s learned from working with Annalise that people always get caught because of DNA. On her way to see Laurel, Michaela gets stopped by Tegan, who knows she’s lying about not knowing about Simon breaking into the files.

At St. Edith’s, Isaac arrives and is hesitant to reevaluate Laurel until Annalise threatens to report he and his wife to the board. When drugs are found in Laurel and the baby’s system, Jorge is given permission to have the baby transferred. Annalise has to be restrained by security as she begs him not to take the baby and warns that he’ll hurt the child.

Pissed that she left Oliver alone, Connor tells Michaela that the baby is probably dead and it’s her fault for going along with Laurel’s plan. While Bonnie questions Oliver at C&G about the whereabouts of the drive, Isaac comforts Michaela.

How To Get Away With MurderAwake and calmer, Laurel reveals that Domonick called her the night before and warned her not to go through with whatever she had planned and that Jorge knew she was pregnant. Because she ignored the warning, she’s shouldering the blame. Back at C&G, Tegan tells Domonick that the I.T. guy present at the crime scene was Oliver.

Bonnie gets Asher out of jail, for the time being, and he delivers a shocker. Simon is still alive! Oliver is the only one relieved. Motivated by a photo of her baby, Laurel begins to devise a plan to get him back.

Across town, Frank knocks out Dominick outside of C&G. When he doesn’t have any information about the drive and starts running his mouth, Frank snaps his neck, ruining Laurel’s plan to ask Dominick for help. In the lobby, Oliver demands that the others leave Simon alone before Annalise approaches the group. Her only words, “You just never learn.” Frank soon approaches with a new finding; a voicemail from Dominick’s phone. It’s from Wes.

Thoughts on Last Night’s How To Get Away With Murder

This episode had me sucked in. As the flashback clips from the first half of the season finally connected, I was satisfied with how it all came together. While everyone is throwing around the blame, there’s still the threat of Simon who’s still alive loaming. His recovery status isn’t mentioned, but it’s Shondaland, something crazy has to happen.

On another note, I’m interested to see Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank work together. Obviously, there’s no trust between them, especially Annalise and Bonnie. We’ll have to see if helping Laurel is big enough of a cause to put their issues on the back burner.

Lastly, the reveal of Wes’ voicemail is confusing because it’s unclear if it’s old and Dominick saved it or if the pair faked his death and Wes is somewhere hiding. I’m giving this episode of HTGAWM a 10/10 because the plot for the second half of the season rolled out nicely and as usual the acting was electric.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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