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Friday on How to Get Away with Murder, we moved forward a month after the death of Nate Lahey Sr. Here’s a recap of the last episode before the midseason finale, “I Got Played”.

After Nate Sr.’s death is declared a justifiable homicide because he stabbed a guard with a pencil and wasn’t on his meds, it turned out that the security cameras in the area of the transport were broken and guards tried to take the letter that Nate Sr. had written which caused him to become agitated. As Nate prepared to return to work, Annalise continued to cancel class much to her students’ annoyance.

Later, Frank tried to stop Laurel from obsessing over Gabriel’s mystery and Connor and Oliver went to talk to a minister at the church they wanted to have their wedding at. Despite seeming unhappy with the setting, Connor expressed his love for Oliver and she agreed to perform their ceremony. In the garage of C&G, Annalise met up with Tegan to discuss her suspicions about Governor Birkhead and how she felt like she had been played. Tegan told her that she sounded like a conspiracy theorist and that she just needed rest, especially after Annalise asked her to get dirt on Emmett so she could get her job back.

Instead of returning to work as usual Nate demanded that Ron open an inquiry into his father’s death. Bonnie was against it which Ron blamed on her anger at Nate. With the K4 and Oliver, Laurel wasn’t pleased when Gabriel turned up at the house, having been invited by Michaela or when Gabriel tried to get an invite to the wedding. While Tegan and Emmett began to butt heads, the class began to think of a way that they could win the case against the police for Nate Sr.

Later, Annalise was called into Birkhead’s office. Birkhead told her that they weren’t moving forward with their project because of the negativity surrounding the Lahey case. Annalise flipped the switch, calling Birkhead basic. She went on to tell the governor of her suspicions about her involvement in Lahey’s death. When Birkhead brought up her discovery of adoption papers, Annalise vowed to bring her down before being escorted out by guards.

That evening, Bonnie stopped by Annalise’s place and discovered that she had begun drinking again. She also learned that Birkhead knew about the adoption we still don’t know about. The next day, Bonnie managed to convince Ron to let Annalise get on the stand in the Lahey case. Annalise went against the judge’s orders and gave a passionate speech directly to the jurors. Despite her testimony, jurors sided with the officers. With emotions running high, the K4 and Oliver went out one last time before the wedding. Connor ended up getting into an altercation with a homophobic man leading to the bruises we see in the flashforward.

Elsewhere, Annalise used the information Tegan got her on Emmett to get her job back at C&G. She promised to help him fight the firm on his treatment. Later, she made another promise with Nate to bring down the governor together. Across town, drinking led to Michaela having to snuggle a drunk Asher to sleep.

On her way out, she stopped by Gabriel’s and the last we saw of them, they began to make out as Laurel and Frank looked on via webcam and Asher listened through the walls. In Friday’s flashforward, we discovered that someone else was out in the woods and is the possible murderer. Bonnie told whoever it was to take “his” car and that she would take care of everything.

Final thoughts on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

Nate’s been through so much in this series and the reunion with and loss of his father is another heavy blow. I’m interested to see how he uses that anger against Birkhead if he survives the midseason finale. Billy Brown has done a great job of portraying both a strong man, but also combating toxic masculinity by showing his emotions. As for other emotions and relationships, I’m not a fan of Michaela and Gabriel knowing he’s younger and probably up to no good.

The scene where Annalise and Birkhead faced off was everything. It was hard not cheer Annalise on as she let Birkhead know that she wasn’t going to back down. The outcome of their battle is sure to be entertaining if the writers continue to stay consistent with the tension they’ve created between the pair and the actresses continue to deliver. Hopefully, this week’s midseason finale will balance the fight with Birkhead but still deliver a satisfying and twisty story that’s now synonymous with the How to Get Away with Murder writing team.

I’m giving “I Got Played” a 9 out of 10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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