how to get away with murderThis week on How to Get Away With Murder, we learned about Bonnie and Annalise’s origins and got a few weeks closer to the crazy flash forwards where Laurel’s baby is missing, Michaela is devastated, and Annalise’s hotel is a bloody crime scene.

“I Love Her” starts with Bonnie running to see Doctor Roa on a rainy night. She reveals that she didn’t come to him to get better, but to hurt “her”. She wants him to justify her anger towards “May” who is really Annalise. In a series of flashbacks, we see the 2002 trial of a councilman accused of sexual assault and rape. The firm Annalise works for is on his case and Bonnie is the key witness.

We learn that Bonnie was raped by several men including the councilman and her father who was a janitor at City Hall. She got pregnant as a teenager, but passed out during the delivery and was told the baby died.  Annalise is told to go for blood on the case, but she struggles because of her own past of sexual abuse. After more urging, she gets tough on Bonnie during cross-examination.

Annalise, who was also undergoing IVF treatments at the time, won the case but quit the firm afterward. She tells Sam that she wants to help Bonnie. Later, Annalise approaches Bonnie and encourages her to come to Middleton where Annalise has just started to teach. In the present, Doctor Roa questions if it was a maternal relationship or one of love and she denies it. When Bonnie finally admits that she loves “May”, she breaks down in tears.

With the Keating Four, Michaela and Oliver head out to work while Connor lies on the couch browsing his phone. Elsewhere, Frank and Laurel hook up before Bonnie texts her, calling her into work. In a montage, we see Annalise meeting with Virginia Cross’ former clients and explaining her lawsuit, while Bonnie looks over the client files. Annalise makes a lot of progress and only need sixteen more people.

How to Get Away With MurderBonnie sends Nate to the prison to see if Annalise has met with several inmates who’ve changed their legal representation status to pending. He sees Annalise and tells her to go about her lawsuit the right way and stop sneaking around. He also says he has someone in mind for her lawsuit but won’t tell her who. When he sees Bonnie later he tells her that Annalise hasn’t been there.

Bonnie goes to the prison herself and the guard says Annalise hasn’t been there in over a month. Instead of leaving, she asks to see the security footage. In the prison, Annalise met with her former cellmate, Claudia, who tries to leave at the sight of her but stays when she learns Jasmine is dead.

At Caplan & Gold, Tegan presents Michaela with a pair of Louboutin heels. Michaela pulls a reluctant Oliver aside to discuss Tegan’s schedule and getting into her files. Oliver says he wants to keep his new job but goes along with the plan, canceling dinner plans with Connor. When Tegan heads out for the night, Michaela and Oliver access her computer. They’re able to pull up a cease and desist order with Stockton’s name, but a secondary identification pops up. Michaela takes a picture of the screen before Oliver quickly logs out.

Frank shows up at Wes’ old apartment to see Laurel after she texts him like a frat boy asking for sex. He tells her that he can’t have sex with her there before asking if the baby could be his. Laurel demands that he leave, which he does.

Later, Claudia calls Annalise and agrees to be a part of her lawsuit along with 15 women from the prison, helping Annalise hit 40 clients. Her celebration dance doesn’t last long when several inmates call and tell her that they got a better deal from the ADA aka Bonnie. She goes and confronts Bonnie, who tells her that she only helps others out of guilt and then throws them aside like trash. Annalise says that she never saw her as trash and that Bonnie doesn’t need her anymore. This drives Bonnie to run to Doctor Roa’s office in the rain, back to where the episode began. Later, Connor comes to see Annalise instead of hooking up with someone from Humpr and explains how traumatized he is by everything. She comforts him and asks him to help her with her lawsuit.

Bonnie tells Roa that it hurts to say she loves “May” because she misses her and their “family”. Elsewhere, Frank takes his practice LSAT after warning Asher that Michaela could be hiding something. Michaela tells Asher she’s at work while investigating with Oliver and Laurel. Unbeknownst to her, Asher is sitting in front of Laurel’s apartment watching her. Back with Roa, Bonnie mentions a class action lawsuit and Doctor Roa puts the pieces together. He tells Bonnie to stop talking. He declares that May is Annalise and that Bonnie must be “the one she fired”.

Cue the How to Get Away With Murder flash forward. Two weeks in the future, Bonnie walks through the Caplan & Gold offices. She asks about the suspect’s whereabouts and is told that they’re in jail. The scene jumps to Asher crying in a jail cell.

Final Thoughts on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

From learning about Annalise and Bonnie’s past to seeing Annalise succeed and fail so quickly was so much to take in. From what we’ve seen we know that Bonnie isn’t the most stable person and this episode definitely showcased that. Maybe instead of putting her through law school, Annalise should have paid for some therapy. Leaving Asher out of the loop caused issues in the beginning of the series, so it’s no surprise that doing so a second time will have dire consequences. I’m looking forward to seeing who Asher thinks Michaela is cheating on him with.

I’m hoping that Frank isn’t the baby’s father, but it’s definitely possible and will give his character more to do besides trying to get back in Annalise’s good graces. Laurel knows she cheated on Wes, so her getting upset about Frank asking looks like guilt to me. That scene between Annalise and Connor was heavy because Connor seems to be taking everything the hardest out of the group and needs guidance. It’s starting to look like everyone on this show needs some therapy.

I’m giving “I Love Her” an 8/10.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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