how to get away with murderLast week on How to Get Away with Murder, Annaelise cut ties with the Keating Four and Bonnie after the law board decided not to disbar her. We also saw a flash forward that laid out this season’s mystery; Laurel’s baby will go missing and Annalise’s therapist gets more involved.

This week’s episode was titled “I’m Not Her”. The format was a back and forth between a session with Annalise and her therapist, Issac Roa and all the events of the previous weeks. The episode began with Issac ending a suspicious phone call to start the session with Annalise. She explains that her first client is her roommate from prison back in season three, Jasmine (L.Scott Caldwell). She offered her services to the woman for free.

Elsewhere, the Keating Four went to an internship fair and run into their classmate Simon who’s still a jerk. As usual, he ran his mouth saying that he was surprised that they even showed up with the lowest GPAs out of their class. During the interviews, the quartet faced questions about their grades, work effort, and Annalise. Laurel and Michaela seem to be able to answer most of the questions well, the latter with well articulated and strong answers. Asher tripped over his responses throughout his interviews. Connor’s interview seemed to be the hardest because his interviewers were rude and seemed like dude-bros, grilling him and even writing notes and laughing during the process. They flat out told him that he wasn’t going to get the job. Of course, all of their interviewers asked them what it was like to work with Annalise.

In her first hearing as Jasmine’s lawyer, Annalise isn’t given any leeway despite just picking up the case. Leaving the courtroom, she ran into Bonnie and learned that her former employee/friend now worked for the DA. Later in the DA’s office, Nate, now a lead investigator, didn’t want to help Bonnie on a case because he thought her presence there had something to do with Annalise.

When new evidence about Jasmine came to Annalise’s attention she realizes her client is getting off easier than she could be. Not only was she armed when she was arrested, but she tried to solicit the arresting officer which she wasn’t charged for. The pair have a tense conversation where Jasmine explained that she was sold by her father for drugs and gang-raped at 13. Unable to get out prostitution, she turned to drugs to cope. She told Annalise that there was no way to save her unless she goes back to save her as a teen. This request gave Annalise inspiration.

Later in the day, Annalise ran into Nate while trying to get Jasmine’s entire record. He pressed her about Bonnie working for the DA, but she explained that she fired Bonnie and had no idea that she worked for the DA until that morning. After reading through Jasmine’s record, Annalise discovered that the dates didn’t match up with Jasmine’s story. Part of her file was sealed because she was a minor. Annalise went to the DA’s office to try and get the unsealed records but was unsuccessful. Annalise turned to Bonnie for help, but she slammed her office door in her face.

The quartet plus Oliver recapped their interviews that evening. Connor tells them that he isn’t sure he wants to be a lawyer anymore. During his interview, he wasn’t able to explain why he wanted to be a lawyer. Oliver called him out and declared they were given a second chance and needed to do some good with it. He also shared that he was starting his own IT company, Control Oli Delete. When the callback interview notifications came, Michaela and Asher celebrated their multiple callbacks, while Connor and Laurel revealed they received none.

That night, Bonnie recounted her run-in with Annalise to Frank over the phone. He was supposed to come over and cook dinner but said he got tied up studying for the LSAT. He’s really watching Laurel’s apartment. He also questioned why she didn’t help their former boss. Bonnie, already tipsy, responded that she “didn’t want to be a little weenie man.” Yes, an adult said that. Later, Annalise and Frank have their own run in when he shows up at her hotel room with Jasmine’s open record. She refused to let him in but took the file when he shoved it through the door. He told her that he would be there for her whether she wanted him there or not.

At the callbacks, Connor tried to sweet talk his way into an interview with Legal Aid only to overhear that Laurel got a callback and lied about it. He found her at Wes’ old apartment and asked why she didn’t go. Teary-eyed, he expressed regret over the circumstances around Wes’s death and asked Laurel what he could do to fix it. Laurel told him to stop blaming himself and that there was nothing he could do now. Michaela and Asher attended Caplan & Gold’s second round interviews but aren’t pleased to see Simon there as well. While Michaela impressed the staff, Asher and Simon have tense interaction when Simon goaded Asher about his father. Michaela separated the pair and threatened to cut off Simon’s genitals.

In the courtroom the next day, Annalise passionately defended Jasmine, citing the prosecutor who tried her first case in 1968 treated her, an African-American girl, differently than he treated Caucasian girls facing the same charges. While the others were sent to rehab and care facilities, Jasmine was sent back out into the streets where the cycle of prostitution continued throughout the rest of her life. Annalise concluded her argument by requesting that Jasmine’s previous convictions be vacated in order to give her a new beginning that she should have been given as a teen. As a result, Jasmine’s records are sealed so she can apply to jobs and get government assistance. She is released pending that she never gets in trouble with the law again. On way out of jail, Annalise handed Jasmine an ID and some money. With tears in her eyes, Jasmine hugged Annalise.

Back with her therapist, Annalise rebuked Issac’s claims that she sees herself in Jasmine’s history of sexual abuse. She told him about the case not because she didn’t want to talk about her problems or because she related to Jasmine’s story but because she felt good about winning her first case back. She went on to say that people don’t really change so she expected Jasmine to get into trouble again. When Issac revealed that he used to be a heroin addict, Annalise told him that she wished he hadn’t told her that. She went on to explain that her previous therapist got her to talk by telling her about himself and that he later became her husband.

Elsewhere, Nate and Bonnie bonded over their experiences with Annalise. He suggested they start a support group where they get drunk. Bonnie admitted she blackmailed Denver just a bit to get her job.

At a bar, the Keating four learn Simon got the position at Caplan & Gold, while Asher got no offers. They’re all without offers except Michaela who got offers from three firms, including Caplan & Gold. Laurel privately pleaded with Michaela to take the Caplan & Gold offer. When she tells Laurel that she already did, Laurel explained that the firm represented her father. Michaela thought that Laurel could get him to call in a favor for her at the firm, but Laurel explained that her father killed Wes and she wanted Michaela’s help to bring him down.

In this week’s flash forward, we pick up where we left off last week with Laurel crying about her missing baby. Issac quickly left the hospital room and called Annalise, whose phone went to voicemail. He left a voicemail saying, “She’s awake.” The scene changed to Bonnie flashing her ID to gain access to an active investigation scene. She ends up at Annalise’s hotel room. We hear an officer on the radio explaining that the room is Annalise’s. Bonnie walked down the hall to an elevator where there’s blood on the ground and bloody handprints on the wall.

Where’s Annalise? Where’s the baby?

Final thoughts on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

The back and forth between Annalise’s therapy session and the other events made it hard to piece together the timeline. The flash forward said 2 months later this week, meaning a month has passed since Annalise let everyone go. It was nice to Annalise winning a case with no scheming or dark motives. L. Scott Caldwell’s performance as Jasmine was compelling. You couldn’t help but feel emotional during her monologue moment about her past. I’m not surprised at all that Michaela is the only one with a job at this point. I can’t wait to see if we’ll see some interactions between her and Simon since they’ll be interning for the same firm. I also can’t wait to see how she’ll react to the bomb Laurel dropped. Sidenote: I’m completely done with Bonnie’s attitude. It looks like Annalise is too if the clip of her getting ready to fight Bonnie next week is anything to go on.

I’m giving this episode of How to Get Away with Murder an 8/10.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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