Last week on How to Get Away with Murder, the Keating Four struggled with their internship interviews, Annalise won her first case since her release from prison, and Bonnie started working for the DA’s office. At the end of the episode, Michaela is the only one to secure an internship, while Laurel is determined to have her friend help her bring down her father for the murder of Wes. This week, Michaela settles in at Caplan & Gold while Annalise begins a new mission and Connor makes a huge decision.

Episode four, “It’s for the Greater Good” picks up with Michaela telling Laurel that she wants nothing to do with her request. She leaves her pregnant friend standing on the sidewalk as she rides away in a cab. The next day, Annalise teams up with the public defender’s office and its head Virginia Cross to get some casework. Her first client is Ben Carter, a former gang member up for a retrial after spending twelve years in jail for the murder of Kimberly, his fiancée, and the mother of his daughter, Madison. The retrial is based on possible jury discrimination because he has tattoos all over and is a former gang member. He still maintains that he is innocent.

How to Get Away with MurderOliver goes to the DA’s office to advertise his tech services and notices Bonnie there as well. After Nate is called away, Oliver snaps a picture of her on his phone. When he sees the others he shows them the picture. Laurel is surprised to learn that Annalise fired Bonnie, but Asher isn’t since he’s been tutoring Frank for his LSAT exam. Connor further surprises the group by dropping a check on the table. The amount is the refund he got for dropping out.

In the courtroom, Annalise is surprised when Nate is called to the stand in the place of a sick co-worker who was the investigator on Ben’s case. He makes a comment about how a deleted message from Ben’s phone indicated possible criminal behavior. Annalise replies saying if deleting messages indicated criminal behavior, everyone in the courtroom would be in trouble. Asher and others call Michaela to tell her that Connor has dropped out, causing her to get caught on her phone at work by one of the partners, Tegan Price. Price is played HTGAWM newcomer Amirah Vann who also starred in the series Underground. The partners at Caplan and Gold start a tournament style trivia game called the “Hell Bowl”. Michaela shows off her knowledge and makes it to the final four. Of course, Simon survives the first round as well.

Laurel goes to see Bonnie and ask to be her intern but is rejected. Nate shows up and offers Bonnie the chance to work on a bigger case and wash off “the Annalise stink”. After leaving the DA’s office, Laurel runs into Annalise in the restroom where the lawyer has just taken a mandatory urine test. Laurel updates her on the Keating Four. When Annalise says she just wants to move on with her life and asks if she wants to hurt her feelings, Laurel says Annalise would have to have feelings. Harsh! Annalise replies that since Laurel is getting ready to have a child, she should stop acting like one. Laurel tells Annalise the baby is a boy before leaving.

Back in the offices, Nate and Bonnie bring in Oliver to hack Annalise’s phone. Oliver is hesitant to work against Annalise, but does so after Bonnie says that Annalise didn’t even respect Oliver enough to fire him in person. They find a deleted recording of Ben saying he and Kimberly were fighting about the fact that Madison isn’t his daughter. When the information comes out during the case, Annalise is furious while Ben tells Madison that she’s still his baby girl. The twelve-year-old is in tears at this point.

Annalise approaches Bonnie and Nate in the parking lot later, ready to go at it. The only thing stopping the women from fighting is Nate, who takes responsibility for the recording coming out. When she goes to get in her car, Annalise receives a call from the morgue asking her to come identify a body. It turns out to be Jasmine who has track marks on her arm. Michaela makes the finals of the Hell Bowl versus Simon and is encouraged by Tegan, who bet $2,000 on her. Elsewhere, Connor uses his refund money to go to a strip club with Oliver and Asher.

How to Get Away with MurderLaurel goes to see Frank and asks him to talk to Bonnie about giving her a position. While they’re talking, Asher calls and asks for Frank’s help to stage an intervention for Connor. When the others arrive at Frank and Bonnie’s, Laurel continues to pressure Michaela into helping her. The intervention doesn’t go as planned when Connor says he just wants them to support his decisions.

After leaving the morgue, Annalise goes to see Issac so she doesn’t go to a bar. He suggests Annalise withdrawal from Ben’s case because of the emotional distress of losing Jasmine. She turns him down and leaves.

When she returns to her hotel, a manila envelope is resting outside of her door. She calls Frank to see if he dropped it off, but he claims to not be involved. Inside the envelope is a DVD with footage from an ATM camera of Ben’s fiancée jumping from her apartment window. The next morning, Frank arrives and tells Annalise that the man who dropped off the DVD is currently sleeping with Virginia Cross, Ben’s former lawyer. We also see Bonnie talking to Laurel in her office, after Frank convinces her to hire her.

In the courtroom, Annalise calls Virginia to the stand and shows the DVD. The woman explained that she was overwhelmed with casework at the time and simply couldn’t watch 45 hours of footage. On the verge of tears, she apologizes to Ben.

After the trial, Ben is reunited with Madison. Virginia confronts Annalise, asking why she had to be on the stand when Annalise could have shown the evidence in the judge’s chambers. Furious at Annalise for risking her job, she spits on her. Annalise grabs her and tells her if she didn’t get disbarred for drinking while on probation, neither will she. When the camera pans away, Nate is standing in the background witnessing the almost fight.

How to Get Away with MurderLaurel shows up at the Caplan & Gold offices with her father’s flight record. It shows that he flew into Philadelphia the day Wes was killed. She encourages Michaela to win so she can pick the partner who works on his company’s cases as her mentor. Shaken by Laurel’s news, Michaela wins remembering that the firm has a small office in Rwanda because of her father’s interests in the area.

Connor and Asher are back at the strip club discussing their unemployment. Connor suggests Asher become a stripper, but is interrupted when Oliver shows up with Connor’s dads. Yup, two of them.

When Annalise goes to see Issac they clash because he says her she used her anger about Jasmine’s passing and placed in on Virginia. She denies this saying that she had to do it for the greater good. She explains that she plans to go after the governor and justice system with a class action lawsuit for their failure to properly defend low income and minority people. Issac says that all of Annalise’s actions go against her desire to stay sober and that she can’t save everyone.

After her win, Michaela tells Tegan that she wants to work with her. She tells the woman it’s because she never loses and has the best clients, but she really makes her decision because Tegan handles Antares. The woman tells Michaela “it’s your funeral”. This triggers our weekly How to Get Away with Murder episode-ending flash forward. In the hallway at the hospital, Michaela is standing in the NICU area in front of the room where the newborns are. Issac mistakes her for Annalise but realizes it not her when he gets closer and sees the blood on her shirt and the tears running down her face. She turns to him and says, “He’s dead. He’s dead, isn’t he? Everyone around us dies,” before dissolving into tears in his arms.

Final Thoughts on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

I love Annalise’s focus on the less fortunate, but I can’t see where it’s coming from just yet. Maybe her clinic last season opened her eyes to how the justice system handles cases for people who don’t have a lot of money. Her time in prison probably influenced her as well. This episode left me annoyed with Nate. He used to always get upset with Annalise about how she got information for cases, but turns around and does the same thing to get the evidence for Ben’s case. I think he and Bonnie are so hung up on her that they’ll end up just like her. As for Laurel, I’m all for her plans to take down her father but I would prefer if she didn’t drag Michaela into her mess and guilt her into helping. I like the casting of Tegan and I can’t wait to see the interaction between Amirah Vann and Aja Naomi King.

That flash forward left us with so many questions. How is Michaela involved? Why is she bloody? Who is the “he” she’s referring to? We need answers!

I’m giving “It’s for the Greater Good” an 8/10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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