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This week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder kicked off with Annalise joining Tegan out for a night of dancing. She was hesitant to get on the dancefloor, still reeling from Nate bringing the case about Bonnie’s baby to her attention, but Tegan finally got her moving. The next day, Michaela was still nursing a hangover while Asher tried to push Oliver and Connor to plan their wedding.

At the prison, Annalise and Nate prepped his father for his upcoming case. In private, they argued about telling Bonnie the truth while Bonnie herself considered an important decision as interim D.A. Miller asked her to make their relationship official by signing an HR form. Later, Oliver went to see Frank about his suspicions about his hacking but the older man was quick on his feet with a lie about Annalise doing background checks on all of her students.

How to Get Away with MurderAt C&G, a new potential client, Ruth Stevenson of the Ruthie burger chain, had Michaela excited and Gabriel unimpressed. The company was in the middle of a boycott because of discrimination by a store manager. To clear her mind, Annalise visited Christopher at daycare before setting up a lunch meeting with Bonnie who called at the perfect moment.

While waiting for Bonnie, she got a call from Nate telling her that he had gone to Bonnie’s sister’s house to look for evidence. Outside, he saw her sister Julie reprimanding a young man. Annalise told him to leave and do nothing. Instead, he took a used needle from the young man’s car to compare to Bonnie. When he dropped it off, Theresa wasn’t happy when he wouldn’t reveal what case it was for.

Annalise and Ruth’s first meeting did not go well because she tried to touch AK’s hair, causing her to recoil and her “what the hell doing you think you’re doing?”. Ruth was embarrassed and with a deal on the line, Michaela offered to do research to help them get it. Despite staying up all night and coming through, Tegan went her own route and got Ruth on board. Afterward, she told Michaela that she hated her less.

At the courthouse the next day, Gabriel arrived to pick up a package for Annalise, and tried to ask Bonnie why she stopped working for Annalise. Asher was defensive and Bonnie told Gabriel to mind his business. That night, Asher expressed his loneliness to Bonnie and said that he still thought about them as a couple from time to time. She brushed it off as him being tired.

How to Get Away With Murder It's Her KidOliver remained curious about Gabriel and continued looking into him even after Frank stopped by and told him not to. This led Connor to become curious about what his file said and why Annalise picked him. He learned that she did make a call to get him back in Middleton. After they get a win and prep to move to the next stage of Nate Sr.’ case, Annalise named Connor 2nd chair, but he chose that moment to question her.

They got into a heated argument that resulted in Gabriel being named 2nd chair. After C&G won Ruth as a client, Emmett told Annalise that he was headed to London for a bit and she questioned if his misconduct had to do with a female client since he tries not to be along with their female clients. He told her he legally couldn’t talk about it before she left.

At his home, Gabriel looked into Bonnie and the case involving Wes’ murder. When the results of the DNA came back later that night, Nate called Annalise, who told Bonnie what was going on. When AK revealed what Nate had been up to and the DNA on the boy living with Julie was negative, Bonnie broke down. AK promised to be by her side if she decided to move on or look for her son.

In the flash forward, Oliver was still missing and when Michaela called Nate’s phone it was revealed that Bonnie had it.

Final thoughts on last night’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder

This episode brought all the drama and lots of emotion. The writing team did a great job intertwining all of the storylines and giving each seemingly equal time. Asher’s confession to Bonnie seemed random but for some reason not surprising. Gabriel still rubs me the wrong way with his blatant nosiness and I can’t wait to really dive into his character and his secrets. I’m all for Oliver snooping, but I wish he’d been more covert about it. Bringing Laurel and Connor into the fray just caused more issues.

I can’t wait to see how Bonnie reacts to everything moving forward and how the case with Nate Lahey Sr. goes. I loved all the scenes last night with Nate and his father. I’m giving How to Get Away with Murder, “It’s Her Kid” a 10 out of 10. Writers, please don’t kill Nate.


How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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