How to Get Away with Murder

This week during the midseason finale of How to Get Away With Murder, we finally found out what led to Laurel in the hospital and Asher’s arrest. Spoilers ahead of HTGAWM Season 4, Episode 8, “Live. Live. Live.”

The finale starts with a flash-forward from the night of the party. Oliver rushes through the C&G offices to tell the others that there’s a problem with their plan but finds them standing around a body. Rewind to the previous night, Connor and Oliver go to Laurel’s so they can explain everything to him. When Connor vents, he pushes buttons and Frank chokes him which freaks everyone out. Laurel and the others have to pull him off of Connor. Annalise calls soon after and instead of telling her what’s going on, Connor says everything is fine.

Annalise goes to her hotel where the elevator has some issues. When she finally gets off, Bonnie is there waiting for her to tell her about Issac. When Annalise tries to send her away, Bonnie tells her that she loves her and she helped her on the case by getting Issac on the stand. Annalise is creeped out by the declaration.

Bonnie only leaves when Annalise threatens to call the cops. With everything running through her mind, Annalise goes to see Issac. She promises not to tell anyone what happened. Issac thinks they should cut ties, but Annalise wants to continue seeing him. Their relationship is complicated!

At the Caplan & Gold party, everyone is tense as the plan begins. Connor attends as Oliver’s plus one and Asher is by Michaela’s side. Frank breaks into Simon’s apartment and begins messing around with his computer while Simon reveals that he likes Oliver. This makes Oliver feel guilty about framing him. Laurel gets a phone call from an unknown number and then shows up at C&G, dropping another “Wes would do this for us” line.

How to Get Away With MurderWhile the others are waiting for Tegan’s speech to get the keycard, Connor sneaks away and does what he said he wouldn’t, call Annalise and tell her everything. Elsewhere, Bonnie goes to Nate’s apartment for comfort and booze. They chat and order a pizza.

Michaela convinces Tegan to let her hold her clutch during the speech. She slides the keycard to Asher who rushes downstairs to meet Connor and the others. Only Oliver and Laurel are there. They rush into the mainframe room where Oliver discovers that the Antares files are on different hard drives. Asher stands guard and Laurel manually pulls the drives, while Oliver’s fingers fly across the keyboard.

When they find the right drive, Asher suggests planting the keycard on Simon instead of putting it back in Tegan’s purse. When Oliver runs off to find Simon, Connor wanders around the party looking for him. Michaela goes downstairs to find out what’s going on. Simon overhears Asher telling her that he told Oliver to plant the keycard on him.

He steps out of the shadows and confronts them. When Laurel offers Simon money to stay quiet, he grabs her bag to see what she’s hiding and finds a gun. The others try to get it back and calm him down, but Simon frantically backs away and trips over an office chair shooting himself in the head, shocking them all.

Asher in a complete Asher moment picks up the gun just before Oliver runs in and screams. Despite freaking out herself and being covered in blood Michaela takes charge and tells Laurel to leave, pay her taxi fare in cash, and go home. She cleans the gun and puts it back near Simon’s hand before telling Asher to call the police. She runs upstairs to the party and yells for help, putting on a great show.

On her way home, Laurel hears a voicemail Annalise left earlier about wanting to help. She decides to go to see her. On the elevator, she notices blood on the floor. The elevator stalls and soon, Laurel is on the floor bleeding out on with no cell phone service. In a flashback from earlier in the episode, Laurel is accidentally elbowed in the stomach when she tried to get Frank to stop choking Connor.

At Laurel’s, Connor explains to Michaela over the phone that Laurel isn’t home while Dominic listens in from downstairs. Frank himself is on the way to her apartment. Annalise arrives home and takes the stairs, but hears Laurel yelling through the elevator doors. She calls 911 and uses a knife to pry the door open. She can’t get the gate open but is able to pull the baby who is unresponsive through an opening. Following the directions of the 911 operator, she gives the infant CPR. As the screen goes black, the baby’s cries are heard.

Final thoughts and rating on the How to Get Away With Murder winter finale

If law school doesn’t work out for Michaela and she stays out of jail…and lives, she should think about drama school. She killed it when she had to run into the party frantically. The character development for Michaela from season one to now is amazing to watch. The night Sam died she was almost inconsolable and freaked out. Last night, she took charge and ran the show. Bravo to Aja Naomi King!

Really the entire cast gave great performances last night. Conrad Ricamora’s terrified yell when Oliver came across Simon’s body was chilling. Karla Souza’s performance as a desperate and dying Laurel in the elevator was amazing. The writers did well of giving those of us who aren’t fans of her character something to be emotional about. The scene where Annalise is giving the baby CPR and repeatedly saying “live” was powerful, for her character and for the emotions it invoked.

I’m giving the midseason finale of How to Get Away with Murder, “Live. Live. Live.” a 10/10. A great episode that kept me on the edge of my seat, but there’s a still a lot of questions to be answered.

How to Get Away With Murder returns on January 18th on ABC.


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