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Last night on How to Get Away with Murder, tensions were high with new suspects and everyone trying to stay out of jail. Here’s a recap of “Make Me the Enemy”.

Going off of evidence from Governor Birkhead, Annalise brought Tegan in to get her opinion on Emmett potentially being behind Nate Sr.’s death. Tegan didn’t believe it off the bat but told Annalise to use Emmett’s interest in her to her advantage. The next day, she strutted into C&G and let Emmett know she was interested. He told her that he wanted to keep it professional because of his past issues, but the visit definitely stirred something.

While Bonnie recruited the K4 to work on getting Oliver’s laptop back, Laurel went to see Telesco about her mysterious caller after lying to everyone else about taking Christopher to a doctor’s appointment.  When Telesco mentioned Annalise’s potential deal, Laurel asked Frank about it. He told her to forgive Bonnie while he focused on figuring out who was calling her.

While Bonnie advised Oliver and Connor to handle their court appearance on their own (they loss), Emmett questioned Tegan about the “Jane Doe” email. She framed it as someone trying to set her up and that she had no involvement in informing on Antares. He seemed appeased and told her that he wanted to make sure she was alright because he wanted her to take his job after he possibly quit to run for D.A.  After promising to keep it a secret, she went and told Annalise.

Image result for make me the enemy how to get away with murderLater, Nate sent Annalise a picture of someone who looked like Emmett visiting his father and Tegan got Emmett’s phone records from a trusted source (her ex). The records matched Birkhead’s so they knew that information was real. She warned Annalise about Emmett, but she had already agreed to go to dinner with him. It was no surprise that the dinner ended early with both sides criticizing each other after Annalise let him know she was in on his desire to run for DA and that she didn’t support it.

Not giving up, Oliver hacked the judge’s bank account and discovered that she signed the warrant while at a wine bar on Christmas. He went back to court and argued the appearance of impropriety and got his laptop back. While Michaela started the paperwork to look into her birth parents after Gabriel continued to bring up Sam and her birth parents, Oliver discovered an image of Telesco looking at his computer. In the background of the image, they saw the Bonfire board with all of their images.

Freaking out, they called Annalise who told them not to worry before an angry Emmett arrived. The duo argued and he revealed that he knew they thought he killed Nate Sr. because he had bugged Tegan’s office. In the midst of their jabs about privilege, fear, and insecurity, the K4 freaked out, and Nate, Bonnie, and Frank made a new discovery. The person in the footage at the prison wasn’t Emmett but Xavier Castillo, Laurel’s brother. At the K4 house, Laurel received a package that contained part of her mother’s scalp and hair.

Final take on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

I’m shook. My timeline is shook. Peter Nowalk and the other HTGAWM writers really set us up from a crazy finale next week. From finding out that Laurel’s brother has been lurking, scheming, and scalping, to all of Emmett and Annalise’s scenes, this episode kept me on the edge of my seats. As entertaining as it was though, I’m a little peeved that this all links back to someone we haven’t really met yet. It was the same when it was revealed that a character we didn’t quite know was the culprit behind Wes’ murder when the How to Get Away with Murder writing team has you suspecting people you’ve seen and gotten to know onscreen. I can’t wait to see what goes down and who ends up behind bars next week. I’m giving “Make Me the Enemy” a 10 out 10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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