Last night on the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder, Annalise and her team react to a sudden death while Laurel’s father is on Laurel’s case about her mother. Let’s recap that roller coaster.

The episode opens with the autopsy of the unknown crash victim as Annalise and Nate meet up and Frank nervously looks for Laurel. One mystery is solved when Laurel arrives at her apartment. The second when Bonnie arrives to meet up with Annalise and Nate. It turns out that the person killed in the accident was Todd Denver, the AG we all love to hate.

Image result for How to Get Away With MurderAsher can’t wait to get away from Michaela but can’t when Annalise calls them all over. Everyone is paranoid that Jorge is going to off them next. Annalise shuts it down by saying that they’re going to protect each other.

Asher gets in a few jibs about Michaela throughout the conversation. When Laurel’s father calls things get tense. He demands to know Sandrine’s location and the others begin to consider that Laurel may have done something to her mother.

Laurel says she left her mother in her hotel room, upset but unharmed. Following Denver’s death, Bonnie plays nice with the assistant AG who’s now in charge, and the others chat in the hallway about whether or not Laurel is capable of hurting her mother. They go separate ways when the FBI wants to interview Laurel since she was the last person seen with Denver and Simon demands an update.

In her interview, Laurel mentions that Denver asked her about her father and that she didn’t know how they knew each other. This puts the spotlight on Jorge and Antares. Elsewhere, Nate begins to look into one of Denver’s old cases. He arrives back at the hotel with Dominick’s phone and the Antares drive. While the others are relieved, Michaela has to deal with a demanding Simon alone after he demands Oliver leave.

Pressed for time and unable to find anything on the drive, Annalise goes to Tegan for her help. The other lawyer refuses. Elsewhere, Nate tells Bonnie that he found and destroyed the files that Denver was keeping on them. Later, Michaela suggests that they call I.C.E. to get Simon deported. Annalise refuses, being especially against sending a gay man back to the Middle East. She warns Michaela against becoming like her and making morally damaging decisions.

Annalise meets with Jorge alone and gives him the drive. Her only stipulation is that he signs the paperwork recanting his testimony against Laurel so she can get full custody of her son. The pair have a fierce standoff as Jorge feels like Annalise stole Laurel from him while Annalise could care less for his feelings. She just wants him to leave Laurel alone and stop trying to do the same thing he’s accusing her of trying to do by keeping Christopher.

How To Get Away With MurderJorge signs the papers and Laurel and Frank arrive to take Christopher home. Laurel refuses to let him say goodbye. She also tells him that both he and her mother are dead to her. Outside the hospital, Jorge is arrested and we get a flashback of Tegan and Annalise’s conversation. While Tegan verbally refused to turn on Jorge, she wrote a note on her desk letting Annalise know that she was on her side. She confesses to the FBI, making sure C&G won’t be impacted and her testimony is listed under Jane Doe.

As the others watch the news of the arrest, Oliver wonders about Simon now that he can’t get a deal. Bonnie says they took care of Simon because the DA’s office is dropping the charges against him. Michaela chimes in that she called I.C.E. Everyone is shocked, but she defends herself saying that he would have held it over their heads for the rest of their lives.

When the Supreme Court sided with Annalise on her class action lawsuit moods are lifted. The next day, Connor lets Michaela in to help him with his law school application while Oliver asks Asher to be his best man. Elsewhere, Nate pulls out the files he told Bonnie he destroyed. Inside he finds articles and stories on each of the Keating four plus Bonnie and Annalise. Inside one of the folders, he finds a DNA report that has a note scribbled that someone’s child could possibly be alive. At Bonnie’s house, Laurel showers while Annalise spends time with Christopher. In the shower, Laurel examines red scratches on her arm.

Under the guise of running errands, Frank goes on a tour at Middleton. While on the tour, an incoming student named Gabriel Maddox catches his attention. He makes a phone call informing someone that “the kid is here”.

Review of How to Get Away With Murder‘s season four finale

This season ended on a more positive note than previous seasons and I’m super happy about that. The team definitely needed a few wins. On the other hand, we have a whole new set of questions. Who is Gabriel? What did Laurel do to her mom?

The reveal for next season’s plot didn’t feel as exciting as past season finale twists but I’m still interested in the storyline. I wish the writers would have made Laurel’s situation feel more mysterious. It was clear throughout the episode that she did something to her mother despite denying it. Still bitter that they ruined Michaela and Asher.

I’m giving last night’s How to Get Away With Murder an 8/10

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