Here’s what went down this week on How to Get Away With Murder. Spoilers ahead!How to Get Away With Murder

Annalise ends her sessions with Issac after his ex-wife told her that she was a trigger for Issac because they had also lost their daughter. Issac doesn’t understand her exit since she doesn’t tell him about his ex-wife’s visit.

Michaela tries to get on Asher’s good side by bringing him his favorite breakfast sandwich, but he gives the sandwich to a classmate. At the courthouse, Annalise has to fight back against the attorney general during their first hearing.

With 79 clients signed on, her case can move forward. The AG tries to use a photo of Annalise holding a bottle of scotch to claim she’s relapsed, but Annalise argues that the bottle was on her car and she picked it up to throw it away.  On the way out of the courtroom, Nate asks Bonnie if she was apart of the photo, but she denies it saying anyone to close to Annalise knows she drink vodka, not scotch.

Laurel and Michaela confront Asher after class and he demands that they tell Frank so they have a real adult involved in the situation. Frank demands they stop, but Laurel refuses, saying it’s for Wes. She is later able to convince him to help her. Asher is pissed about the decision and tells them that he doesn’t have to do anything they say because he’s “nobody’s bitch”. Throughout the episode, he questions how much Michaela values him.

How to Get Away With MurderTo fight back against the AG, Annalise goes to DA Denver. She plays on his desire to win the election to get him on her side. Connor chats with Laurel while he waits, judging each other. She and Annalise share an awkward hello before they leave. At Caplan & Gold, Oliver finds out that Simon is a DACA recipient while trying to fix his computer. Across the office, Tegan puts Michaela in charge of planning an office-wide party to be held at the end of the week to celebrate Antares going public.

In the courtroom, a DA employee, Darlene, confesses to taking the photo of Annalise because she was against Annalise’s lawsuit. Afterwards, Bonnie approaches the AG and tells him that she knows how to beat Annalise. Elsewhere, Connor and Oliver unplug to have a night to themselves. At Michaela’s apartment, she and Asher argue about their relationship. Asher believes that he is her second choice because she still owns her old wedding dress and she always jokes about him being her Barack.

That night, Annalise hears a noise while in the shower and finds a bottle of vodka on her countertop. She ends up at Nate’s house sleeping on his couch. He says she’s reaping what she’s sown by playing dirty all these years. Nate decides he’ll give her his contact’s name in the morning.

The next day in court, Issac is called to the stand by the AG to try and get him to say that there are doubts about Annalise’s sobriety. He lies and says that he has confidence in her dedication to her work and to her sobriety. The judge rules in her favor and Nate confronts Bonnie about seeing Issac leave her office. She begs him not to tell Annalise about it. Annalise lets Connor talk to the press about their triumph.

Asher sits everyone down and tells them that he’s in on the plan even though he still hasn’t forgiven Michaela. When nobody wants to be the one stealing Tegan’s keycard, Oliver suggests that they take it but blame it on Simon. He feels bad about the decision because of Simon’s status. Later, Laurel swabs Frank’s mouth for a paternity test while Michaela pours ketchup all over her $20,000 Vera Wang dress to prove her love to Asher.

Annalise goes to see Issac and reveals that Sam made her believe that she’s the cause of bad things happening to her and those around her. He denies that she’s triggering him and asks who told her that. He questions if it was Bonnie, but Annalise, now confused, says that it was his ex-wife.

Elsewhere, Connor proposes to Oliver. Though he’s happy, he can’t say yes with the knowledge that he’s been lying. He reveals that they know who killed Wes. In this week’s How to Get Away with Murder fast-forward, surgeons try to save a patient before the EKG machine goes flat.

Final Thoughts and Rating on this week’s How to Get Away With Murder

Main thoughts about last night’s episode, Asher needs to take a chill pill and Bonnie needs a new therapist. I can understand Asher being upset about everyone lying, but questioning Michaela’s ability to love and claiming to be her rebound is a bit much. It’s not like they got together right after she decided not to get married back in season one. Her ruining a $20,000 dress to appease him made my jaw drop.

Bonnie’s determination to bring Annalise down is now reaching obsessive levels. She’s clinging to anyone who’s against her. The fact that Nate doesn’t recognize this as dangerous seems like an oversight. I did like that Nate let Annalise stay the night after her hotel room got broken into. As for Issac, his feelings towards Annalise are unclear. Why was he so desperate to keep her as a client? Why would he, as a good therapist, tell her she’s going to relapse to get her to stay?

I can’t wait until the winter finale next week to find out what happened to lead up to the flash-forwards we’ve been seeing. My guess for who’s on the table flatlining, Frank, Simon, or Connor.

I’m giving last night’s episode a 9/10.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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