How to Get Away with MurderAll the drama returned last night with the season six premiere of How to Get Away with Murder. Last season gave us Annalise finding victory with the Supreme Court and loss with the death of an almost free Nate Sr., organized by Laurel’s brother. She also had to deal with a shady governor, drama in her side job at C&G, and covering interim DA, Ron Miller’s death after Nate killed him, believing he was the one who organized his father’s death. Season five ended with Laurel missing and Emmett poisoned in his office. Here’s a recap and my take on last night’s episode “Say Goodbye”.

From Scene One

We opened on a funeral and you’re jolted because someone can’t be dead already, right? The scene reveals that Annalise was in the casket and an older Christopher wants her to stay dead. It was all a dream. In reality, she’s away in rehab while everyone else is freaking out about Laurel and Christopher’s disappearance. There was some death early on. Emmett is dead. The FBI interviews Tegan. She leaves Annalise a voicemail updating her on what’s going on.

At their house, Michaela and company try to get answers from Bonnie and Frank on what to do next. Things get tense between Frank and Connor. They’re interrupted when Gabriel arrives to talk to Michaela. He questions why she’s been avoiding him since they hooked up, but she just wants him to go away so she can focus on finding Laurel. Of course, she can’t tell him that so Asher comes to her rescue and tells her that she’s needed inside before guiding Gabriel back to their apartments to hang.

London Bound Secrets

Nate begins looking into Emmett’s body, wanting to make sure that Governor Birkhead doesn’t mess with anything. He learns that Tegan signed off on Emmett’s body being transferred to London. Later, Nate goes to see her and things get heated when he is suspicious with her going along with the other partners’ decision to send the body to London. He accuses her of having something to do with his Emmett’s death. Tegan is angry and tells him to leave.

Later, we see Annalise struggling in rehab, not experiencing therapeutic exercises the way other participants are. They criticize her closed personality, leaving her to reveal all the negative words she thinks about herself. We see a flashback of the night that led her to rehab. Upon hearing of Emmett’s death, she went clubbing. She drank and ended up doing drugs with a random dude in the club bathroom. That night, she gets a call from Bonnie about Emmett’s body.

Nosey Roommates and Breakthroughs

Her roommate’s nosey questions about Bonnie cause Annalise to go off, digging the woman’s life. The altercation leads to a breakthrough for both women. Sally reveals that she hates being a mother while Annalise reveals her real name and that she helped cover up her husband’s murder. In the morning she hears police and thinks Sally snitched, but another person lost his cool with a staff member. She goes back to her room alone and does the pillow exercise, beating into it as she rejects the negative words about herself. The scene brought me to tears!

Back in Middleton, Michaela goes to see Gabriel, telling him that she wants to be with him too. Her only caveat is that he doesn’t ghost her or leave her without an explanation as Laurel did. After they sleep together, she gets a text to go to Annalise’s. When she leaves his room, Gabriel gets a call from his mother, Vivian. What he doesn’t know is that she’s in Middleton, watching from outside his apartment.

Returns and Shockers

Image result for how to get away with murder say goodbyeAnnalise heads back to Middleton, where Nate has been looking into Tegan. He’s suspicious of her, especially since she’s now a partner in Emmett’s place. Nate picks her up and takes her home. She calls Asher, Oliver, Connor, and Michaela over and gets them to do the pillow exercise and put thoughts of Laurel to the side. Michaela wasn’t down for the idea but ended up giving in. After her confession of doing everything on her own to get here, Asher cuts in and demands Annalise tell Michaela the stuff.

The boys have been hiding the fact that Annalise knew her birth father back when she was a pre-law student. As Michaela demands an answer, Tegan settles into her new office, chucking Emmett’s glasses into a trash bin. In classic How to Get Away with Murder fashion, we fast forward to a funeral, Annalise’s funeral…a real one this time.

Final Take on “Say Goodbye”

The How to Get Away with Murder writers were not playing with us! Right from the opening scene, they dragged back into the twisty world of Middleton. The opening and closing scenes almost mirroring each other really shook me. When it comes to last season’s its almost expected that characters, especially main characters are going to die. As for me, I’ve never been a fan of a series’ main character biting the dust to close a story. That’s why I’m hoping there’s a twist. Performance-wise, the cast brought it!  Queen Viola had me in tears, chuckling, and feeling for Annalise. Notably missing is Karla Souza’s character, Laurel.

I can’t wait to see how this series will conclude. I’m giving “Say Goodbye” a 10 out of 10. Bravo, HTGAWM cast and crew.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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