how to get away with murderThis week on How to Get Away With Murder, Annalise explains to Dr. Roa why she fired Bonnie; to focus on her own needs for once. The scene jumps to Dr. Roa discussing the events with his own therapist. He reveals that Annalise loss a baby. Roa is sure he can help Annalise and asks his therapist how he can do so. Despite being against him keeping her as a client, she advises he asks Annalise about Sam, which will cause her to discuss the baby that he only knows about because of Bonnie.

When Annalise leaves, Connor is waiting for her with news; Claudia’s family will lose their house if Claudia stays on the lawsuit list. Elsewhere, Denver celebrates Bonnie in front of everyone. The DA is pushing to get the clients to drop out of the lawsuit with threats. While everyone applauds her, Nate isn’t impressed.

Annalise and Connor meet with Claudia and her son, Tyrone. Connor sings Annalise’s praise, saying she’ll fix their situation. Asher asks a sweaty and shirtless Frank for relationship advice. Asher suggests Michaela is cheating with Laurel, but Frank brushes him off and tells him just to talk to Michaela.

At Caplan & Gold, Michaela calms Oliver’s nerves before Tegan announces an emergency Antares meeting. Michaela asks if she can sit in, but it’s for partner’s only. She leaves to go back to her desk, but not before spotting Laurel’s dad, Jorge Castillo.

Laurel asks her doctor about a paternity test when Michaela calls her about her father. He calls her soon after. Michaela is in for a surprise of her own when Asher shows up in the office, introducing himself Tegan. Tegan says she likes him. In private, Asher tells Michaela that he saw her at Laurel’s. She explains that she agreed to be Laurel’s birthing partner and didn’t want Asher to feel bad since he’s already been feeling neglected.

How to Get Away With MurderAt the courthouse, Roa checks in on Bonnie and Nate sees him leaving. Elsewhere, Judge Sabarski will not sign an injunction to stop the DA’s office from taking Claudia’s mother’s home. He says she’s one of the best lawyers but questions if Annalise is the best to take on such a public case. Annalise marches into the DA’s office and scolds them for their actions and questions what they tell their families.

Bonnie confronts Nate in the bathroom about his lies. He tells her that this is bigger than them, especially when the case involves people who are just like Bonnie was before Annalise. Laurel goes to dinner with her dad after a short visit from Asher, who brought her a teddy bear. Elsewhere, Annalise and Connor share a container of ice cream and Michaela and Tegan talk about their personal lives with gin. Big news to the girls, Antares is going public.

When Laurel tells her dad that she doesn’t want his under the table drama to blow back on her, he tells her that he’s taken care of anything that could pop up. That night, Michaela, Oliver, and Laurel discuss the news and come to the realization that Wes turning on Annalise would have implicated them all resulting in bad press for Antares. We have a motive!

Annalise tries to write a letter Sam like Roa suggested but can’t. In their next session, she brings the photo of Sam and her son and tells him about the accident. In her frustration, she can’t be strong all the time. She also reveals that she tried to take her life because she wanted to die with her son.

Bonnie warns Denver that his poll numbers are down in low-income neighborhoods and advises that he pull back on the actions against Annalise’s clients. He cites Annalise’s speech and takes Bonnie off of the case saying she’s too emotional. Connor tells Annalise that they should have Tyrone write the press about what the DA’s office is doing, but she has another idea.

How to Get Away With MurderIn a press conference, Tyrone tells his family’s story. Annalise announces her intent to get an injunction live on TV.  The injunction is signed, saving the family’s home. At Laurel’s, Oliver interrupts the girls’ gushing over a sonogram image to share that he found out from Lazlo that the firm built a server room for Antares that you can’t hack from the outside. Only Lazlo and three senior partners have access cards. Michaela doesn’t want to steal Tegan’s card and risk her life or career but Laurel insists that they have to stick to the plan for Wes.

It turns out that the bear Asher bought has a camera and he’s sitting at home listening in on the entire conversation. When Michaela tries to explain, he leaves. Later, Frank tells Laurel that he did well on his LSATs because he wanted to work hard to show her that he could be a great dad. He reveals that he still loves her before kissing her. Asher shows up at Bonnie’s house looking for Frank but is met with an emotional Bonnie. He pulls her in for a hug. In his home, Dr. Roa breaks into tears watching a home video of his daughter in her cap and gown.

When Annalise arrives at her home, she is met by Dr. Roa’s therapist who introduces herself as his ex-wife. How to Get Away with Murder gave us little relief in this week’s flash-forward. We saw a bloodied Annalise sitting in a running shower as red water ran down the drain.

Final thoughts and rating on “Stay Strong, Mama”

How to Get Away With Murder episodes get more and more dramatic the closer you get to finales. “Stay Strong, Mama” did not fail to follow that trend. I was a bit disappointed in this week’s flash-forward, but at least we know Annalise is alive…for now. The reasoning for Wes’ death makes sense, I just wish we saw some hint last season, so it didn’t seem like an afterthought idea. I loved seeing Michaela and Tegan bond because it really does up the stakes for the investigation on her part. I’m surprised Tegan liked Asher though. As usual, Viola gave another incredible performance. The scenes where she spoke out in the DA’s office to when expressed herself in Roa’s office were stand out moments this week.

I’m giving this week’s episode an 8/10. The mystery is coming together, but I’m still feeling like we need a little more.

How to Get Away With Murder airs on ABC Thursdays at 10 PM EST


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