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This week on How to Get Away with Murder, a secret about Bonnie’s past was revealed and Annalise took her first case for Caplan and Gold. Here’s a recap of season 5, episode 3, “The Baby Was Never Dead”.

The episode kicked off with Bonnie telling Michaela that she cut herself shaving after last week’s episode ended with the student demanding to know whose blood was on her leg. In the present, Annalise began her first C&G case while also dealing with another move by the governor. During a recess, Annalise learned from curious reporters that the governor signed a new policy stating that non-lawyers had to pass an ethics exam in order to work on lawsuits. That meant that all of her students needed to pass an ethics review and Annalise only gave them 24 hours to study.

How to Get Away with Murder

For this week’s subplots, Frank caught Gabriel on camera hiding his laptop when Asher came and knocked on his door. Later, he snuck into his apartment and found an ID with the name Mark Johnson and a wad of cash. Elsewhere, Nate interviewed the nurse who was working the night the baby was taken. When he discovered she had cancer, he went back a second time and she described Bonnie as the suspect.

When C&G’s witness flipped in the CEO case, Annalise and Emmett disagreed on their next strategy. While Annalise wanted to paint the secretary as the murderer for switching her story, Emmett and the client are against it. Emmett’s main goal was keeping the client, Neil, happy. That was hard to do when the man threw disrespectful insults at Annalise and Tegan about being unmarried. It was during the confrontation that Neil revealed that something happened involving misconduct in London that had Emmett in the doghouse with C&G. Afterward, Michaela tried to talk to Tegan, but Tegan told her there was no hope of fixing their relationship.

At the A.D.A.’s office, Asher told Miller what he assumed Annalise’s strategy would be and he would have been spot on if C&G hadn’t gone with Emmett’s strategy. Later, Asher told Miller that he could get a win on the case if he made a deal with Annalise; 10 years for Neil and her students pass their ethics review, no deal and he would pull strings and make sure they didn’t pass. That night, she called Bonnie over to see if she prompted Miller’s move, but since the “couple” were fighting she had no idea about it.

While Frank tried to get Gabriel to hang out, Oliver discovered that Neil’s wife, Bethany, had an affair with the victim. When Emmett and Annalise questioned him at C&G, Neil revealed that his wife killed him and that he would kill the two of them if they tried to pin the crime on her. While Emmett and Annalise strategized, the students take their ethics exam. Midway through the exam, Connor realized most of their questions were subtle ones about Annalise and he called them out.

How to Get Away with Murder

Team C&G decided to use the O.J. strategy and got Doris to try on the belt Neil was accused of strangling the victim with. The only unexpected catch was that the A.D.A and judge agreed that Neil had to try it on too. Despite the fact that it fit her and not him, he was still found guilty, leaving Emmett scrambling with someone over the phone to get more time to save the firm.

As everyone celebrated passing their ethics exams, Oliver shared the news that he had been hired full-time before noticing Gabriel using a flip phone. He remembered Frank asking him how to clone one and became suspicious. That night, Frank ran into a drunk Michaela while sneaking out of Gabriel’s apartment and took her home. Elsewhere, Nate went to Annalise with Bonnie’s file and told her that she was the one who took the baby. Annalise denied it and revealed that it was Bonnie’s sister.

In the flashforward, a bruised Connor waited in the middle of the dance floor for Oliver to do their first dance, but he didn’t appear. This caused Michaela to turn her gaze to who believe to be Bonnie sipping on a drink and trying to look inconspicuous.

Final thoughts on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

I can’t believe the writers decided to go with the secret twin trope! Knowing what they’ve done so far, I’m sure they have a unique HTGAWM version of the popular storytelling plot twist. I love seeing Tegan and Annalise work together and not be at each other’s throats. I waited for the entire episode for them to really go in on Neil and his sexist comments. We got a quick moment, but I wanted more.

Once again, the writers have made me dislike Asher and that sucks because last season did a good job of making him a little more likable and  I felt for him after his break up with Michaela. Now, they’ve got him trading AK’s secrets and plotting against her and his friends. If she didn’t take the deal, his classmates would have failed and AK’s work on the lawsuit was indefinitely stall. Is all of that worth his feelings?

On another note, I’m not a fan of Gabriel talking to Laurel at all. Fans were worried about him being a replacement for Wes, so every time they interact I feel some kind of way.  As for Gabriel’s secrets, Oliver getting suspicious near the end of the episode doesn’t bode well for that scene at his wedding. Michaela and Tegan. I just don’t know how I feel about their dynamic. On one hand, it feels like desperate heroine admiration and a need to be liked by people she admires, yet on another note, I’m picking up on romantic undertone. Is that just me?

I’m giving this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder a 10 out of 10.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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