How to Get Away With MurderThis week on How to Get Away With Murder, we finally learn who killed Wes (maybe) as everyone reacts to Simon waking up. The episode started off with a flashback of Wes getting a phone call from Laurel’s mother eight months ago. He’s not okay meeting behind Laurel’s back and is immediately on edge when she calls him Christophe.

Bonnie and Frank decide not to tell Annalise about the recording while Laurel wants Bonnie to go to Denver. Frank is against it. Things quickly get intense when Annalise tells the others that Simon is awake. The hospital soon calls to say that he wants to see Oliver.

Annalise warns him to say as little as possible. Detective Nichols is there when he arrives. Simon asks if he really came out to him. The others are relieved, thinking he doesn’t have memories of the incident yet. Elsewhere, Laurel and Frank confront her mother. Sandrine denies that she killed Wes and says she didn’t know about his voicemail. In another flashback, we see that she warned Wes that Laurel would break his heart.

Connor catches Michaela contemplating sending a text to Marcus and tells her to tell Asher the truth. Right after their chat, she’s called in by detective Nichols for questioning. Nichols asks about Simon and Michaela’s drama. The others think Simon is getting his memories back causing Annalise to send Oliver to try and get Simon to name her as his lawyer.

To their surprise, Tegan Price is his lawyer. She arrives and the hospital and tells Annalise that she won’t win. Simon now has a security guard to make sure nobody gets in to see him.

In another flashback, Wes throws away the check from Laurel’s mom and puts the recording on a flash drive. He saves Dominic’s number on his phone just before Laurel arrives. In the present, Frank gets a warning about Bonnie’s car. He checks and says that everything looks fine but she’s still nervous about driving. Frank reveals that they met with Laurel’s mom and she calls him an idiot.

Annalise reluctantly goes to see Isaac while Michaela goes to Laurel for relationship advice. Back at Connor and Oliver’s, Asher gets suspicious when he jokes that everyone should get married and nobody else laughs.

In a drama-free conversation, Isaac tells Annalise that he followed her case and refuses to let her accept the blame for his situation. He also tells her that this is the last time they can see each other. She leaves the room in tears. Just as she tries to gather herself, Nate calls to say Simon is going to give a statement about Laurel being at the party.

Asher confronts Michaela as Connor and Oliver awkwardly hover in the background. Outside the apartment, Annalise calls to give Laurel an update and tells her to not do anything. With a plan in motion, Oliver poses as Tegan’s assistant with his C&G ID while Michaela delays Tegan in the bathroom. Inside, Oliver calls Annalise and lets her talk to Simon. She tells him that a jury would never believe him over them and that she can get him a green card. The stipulation is that he must become a whistleblower to be granted the card. He has to turn over the Antares drive (which he doesn’t have).

Simon fires Tegan and the others are relieved until Franks calls to say Laurel isn’t home or answering her phone. Unbeknownst to them, she’s blackmailing Denver to find out who killed Wes. Laurel goes to see her mother as Bonnie heads to the others. She leaves a message on Annalise’s phone that Denver has the drive. Denver discovers Bonnie’s digging and calls Jorge and tells him to do something or he will.

Laurel reveals the phone records she got from Denver which prove that Sandrine heard Wes’ message and called him back. Sandrine is the one who warned Jorge that Wes was going to the police and told him to do something about it. Laurel threatens her mother as Annalise and Frank listen to Bonnie’s voicemail. Nate soon calls and tells Annalise that there’s been a car accident.

Review of this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

I miss Wes. I really do. With next week’s episode being the season finale, I was hoping the writers would let the Asher and Michaela drama simmer until next season or at least until the final moments of the finale. Instead, it boiled over pre-finale and seemed to crowd the multiple storylines in the works.

Am I surprised that Laurel did something reckless? No. That’s been her thing this season. I used to like her character but her arc this season makes it hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love the emotional moments with her son and the scene where she went into labor was intense, but her decisions have been getting everyone into trouble and it’s exhausting. On another note, I don’t think Bonnie is the one in the accident because that would be too obvious for How to Get Away With Murder writers.

I can’t wait for next week’s season finale even though it feels a bit rushed. I would have liked a longer season since there’s so much going on.

I’m giving “The Day Before He Died” an 8/10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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