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Last week on How to Get Away with Murder, Bonnie’s quest for the truth seemingly came to an end and Annalise had to make a tough decision about her job and her mission to fix the justice system in Pennsylvania.

“We Can Find Him” kicked off with Ron Miller chilling in the parking lot of Oliver and Connor’s wedding with an engagement ring. He texted Bonnie and asked her to come to talk to him. In the present, Julie wasn’t pleased to see Bonnie after a decade of silence. After discovering that Julie had a young daughter, Bonnie told Ron that she was staying the night so she could talk to her sister. Elsewhere, Annalise told Frank to go check on Bonnie.

The next day, Julie revealed that their father forced her to bring Bonnie’s baby home and then drove the child somewhere else. Julie recalled their mother saying that their father sold the baby. When Julie broke down in tears, Bonnie just held her with a stoic facial expression. Frank checked in on the pair from afar and even followed Julie to an AA meeting where he recorded her confession about lying to her sister. He later played it for Bonnie after Annalise didn’t have time to give him his next plan of action. He also gave her the picture of a young man who was about the age her son could be. He lived in a house that Julie had been arrested breaking into years ago.

Last week, we also met Oliver’s mother, Joanna and Connor’s mother, Pam. Joanna wasn’t excited about venue hunting and didn’t seem to like Connor until after Oliver revealed that Connor wasn’t the reason he had grown distant from her. After encouragement from Connor, Oliver revealed that he was HIV positive and ashamed because he had promised her that he would be careful. Joanna’s words about Oliver and Connor deserving a nice wedding influenced Connor to leave his father a message.

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In their first meeting, Annalise and Birkhead were civil. Birkhead presented Annalise with the Pennsylvania Fair Defense Project which Annalise would lead. It would give her the power to allocate funds for public defenders, and draft a bill that would decrease the prison population by 50 percent.

She gave Annalise two days to decide and promised to help her get out of her C&G contract and to bring her students on as employees. After Emmett revealed some points of concern in Birkhead’s project and told Annalise he would have her back if she stayed, AK called Birkhead and asked for a set budget and for Nate Lahey Sr. to be pardoned.

While AK dealt with Birkhead, Tegan gave Laurel the lead on the next C&G case regarding a diet pill company. At the prison, Nate Sr. was still waiting to be transferred to a mental facility. He saw it as a punishment and wanted to write his victim’s family a letter. He convinced Nate Jr. to get an address for him. In the end, Nate Jr. came through with an address for the letter and getting his father transferred faster after a chat with DA Miller.

At Connor and Oliver’s bachelor party, Gabriel revealed that he knew about Wes, making Laurel suspicious of him. Elsewhere, Julie revealed that after their father sold Bonnie’s son she went back and took him and buried him. With Nate Sr.’s pardon on the line, Annalise quit C&G and told Nate the good news. When Nate called the prison to talk to his father, they told him that there had been an incident as his father was getting ready to be transferred. The scene changed to reveal the police covering the body of Nate Sr. just feet away from the transport van.

Final thoughts on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

A lot of heavy things happened this past week and the motives and truth are hard to map out. Whether or not Julie was lying, Bonnie is pissed and angry Bonnie does crazy things as seen in the flashforwards from the wedding. Birkhead can’t be trusted and Nate Sr.’s death made her character look even more suspicious. We don’t quite know her yet, but we know she’s crafty. With Annalise and Nate getting ready to join Bonnie in dealing with emotional stress, the midseason finale is guaranteed to be crazy.

Scenes between Oliver and his mother were enjoyable and Mia Katigbak and Conrad Ricamora gave quiet yet emotional performances when discussing his HIV diagnosis, but I wish we would have seen more about their culture beyond the quick mention of food. Of course, Oliver adds diversity to an already diverse cast but we never quite get enough of his cultural background in anything he does. I’m giving How to Get Away with Murder Season 5, Episode 6 a 9 out of 10.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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