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Last week on How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise went to help Gabriel against the K4’s wishes as the FBI supposedly got deeper into their investigation on Miller’s disappearance. Here’s a recap of “We Know Everything”.

While the K4 and Oliver thought Gabriel asking Annalise to represent him was a trap, the veteran lawyer went to see what was going on. After Gabriel proved he wasn’t wearing a wire by showing off his abs, he swore he was telling her everything he knew. Then he proved her right and confessed to helping Miller look into her but they had discovered very little.

Nate advised Annalise to get Gabriel to feed the FBI information that led back to Governor Birkhead while he tried to find the connection between Birkhead and Miller. That night, Tegan meet up with Special Agent Telesco and was surprised when the agent asked her if she knew anything about Annalise’s connection to D.A. Miller. Tegan denied having any info but promised to keep Telesco in the know.

 how to get away with murder season 5 episode 12The next day in court the judge revealed that Gabriel was being tried for domestic terrorism for supposedly throwing a chemical agent at police during the Ferguson protests in 2014. Annalise was shocked that their evidence was an image of a young man in a mask. In private, Gabriel revealed that he was guilty while Frank brought Nate some info on Miller’s case. While everyone was working on that situation, Michaela went to see Tegan to smooth things over for lying again. Things didn’t go as planned when Emmett came in and asked her about Annalise representing Gabriel.

With access to Gabriel’s Gabriel’s text and online accounts for their case, Laurel found texts between him and his mother. It turned out the messages were about Michaela and not Annalise which kind of surprised everyone including Michaela herself. At the courthouse, Bonnie overheard a call between Miller’s secretary, Peggy and his mother, Sheila and decided to go see her. Bonnie asked if she knew anything about Miller’s connection to the governor, but Sheila didn’t have much information. During their conversation, Sheila confessed to giving Ron her engagement ring and made Bonnie promise to stay hopeful.

The next time Agent Telesco went to see Gabriel she brought up Sam and asked him to work with the FBI against Annalise. He asked for time to think about it. After turning down Emmett’s publicity idea for Gabriel’s case Annalise surprised the K4 by agreeing with Michaela’s plan to scare Tegan via an untraceable email. The “Hi, Jane Doe.” email works as planned but was flagged by C&G I.T.

Image result for how to get away with murder season 5 episode 12Using the cameras Frank placed in Gabriel’s apartment, Annalise was able to find an agent planting the mask under Gabriel’s mattress. While charges against him were dropped, he was pissed that they’d been watching him. After the mini-success, Annalise went to see Nate, Bonnie, and Frank. The trio revealed that Miller had called the adoption agency in Ohio and dug up her adoption application for Wes.

He was Birkhead’s source. While this linked the duo it also linked her to Wes, thus putting her freedom in danger while rescuing Nate and Bonnie. Having enough of cleaning up after them all, Annalise left and told Gabriel the truth about the attempted adoption.

Gabriel went to see Telesco and revealed the truth about Annalise and Wes’ connection but told her that he didn’t fear Annalise but someone named Lynne that Miller had been talking to. After he left, Telesco and her partner knew they were being played somehow but added Birkhead’s picture to a board that had a ton of pictures and connected lines including Annalise, Wes, and even people like Emily Synclaire. Later, Annalise vouched for Tegan but her support made Emmett request access to her email too.

Instead of letting Sheila live with a false hope any longer, Bonnie encouraged Nate to reveal where the body was. He did so, surprising Annalise who saw the news while talking to Tegan. Bonnie could only listen in tears as Sheila cried her eyes out over the phone. With news that FBI agents were seen heading to Birkhead’s mansion, Asher suggested they celebrate. Just as the others warned that it was too early, Connor’s mother posted a picture of herself and Asher. The downside is that in the background, Nate and Miller are seen mid-argument.

Final take on How to Get Away with Murder, “We Know Everything”

The How to Get Away with Murder writers sure are slick. Of course,  they have to flip the script once we think our favorites are safe. Having Pam’s picture show up right at the end was a great ending and a good payoff to Oliver obsessing over making sure their wedding pictures were clear. It’s actually hard to remember in this show that Annalise never actually killed anyone, but protects those around her who have. That’s why I loved that scene where she showed the adult trio her frustrations about all the things they’ve dragged her into and what she’s allowed herself to be pulled into by helping them. I can’t wait to see what Emmett’s monitoring will lead to and what role Gabriel will play. Is he really on Annalise’s side?

I’m giving “We Knowing Everything” a 9 out of 10.


How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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