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Following a social media flub by Connor’s mom, How to Get Away with Murder gave fans a bit of Christmas spirit. Here’s a recap of last week’s episode, “Where Are Your Parents?”.

Laurel went all out on decorations just before getting a call from an unknown number. While nobody responded when she answered beyond some heavy breathing, it was enough to make Connor, Oliver, and Michaela nervous. Elsewhere, Annalise’s mother, Ophelia (played by the iconic Cicely Tyson) was in town for the holiday. Their happy moment was interrupted by a call from Agent Telesco who wanted her to come in and chat.

Image result for how to get away with murder where are your parentsAcross town, Frank went to see Gabriel to try and make amends while Bonnie and Asher attended Ron’s funeral. Ron’s mother asked Bonnie to find who killed her son and make sure they got the death penalty. The news began to talk about the tie between bleach and chemicals used to dispose of Ron’s body and a previous murder by an employee of a company that had donated to Birkhead’s campaign.

While Connor’s mother came into town, Nate went to see Annalise and Ophelia, who didn’t remember that Nate Sr. had passed. After Ophelia was in bed, she told Nate about the FBI’s deal. Having overheard part of the conversation, Ophelia told her not to take any deal that would hurt Nate.

On Christmas morning, Connor deleted the picture of her and Asher from her phone before Frank showed up and told them that Gabriel would be spending the holiday with them. Later, Emmett made a speech at dinner and Ophelia told a story to demonstrate Annalise’s big heart. Nate took it to heart, thinking Ophelia wanted Annalise to help him but Annalise explained that her mother couldn’t remember that it was her sister and not her that was so generous as a child.

After dinner, Tegan gave her condolences to Bonnie who was confused about how Tegan knew she and Ron were together before leaving. At the K4 house, Pam got upset when Connor made Oliver and Asher switch seats. Her rant about the others not spending the holiday with their parents was interrupted by Agent Telesco showing up and presenting a warrant for Connor and Oliver’s wedding photos.

When everyone else had cleared out at Annalise, she and Emmett had an intense stare down before he headed out. While the FBI scanned through wedding pictures, Laurel put the blanket with the blood on Christopher so it wasn’t hidden and Connor and Asher tried to convince Pam that they only wanted her to delete the picture because of the awkwardness. Telesco ended up taking Oliver’s laptop with her while Frank comforted Bonnie across town. She hadn’t been feeling well but didn’t want to take a pregnancy test.

Image result for how to get away with murder where are your parentsNews of Annalise heading to talk to the FBI made everyone nervous and Connor ended up lying to his mother about what was going on. Back at Annalise’s apartment, Ophelia gave Nate letters that she had exchanged with his father. She even suggested that Annalise and Nate get married so they didn’t have to testify against each other.

Before she left, Ophelia encouraged Annalise to help everyone. When Annalise called to set up her meeting with Telesco, the woman was sitting in a car with Tegan. When she heard that Annalise was being offered a deal, Tegan got emotional and ending up putting the moves on Telesco.

The next day, Annalise went in for her meeting with Telesco, Bonnie took a pregnancy test, and Nate read one of his father’s letters to Ophelia. Things got interesting when Tegan came in and asked to be assigned a new agent because of her relationship with Telesco. Telesco’s boss took her off of what is now known as the “Bonfire” case because of her continued misconduct. Later, Annalise thanked Tegan for her actions before getting a call from Governor Birkhead. Annalise met the woman at a church where she was given information on who really had Nate Sr. killed, Emmett.

Final take on last week’s How to Get Away with Murder

The holiday spirit was definitely stunted by the Miller investigation last week. But, since the episode aired in February and not December I can’t be mad at that. I loved having Cicely back to guest star as Miss Ophelia. Her scenes with Annalise were great because fans are able to see the point of view of someone who’s known Annalise her entire life. While Ophelia may not know all the secrets her daughter has hidden, she knows her child’s heart despite his battle with Alzheimer’s.

While it’s been mostly unspoken, its very clear now and great that the writers are having the characters talk about how much Annalise really does for others. From day one she’s been protecting everyone and now that she’s at risk (for the second time) she’s really seeing it too. I’m looking forward to seeing how that realization plays out. Bonnie arc has me in my feels but I’m glad she had Frank’s support despite my love/hate relationship with his character.

Lastly, here’s to hoping that Laurel won’t do anything dumb (again) and that Birkhead isn’t being deceptive. I’m giving “Where Are Your Parents?” a 9 out of 10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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