Thursday night on How to Get Away with Murder, the mystery of the season continued to unfold while Annalise adjusted to her new job and started cases for her class-action lawsuit. Here’s a recap of season 5, episode two, “Whose Blood Is That?”

We began back at Oliver and Connor’s wedding with Bonnie walking through the snow, before jumping to the present (2 and a half months earlier). While Bonnie is packing up the baby’s room and Frank denied that he missed Laurel, Annalise was settling into a new space and the K4 struggled as new roomies.

Nate went on an adventure in this episode, going to D.C. after Theresa came through with some information on the son’s DNA sample. It came from the U.S. Organization for Missing Children and turned out to be apart of an infant abduction case. In the end, he had to sneak the necessary forms to get access to the file into interim D.A. Miller’s hands to get a signature. He learned that the blood test was run on a baby boy who was abandoned at the hospital and later kidnapped. When he looked at the image of the suspect, it looked like a young Bonnie.

Image result for how to get away with murder whose blood is thatThis episode, Frank focused on Gabriel. He was confused when he tried to clone Gabriel’s phone, only to discover that it was an old flip phone. Then, he targeted Gabriel’s roommate, Liz. He slept with the young woman, which Laurel wasn’t happy about because Christopher was in the house as well. After hooking up with Liz a few times, Frank paid her to kick Gabriel out so he could get him to move into Laurel’s old apartment, which he rigged with cameras and listening devices. Typical Frank schemes.

Annalise had a lot on her plate when her new boss, Emmett Crawford, dropped in on her class to “keep an eye on his investments”.  They tackled the first case in her class action lawsuit, a Rohingya Muslim woman named Nanda who was serving on a twenty-year plea deal for alleging killing her wife by running her over. Michaela came up with the best angle to win the case.

Ms. Pratt was in rare form this week, running her mouth twice. First, she believed Annalise picked her to teach her a lesson because of the similarities to Simon. Annalise shot that idea down and explained that for Nanda it was bigger. If they lost her plea deal, Nanda would be sent back to Myanmar where Rohingya Muslims are being put in concentration camps, raped, and killed. Second, when they had to change tactics for the trial, Michaela didn’t take it well and told Annalise that she couldn’t bully her and that was why everyone, including Bonnie, left. This left Gabriel to quietly ask Connor and Laurel who Bonnie was.

Image result for how to get away with murder whose blood is thatTensions were high throughout the episode, with Gabriel shutting down his classmate, Rhonda, when she refused to help Michaela work on her case just so she could win the 64k. Tegan was less than pleased to see Michaela and told Laurel to never speak to her again when they alone with Annalise in her office. In court, Nanda’s original lawyer shouted at Annalise despite Michaela being the one questioning him.

Things took a turn when the opposing lawyer provided evidence that Nanda had previously been married and was actually straight. Nanda explained that their relationship started as a lie but they grew to love each other and Ally even converted to Islam.

While Oliver came in to help look into Ally’s children, Frank watched Christopher. Back at the D.A.’s office, Ronald and Bonnie ended up sleeping together. The next day, Oliver continued to give Michaela a hard time and Nate looked over Bonnie’s old case file right before she came in and revealed that she slept with Ronald. Oliver discovered that Ally’s son, Josh, made payments to an alt-right website and Michaela stepped back to let Annalise question him, not wanting to risk messing up. On the stand, Josh cracked, revealing his racist views and that he ran his mother over thinking it was Nanda because she wore a hijab.

Our ostracized K4 member, Asher, got a position with interim D.A. Miller after he told him that his speech was going to tank and why. That night, Laurel essentially blackmailed Tegan in front of Emmett to get Christopher into C&G’s daycare. Elsewhere, Connor and Oliver asked Michaela to be their other best man to move on from the tension. At C&G, Emmett got tough on Annalise, telling her that she needed to take whatever case he gave her to keep the firm afloat. Later, Bonnie and Annalise had dinner. When Bonnie revealed her feelings for Miller, Annalise chastised her, thinking it was too risky. Bonnie explained that she trusted him because he liked her with all of her secrets and the pair tearfully held hands across the table.

Image result for how to get away with murder whose blood is thatFast forward to the night of the wedding. Michaela and Laurel found Bonnie in the bathroom with Christopher. While Laurel was distracted by her son, Michaela spotted the blood on Bonnie’s leg. After Laurel left, Michaela demanded to know whose blood it was.

Final thoughts on last week’s How to Get Away with Murder

Michaela is going to be a real jewel this season, isn’t she? I know she’s no longer pleased to be connected with Annalise, but when she ran her mouth about people leaving her in the middle of the office, this was my face:

shocked oh my god GIF

While I’m all for Oliver and Michaela acting more civil, I don’t think her being a part of their wedding party is going to fix that nor should Connor have forced the issue. Oliver has a right to be upset. Frank’s scheme with Liz was manipulative and trash, but since Frank doesn’t seem to have too many morals, I’m not surprised that is the storyline the How to Get Away with Murder writers went with. I can’t wait to see Emmett and Annalise continue to fight for control in their business relationship and for Tegan to get a grip. She was written stronger last season and I would like to see that confidence come back.

I’m giving “Whose Blood Is It?” a 9 out of 10. There was a lot going on so I couldn’t tell what day it was but it was a great episode that built a lot of tension.


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