How To Get Away With MurderThis week on How To Get Away With Murder, tensions remained high as Annalise tries to get Laurel out of the hospital, work on her class action lawsuit, and make sure nobody does anything stupid.  As usual, there are plenty of twists and tense conversations in darkened streets, cars, and hospital rooms. Let’s recap “Everything We Did Was for Nothing”.

With Laurel still in the hospital and having flashbacks, Annalise puts Michaela in charge of watching her friend. Michaela herself needs watching after she texts Tegan because she feels guilty about the C&G partner missing the Antares IPO launch. Everyone watches as Jorge rings the opening bell and makes his speech at the Stock Exchange, all while knowing he’s up to no good. Laurel wants to use his focus on his business against him, but Annalise shuts that idea down when she reports that he’s been visiting the baby every chance he gets.

Another thing for Annalise to handle, Frank. He still has Dominick’s phone, which continues to ring throughout the episode. He gets rid of Dominick’s car but holds on to the phone despite Annalise’s demand that he get rid of it. He urges her to talk to Bonnie after he fails to get information from the ADA on Denver’s involvement with Antares Technologies.

The strained duo has a sit-down and Bonnie admits that she’s not in love with Annalise, but they do have a complicated relationship. She questions if she would have been better off if Annalise had left her to become a waitress. The writers describe their relationship perfectly as “an apology”.

After Bonnie lets Denver know that she deleted evidence of his connection to Antares and recused herself from Asher’s case, he meets with Jorge late at night and says that she may be trouble. He’s right because she recorded the conversation she had with him in his office.

After Annalise goes to see Nate about the lost drive and the name he’s supposed to give her, she gives Asher, Connor, and Oliver the task of going through files for her class action lawsuit; rehiring them. The trio gets plenty of screentime as Oliver worries about Simon. He even hacks the hospital’s internet to see his medical files and goes to see him in the hospital. He tells the attending nurse that he’s Simon’s boyfriend to gain access to his room. Connor isn’t happy, but Asher stays with him until he’s ready to leave.

They also make an interesting discovery while going through the files. They come across a man who’s been in prison for murder, mostly in solitary confinement. The interesting part, the man’s name is Nate Lahey.

Image result for how to get away with murder season 4While in the hospital, Laurel reveals that Frank is the cause of her early labor. Michaela tells Annalise and Frank the truth when Annalise doubts that Laurel might not be mentally well enough to be released from the hospital.

Michaela goes to see Tegan and the woman tells her that she’s being dumb by contacting her and coming to talk to her about everything that’s happened. She warns Michaela that she should be afraid before telling her not to text, call, or ambush her again before leaving the girl standing outside of C&G.

Despite their charged words and barbs against each other, Annalise convinces Isaac to reevaluate Laurel. They discuss how she’s feeling and her mother’s struggle with mental illness. His report gets her released. When Annalise and Frank take her home, they let her hear Wes’ voicemail. She’s shaken but is determined not to have Frank stay overnight as a bodyguard. Their argument is interrupted by Dominick’s phone ringing. Laurel answers the phone despite the others telling her not to. The person who’s been blowing up Dominick’s phone is not Jorge, but Laurel’s mother.

Final thoughts on last night’s How To Get Away With Murder

In spite of Michaela acting uncharacteristically dumb and Bonnie’s weird relationship with everyone, the episode was pretty good. My favorite moments were the flashbacks Annalise had of Wes while in his old apartment and the reveal of the other Nate Lahey. Now we know why Nate is hesitating to give Annalise that information. While I’m pleased that Isaac helped get Laurel released, I’m hoping they don’t go to him for anything else. He and Annalise don’t do well together and she doesn’t need any more stress in her life. The introduction of Laurel’s mom isn’t one I was expecting, but something I’m looking forward to seeing play out.

I’m giving this week’s episode of HTGAWM an 8/10 for all its one-on-one conversations and progressing the plot, but points off for the pacing and some of the character development.


How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursday at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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