Last week on How to Get Away with Murder, Nate Sr.’s case pushed everyone to the edge while Bonnie dealt with the aftermath of her past being brought back to the forefront of her life. Here’s a recap of “It Was the Worst Day of My Life”.

Episode five began with Annalise asking her students to tell her where she went wrong with her case before revealing a picture of Nate Lahey Sr. One week earlier, things began, as usual with the students prepping for the case, only this time Connor’s feelings are hurt and he’s sarcastic with all of his responses. Flash forward and he criticized Annalise and Gabriel to the point that Gabriel jumped up and Annalise had to demand they sit down.

During the trial, Nate was questioned about his father’s behavior when he was a teenager. The big twist was a letter that Nate wrote at 14 saying he felt safer with his father in jail. Since Annalise didn’t know about it, things got dicey. Nate Sr. blamed his son for his time in prison and being paired with the man he ended up killing later.

Elsewhere, Bonnie was dealing with the aftermath of Nate’s investigation. She went to see him to express her anger and later let Frank send her boo Ronald away when he tried to stop by her and Frank’s house to see her. As for other subplots, Asher and Michaela started meeting up and everyone thought they were sleeping together. Later, she used that connection to get dirt on the testifying doctor who thought Nate Sr. was faking his mental illness. Despite that partial win, Nate Sr. didn’t trust Annalise to represent his view well and demanded that Nate use his closeness with her to allow him to get on the stand. Annalise caved and went with the plan.

How to Get Away with MurderThe night before Nate Sr. took the stand, Laurel brought Christopher to Gabriel’s to go through cases to prep with Frank watching from his surveillance. When talk about Christopher’s father and Gabriel’s father came up, Gabriel changed the topic after saying his father ghosted. On the stand, Nate Sr. gave an emotional testimony. Later that night, Bonnie met up with Ronald and told him about her past and he comforted her.

We finally catch up to the present with Annalise asking for options for her closing statements. With few options and a lot of weight (because this is her class action’s face case) Gabriel suggested she try to get a mistrial. Most of his classmates, including Connor, Laurel, and Michaela agreed. Later, Annalise used tape on the floor and a long moment of silence to demonstration just a fraction of Nate Sr.’s experience during the 7,000 plus hours he spent in solitary confinement. While the jury deliberated, Annalise caught Connor outside and told him that she knew he was one who gave the mistrial idea to Gabriel. She also apologized for kicking off of the case.

Back inside, the jury found Nate Sr. not guilty. As everyone celebrated, senior forgave junior. During a press conference, Annalise took a few not so subtle shots at Governor Birkhead, who was watching from her office while Gabriel avoided the cameras. Birkhead told her assistant to bring Annalise in for a chat while Laurel questioned Frank about who Gabriel really was and why he’s living in Wes’ old apartment. The episode ended with Bonnie going to her sister’s house with Ron and a flashforward with Connor catching Asher and his mom hooking up in the parking lot during his wedding.

Final thoughts on last night’s How to Get Away with Murder

I’m so relieved that Asher and Michaela weren’t actually hooking up. That would have a been a bad step for their characters. This episode was filled with great performances, especially from Glynn Turman as Nate Sr. He brings intensity and emotion to a scene seamlessly. One of my favorite scenes was the moment of silence in the courtroom. It was powerful. Since we’re so close to the midseason finale, I’m looking forward to learning more about Gabriel. We’re only five episodes in but it feels like they’ve been building the mystery around him for longer.

I’m giving last week’s How to Get Away with Murder a 10 out of 10.

I wasn’t in love with the back and forth between the present and the past, but the emotional weight and all of the strong performances balanced it out.


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