How To Get Away With Murder

With Spivey’s backing, the case heads to the Supreme Court. Olivia and Annalise prepare to go forward together as the crossover continues, this time featuring the How to Get Away With Murder cast. During a talk show appearance, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s lawyer, Ingrid Egan (played by Sharon Lawrence), takes shots at Annalise and Olivia. She says that the pair may be taking on this case to distract the public from their own issues.

In Middleton, Asher and the others are excited to come to D.C. Connor and Oliver look at it as a field trip with Connor claiming he’s not mad that Michaela is the one working closely on the case even though he was originally Annalise’s only assistant. Back in D.C., Annalise ignores another call from Jacqueline and takes a tour of the courtroom. Egan’s interview has the opposite effect and the NAACP and other organizations reach out wanting to come on board and help with the case. Olivia leaves it up to Annalise to decide to get help or not.

Sticking to How To Get Away With Murder‘s other story line, Bonnie and Frank meet up to discuss Laurel’s mom. Apparently, Sandrine offered to pay Wes 100K to leave Laurel. Frank asks Bonnie to look into Wes’ bank account. The next day in D.C., Olivia lets Annalise know that Egan has been trading information with one of the judges. She puts Marcus and Michaela on the case and the pair stake out the woman’s house. Annalise’s parents show up with food, followed by Nate not too long after.

Olivia isn’t happy to learn that Annalise is even more connected to the case because Nate is her ex-boyfriend. Annalise reminds her of who her ex is and insists that she can handle the case alone. Michaela, wow’d and confused by the fact that Marcus is single, asks him what’s up. He explains that the woman he was involved with (Mellie) had a chance to do something great (be president) and he let her go. Charmed by the answer, she kisses him telling him that she hates him (for being perfect). The pair begin to strip in the car and our hearts break for Asher.

How To Get Away With Murder

When Laurel and the others arrive the next day, Asher excitedly introduces himself to Marcus and the pair go off to get them tickets to sit in on the case. Connor and Laurel quickly deduce that Michaela slept with Marcus. She begs them not to tell and Connor reveals that he’s still upset about her taking his spot on the case. When Marcus and Asher return, Michaela sees the man she and Marcus thought was a pizza guy at Egan’s house the day before.

While Marcus summons Olivia to tell her the news, Annalise and Egan sign the court’s guestbook. With time to kill, Annalise answers a call from an unknown caller. It’s Jacqueline who angrily explains that Isaac overdosed and is in the hospital. Jacqueline says she already knew about Stella and that Annalise ruins everyone around her.

The conversation causes Annalise to break down in tears. Michaela finds her and calls Olivia to fix the situation. Annalise almost breaks her sobriety but Olivia is able to give her a pep talk and tells her to go into that courtroom for herself and nobody else. Wiping away her tears, Annalise heads towards the courtroom only to be stopped by her mother who’s having an episode due to her Alzheimer’s. Mama Ophelia ends up spilling food on Olivia so Annalise has to go inside alone.

She faces a hard time with Judge Strickland while Ophelia gives Olivia a much-needed pep talk about taking care of herself instead of taking care of everyone else. Facing a defeat, Annalise sends Michaela to find a ruling for the Bryant versus Topeka case. Egan tries her hardest to get the judges to strike down the case since Annalise is now arguing on the topic of race and not state funding. Michaela and Marcus find the ruling just in time for her rebuttal.

When Annalise begins to read the ruling, which involves race, Strickland admonishes her for wasting her time and that every word is important. She explains that they are not her words, but his own from his ruling in the 80’s. She proceeds to give a passionate speech about racism and how it’s ingrained in society still today.

With the judges left to deliberate, everyone celebrates their achievement. In the press conference that follows, Annalise gives her team a shout out, naming Connor and Olivia personally. Back in Middleton, Frank finds a flash drive in Laurel/Wes’ old apartment. When Laurel’s arrives home he plays her a recording on the flash drive which proves that her mother had communicated with Wes and tried to pay him off.

After Annalise and Olivia part ways on a positive note in D.C., Bonnie calls to let her know that Simon has woken up.

Thoughts on last night’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder

This half of the crossover had better pacing and struck an emotional note between all the pep talks and Annalise’s impassioned rebuttal. The writers took their messiness a step further by having Michaela and Marcus sleep together, in a car nonetheless. Now, just about every couple on HTGAWM has dealt with infidelity and all of Michaela’s efforts to prove her love for Asher were for nothing.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see what the Supreme Court decides and what’s going to happen now that Simon is awake. Anyone else hoping he doesn’t remember anything?

I’m giving the episode a 10/10.


How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.

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