Last week on How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise ran into Laurel, Nate, and Bonnie after taking a case with the public defender’s office. None of those meetings ended on a good note. On top of that, Connor dropped out of law school and his father and step-father come to see what’s going on with him.

This week,  Annalise buys a manual recorder to avoid being hacked during her class-action lawsuit against Pennsylvania. Elsewhere, Michaela, Asher, and Laurel actually attend class, where they just so happen to be learning about class-action lawsuits. While their professor discusses the basics we see Annalise echoing the same ideas; find forty plaintiffs and get money because she’s low on funds.

How to Get Away with MurderShe heads to Middleton and finds President Soraya Hargrove. Hargrove can’t hire Annalise back at Middleton but lets her consult on her divorce proceedings when Annalise points out that she’s settling by giving her ex-husband a lot of money.

With Connor and Oliver, Oliver thinks Connor’s dad Jeff is cool. Connor thinks otherwise. They don’t talk, in part because his mother, Pam, had a nervous breakdown when Jeff came out. When Connor goes to shower, Oliver gets a message online from Ted. Elsewhere, Bonnie gets approval from DA Denver to review all of Virgina Cross’ old cases to make sure their office can’t be implicated in the public defender’s misconduct.

After class, Michaela tells a hormonal Laurel that she’ll be able to gain access to all of Tegan’s files, but isn’t sure how she’ll avoid having her movements tracked. At Caplan & Gold, Tegan lets her sit in on a meeting. The meeting is with President Hargrove, Annalise by her side. Michaela is startled by this but keeps a cold demeanor towards her former professor. Tegan isn’t happy but doesn’t have the time to do anything about it when Soraya’s ex-husband, Raul, and his lawyer, Barry, arrive.

Raul lays a smackdown, revealing an affidavit and video footage that could lose Soraya he job and children. Tegan and Annalise don’t see eye to eye on their next step, but Soraya likes Annalise’s idea of fighting back. In a cafe, Oliver meets with Jeff and Ted. Jeff tells him how Connor came out, despite the fact that Oliver insists that Connor should be the one to tell him. At that time, Jeff was still married to Connor’s mom, his high school sweetheart. Connor coming out encouraged his dad to do the same the very next week. Jeff wishes he could have been more sensitive to his family, but only wants to be there for Connor.

How to Get Away with MurderAt the DA’s office, Nate tells Bonnie that he won’t be able to protect her from Annalise if she learns that Bonnie is looking into Cross’ old files. He warns bother her and Laurel to keep their heads down.

Denver sees Laurel leaving and demands that Bonnie fire her. Bonnie says she can’t fire Laurel because she’s pregnant. If he fires her he’ll start his campaign with a discrimination lawsuit.

When Annalise asks Tegan to look over the draft for Hargrove’s counter-lawsuit, Tegan and Michaela give her the cold shoulder. Michaela catches Annalise on her way out, giving her Barry’s email address and tries to ease the tension. Annalise isn’t happy with following Tegan’s orders and tells Michaela to tell her, “She can kiss my ass.”

Oliver arrives home with Jeff and Ted, surprising a half-naked Connor. Outside of Issac’s office, Annalise emails the countersuit information while calling to request files for Cross’ cases. It’s expensive but she goes for it. Nate approaches overhearing Annalise’s name, but the secretary won’t tell him details. When Nate requests information on a Virginia Cross case, the woman mentions that he and Annalise are once again working together on something, leaving Nate confused.

In their session, Annalise ignores a phone call from Michaela before Issac reads a part of her disciplinary statement where she mentions guilt for Wes’ death. It rubs her the wrong way, but he explains that he only meant that her guilt could be her motivation for the class-action lawsuit. At Caplan & Gold, Michaela is frustrated to learn that she won’t be able to access Tegan’s files unless the partner signs off on it.

It turns out that Annalise emailed the lawsuit information to Barry Lewiston, a Middleton board member, instead of Barry Thompson, Raul’s lawyer. This leaves Soraya begging Barry not to tell the board. Outside the meeting room, Tegan asks Michaela is Annalise was ever good at her job. Michaela says she’s been through a lot. Tegan says despite Annalise’s current failings, she’s still hot.

Seeking to find a solution, Annalise heads home. Frank is there waiting with a suitcase of money to help. It upsets her because its the money he got for assisting the Mahoneys. Later, Laurel and Asher meet his Connor’s dads. Connor isn’t cheerful about it. That evening, Frank once again lies to Bonnie, using the LSAT as an excuse. He’s with Laurel instead.

Frank tells Laurel he’s here for her and she pushes his seat back and climbs on top of him. He hesitates but she covers his mouth and tells him its just sex. The next day, Issac forwards Annalise the progress report that he sent to the board. This gives her the idea to subpoena Raul’s therapist’s notes. They find that Raul met with their money manager three months before filing for divorce. With the threat of having the IRS investigate for illegally hiding personal funds, Raul takes the deal of joint-custody and one million dollars.

How to Get Away with MurderConnor tries to give his dad his tuition refund check, but Jeff tells him to keep it. He also tells him that he doesn’t think Oliver is right for him. In his eyes, something changed Connor and he needs to get back to the “real” him. Connor angrily crumbles the check and throws it at his dad before leaving.

At Caplan & Gold, Soraya and Annalise are on good terms again. Tegan tells Annalise on her way out that she’s willing to put in a good word for her if she wants a job. Michaela stops Annalise at the elevators and tells her that she can’t work there. Annalise says that Michaela has just found someone else to be the mother Michaela’s never was. The student can’t think of a reply before the elevator doors close.

At the courthouse, Annalise runs into Nate. She urges him not to tell anyone what she’s doing and insists that she’s doing it for the right reasons, but he doesn’t believe her. At the DA’s office, Laurel prints out a list of Denver’s donors. In the background, Denver watches her. She shows Michaela the list and points out that Trenton Stockton worked for Antares before his mysterious death and now he’s somehow donating to Denver’s campaign. She concludes that her father is paying Denver for covering up Wes’ death. She also shares that she slept with Frank. Ignoring that last bit of information, Michaela says she can gain access to the files.

Connor seems to be thinking over what he father says that night before going running. Nate tells Bonnie not to get hung up on Annalise. In her hotel room, Annalise is working hard on organizing her lawsuit, while Issac notes to himself that her extreme workload makes him worry about hypomania. He says he has to be mindful around her because she’s a trigger for him. He stops his recordings when a new patient arrives.

The patient is Bonnie, going by Julie. This sparks this week’s flash-forward moment. While holding Michaela, Issac ignores a call from Julie Barden, who we know is Bonnie. After hanging up, she steps out of the elevator at Caplan & Gold. The office is filled with police talking to the staff, and taking photos of a taped off area where there’s blood. When she asks where the witness is, she’s directed to a teary-eyed Oliver who sits in an office that has blood on the window.

Final thoughts and rating on this week’s How to Get Away with Murder

Meeting Connor’s dad was interesting. I’m miffed at Oliver for meeting with Jeff and Ted in secret, Jeff for telling Oliver how Connor came out despite Oliver suggesting Connor should probably tell him, and Laurel for forcing herself on Frank. The car scene between the two felt weird. As for Michaela, her attitude towards Annalise is feeling a bit stale. I’m glad Annalise left her speechless. Overall, the episode moved things forward. One thing How to Get Away with Murder excels with consistently is creating great tension between its characters. There was plenty of it in this episode. The only thing they have to be careful with is having their character create tension by doing the same thing over and over again without seeming to learn. It gets old. For example, Frank showing up with that money. When is he going to learn?

I’m giving “Was She Ever Good at Her Job?” a 7/10.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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